Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 14)

Hope u all like it frndss thnks fr urs support each n everyone bt i dnt get much comment frm wt hapnd dear frndss …n thnks fr each n everyone fr ur love n plz do comments frndss silent readers do comment…all d best fr all +2 students who r writing exams rock on frndss

Nw epi starts abhi wokes up in mrng n was thinking hw to tell pragya abt his love he knws dat she wont believe ib love he gets a idea
A:(himself)ya i will make u jealous thn u will open up wit ur love i knw pragya u love me a lott i want to listen it frm u my love

Its natural frndss after talking for longtime anyone will fall in love its common as they share their feelings too here also same happened they both shared their views n feelings so they started loving each other bt no one told.

Pragya(herself) was thinking morea bt abhi, she thinks do i love him y i am getting intense feelings fr him f i think so
She gets tanu call n remembers tanu
Oh!!no it cant happen abhi loves tanu a lot as he told many times i shuldnt love him i will be wrong no.i dont love abhi wt wuld happn if abhi gets to knw i hv feelings fr him no i shuldnt tell him…..she attendeds tanus call….


Pragya thinks dat it may be wrong if she loves a person who loves her friend so she didnt tell anything to abhi bt she too loved him

Abhi msgs pragya
A;hi wt ru doing
P:nting just tanu cald me i was talking
A:oh tanu my love
P:ha ur love
P:i told u na its nt love abhi y cant u understand
A:theres nting to understand pragya its love
P:bt abhi dnt think dis as love
A:stop ur lectures pragya i love her do u hv any prblm wit it (smiles himself)
P:no no y shuld i hv
A:thn y wont u help me in tanu s matter
P: y me?? No i cnt i am nt a broker
A:not like dat u r my frnd na tell abt her n her tastes so i can impress her easily
P:no i cant
A: if u dnt hv prblm wit my love y wnt u help me u r my frnd na …
P:sry i cant n i wont
A:ru jealous
P:y i will be jealous?? Kk i will help u
A:thats like pragya,k bye
Abhi thinks i knw u will feel jealous nw my plan starts my love pragya get ready to fall in love wit me
Pragya thinks y shuld i help me??she was heart broken she thinks abhi hw can u ask me to help u as i love u vru much hw can a girl help her lover to impress other girl oh god!!!pragya cries…..saiyare saiya song plays in bg

Exams were near….one late night
P:hi its too late
A:can we talk
P:no abhi i hv to read nt nw
A:fr sometime
P:abhi llz dnt force me…..i hv to read can u do me a favour
P:plz doont text me till exams i hv to study
A:am i disturbing u
P:nt like dat me bt i will be disturbed
A:kk i wnt….bye( was angry)
P:bye gn

Pragya was hurt by abhi s words abt tanu so she thought of avoiding him n said so bt she was hurt too much as she was vru strong person she was able to concentrate on studies by forgetting abhi s matter fr only one extent
Abhi thinks y she is avoiding him wtever i hv to let her study coz of me sge shuld nt suffer abt studies he understands her n didnt txt her

Aftr 1 week both t trying to msg each other bt no one did…both r holding phones n sitting screen parts
Saiyaarea saiya of ek tha tiger plays in bg

Exam time…..
Abhi was vru eager as he can see pragya in ecam hall so he went early…bt as pragya came he started to act like ignoring her.
Pragya comes all frndss were talking n were busy busy..in exam hall.
Pragya searches fr abhi n finds him abhi looks at her before pragya wuld response abhi turned his face pragha thought maybe he is hurt by my words…she felt bad …
Pragua thinks dat i even didnt wished him…as she was entering her exam hall abhi came infront of her
As pragha was abt to talk she noticed bulbul is wit her n she kept silent bt both abhi n pragya s eyes smiles at each other
Abhi crossed by her n turned back at d same time pragya also turned they wished all d best fr each other by signs ……pragya laughs n leaves
Abhi thinks meri maaa tu ne teri killer smile se mujhe maar diya…..ahh!!!
Just thn purab comes n thinks wt hapnd to him n shooks him
P:abhi ru ok
P:come lets go its time fr exam
A:ya ya i am gonna rock nw
Abhi was lost in pragya s talk purab thought i think he read veru well soo he is so comfortable…..
All 6 days same thing repeated bt abhogya didnt talk to rach other …..abhi was vru happy on last day as he can talk to her daily…..
Exams finished in holidays normally
Abhigya were talking to each other they became vry close bt en tanu matter cones pragya was avoiding it…..bulbul feelings wer vru strong fr purab she too txted him bt purab never thought abt bulbul s love….takhil were completely drowned in theor love…as like love birds…..

Precap:pragya came to knw abt takhil….

Bt soon frnds abhigya r going to seperate in the play of destiny……
Hope u like it sry fr spelling mistaked frndss plz do comment

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