Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 16)


Hi frndsss directly into epi
Pragha reach home m thinks to talk to abhi abt wt her friends told she tcxt abhi
P:abhi i need to talk to u
A:ya even i am trying frm mrng wr were u
P:i was wit tanu n bulbul hw can i talk infront of them.
A:k tell wts d matr
P:i wil adk u smething answer directly
P:ru following me??
Abhi was shocked
A:whi told u
P:answer me
P:y abhi y ru doing all these
A:pragya actually i am sry i hv a confession plz listen
A:actualy its true dat i am following u wr ever u go i fnt knw y i am doing all these wt ever ur frnds told is true plz dnt get angry on me
P:abhi i am nt angry bt tanu knws abt it,wt she wuld think it means i am creating a prblm bw u both
A:no nt at all i can manage dnt think like dat
P:wt abt u writing my name as ur gf
A:actually i was attracted to u sometimes so at dat time i felt so bt aftr talking to u i realise dat its was just an attraction so eccuse me i had crush on u tooo
P:wt abhi wt ru saying
A:ya pragya bt nw i dnt hv such feelings i am clear nw…
Abhi thinks s mt jaan i dnt hv crush on u bt i love u love u a lott
P:k abhi no matr wt others think abt us bt plz dnt repeat all these k
A:ya pragya
After this abhi didnt talk abt tanu though both loved each other they just confined it as abhi was wanted to listen it frm her pragya was scared abt her family restrictions n her frnd tanu toooo
Both had intense love in d name of friendship….

Days passes once pragya was cming home frm temple she saw a old lady struggling to cross road before pragya wuld help her d old lady crossed. D road n a car hit her pragya rushed her to hospital…..
In hospital
Pragya took care of her she was vry scared n thought of calling abhi fr help bt abhi s phone didnt reached so she cald purab to assist her purab rushed to hospital.
Pr:thnkq u came
Pu:wt hapnd
Pragya told all to purab
Pu:oh gud pragya did u inform in ur home
Pr:no i will nw
Pragua cald home n told dat she will come late purab n pragya went yo see d old lady
Puab was shocked to c her
Pu:hey she is abhi s dadi
Pu:ya i will cal him
Purab went outside n cald him pragya was sitting near dadi it was late so purab asked pragya to leave
Pu,:pragya u leave abhi is cming we will take care its too late
Pr:ya k take care
She leaves n abhi entes d hospital in tension
A:purab wt hapnd
P:nting to worry she is fine just a small facture
A:k thnks man fr ur help
P:actually nt me..
Before he wuld complete abhi left to c dadi
A:dadi i am sry hw ru
D: ha beta teek hu,who joined me here
A:actually purab
P:no no nt me its pragya
Pu:ha she nly brought dadi here u shukd thnk her
A:oh k purab its late na u go i will take care
P:ru sure
Purab leaves
A:dadi bola na pragya is really gud
D:so beta wn ru proposing her
A:soon…..bt ddi he u knew
D:i am ur dadi na i want to meet her
A;k sure dadi ….
Pragya comes to hospial to c dadi abhi was thr
As soon as she came abhi ran towards her n hugged her….pragya felt butterflies in her stomach
A:coz of u i am still alive thnks fr saving my dadu
P:its k abhi its my duty can i see her
They r still in same position puatb comes thelr n cough they came to sense
Abhi takes her to dadi, dadi n pragya talked fr a longtime pragya made her hv food n medicine…dadi was happy abhi was seeing all thess crm outside b thought s i am right u r my life partner fr sure…i love u lot these days bt frm nw i will respect u tooo
N decides to.propose…..

Precap:abhi is getting ready to propose pragya,pragya came to knw abt takhil relationship

Hope u like it frndss i am hving exams frm 11th dnt kne whetheRi culd post r nt bt i will try plz do share ur views….thnks to all silent readers n commenter……love u all frndsss take care

Credit to: Roshini

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