Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 18)


Hi frndsss sry fr disappointing u in last epi plz accept my sry…n plz be patient as i am trying to bring out delecateness of relations n hw strong thy bcne aftr fights…i am hving exams culdnt update regularly excuse me…n plz do support as abhigya gonna unite soon

epi starts wit abhi leaving d place he cries badly,here pragya didnt came to knw wt hapnd she wad in shock….screen parts at both their faces…hamari aduri kahani plays….pragya was deeply hurt by abhi words. Abhi comes home n cries n thinks y pragya y u did dis to me i really love u a lottt bt hw can u betray me…dis was my first love bt u didnt deserve it u loved purab hw cme….he cries bitterly!! @mrng abhi wakes up n see pragya s photo on his phone wallpaper n he gets angry fr once his attitude builds A:(himself) c pragya hw i gonna ruin ur love n snatch ur love..u hv to feel d pain which i am hving nw…lets c whether ur love wins or my ego..!

Precap:abhi to create conflict bw purab n pragya,suresh wild en

Credit to: Roshini

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  1. Hey y this much short. Nice write a long episode plz.

  2. Nice yaar… BT plzzzzz try to update regularly with little bit longer episode…

  3. Divya chandru

    Episode is to o short ma , nice

  4. nice…but update big episode….

  5. Ruby nice but upload long episode

  6. This episode is to tooooooo short….but nice one 😀 😀 😀

  7. Short and sweet.

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