Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 15)


Hi frnds lets go into epi directly

exams r over as al wer busy tanu,bulbul n pragya decided to meet at tanu s place.
Al were enjoying bt abhi was continously msging pragya. Bulbul noticed it.
B:hey pragya abhi is continously msging u wts d matr ha.
P:nting like dat jst frnds.
T:cme on ya tel d truth.
P:nting ya u knw abt me na n abhi many times told dat he loves u lot y wnt u thnk of him once.
T:wt?he i just hate him ya i never even like him.
B:y his matter nw cme on lets go fr a walk.
They al leave fr a walk abhi was still msging her.finaly d matr broke out like dis…
T:cme on pragya we knw everything abt u n abhi we waited dat u nly wuld tel bt u didnt.
P:thers nting like dat wt u guys knw. B:we were following u these days we came 2 knw dat abhi follows u 2 temple n he feels a lot fr u.hai na tanu? She winks at tanu n gvs a hifive.
Pragya was didnt aware dat abhi is following her she was shocked 2 knw it.
T:if u thnk thers nting likd dat bw u both answer me y abhi txtd u?y he wrote ur name as gf in slam buks. Tel na. Pragya was shockd 2 hear al these as she wasnt aware of dis.
P:nting like dat ya he is frnd dats it even he loves tanu a lot he told me many times i dnt knw y he did so. Pragya was confusd.
B:k ya lve dat nw cme on lets enjoy our day they al leave.pragya thinks 2 ask abt his doings 2 abhi. She txt him wn she reaches home.

Precap:abhi says dat he had crush on pragya bt nt nw.

Wt u think frnds i am getting less cments day byday plz share ur views do cmnt

Credit to: Roshini

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  1. Good one yaar….continue

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  3. Nice yaar…bt too short…

  4. awesome,the matter is not abt comments bcoz i very well know ppl just love ur ff…maybe theyre many silent readers like me,,,

  5. exactly iik ….its a coincidence of us both seeing the ff at the same time…isnt it??im a silent reader too…

  6. Nice episode yaar…

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