Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 13)

Thnks fr ur support frndsss i am vry happy dat naveena is gud…..nw lets go..


A:hi wt ru doing
P:hi watching film, u
A:playing cricket ha
P:its soo hot
A:k chalta hai which movie
P:i hate luv stories
A:sach mei
P:no its a film.name
A: i am asking u did h hate love stories
P:no i love them bt i dont believe in love
A:y so
P:no one is honest in love its just a crapp
A:u feel so as h dont knw abt it
P:as u knw??
A:ya i love tanu
P:come on abhi its just attraction its common in this age its nt at all love
A:he can h say dat mibe is nt a true love
P:ge can u say dat urs is true love
A:coz i love her i love to keep on looking at her…she is soo cute n beautiful
P:so its love??no abhi
A:s pragya i am
P:k tell me wt u knw abt her
A:she is gud looking gud in academics
P:dats wt u knw u dont knw abt her tastes n feelings
P:k do u love ur family n ur music
A:ya i can give up all fr it
P:wt abt tanu ru ready to do so
A:ya( afte long gap)
P:y so late
Abhi was thinking, abt her words
P:wt abt ur fav actress
A:ya i love her a lott even tanu do look like her
P:c abhi its just attraction u like actress n tanu bt u dont love thm
Abhi keeps on thinking
A:pragya lets change d topic
P:k ur wish

Abhi thinks of her words n he thinks s i think my loveis nt true if so tanu wuld hv responded bt still nw no response he goes to dadi n tells everything..she too say d same wt pragya told she told him think the difference bw love n attraction…
Abhi kept on thinking

One eve, pragya was nt feeling well fr her overtime studies
A:hi gud eve
P:hi bt nt gud eve
A:y wt happnd
P:bulbul cald me fr chats bt i culdnt go as my mom stoppede me
P:i am nt feeling well
A: i told u nt to do overtime studies
P:dats nt prblm i want to eat chats
A:first get well thn u can
P:u too like my mom
A:k take rest
P:k bye
In night abhi calls her
A:pragya come to ur balcony
P:y abhi its too late
A:come n see d moon
Abhi cuts d call n murmers wt dis abhi tells snetimes…she comes n open d door of her balcony n was shocke dto v abhi thr she rubbed her eyes again n again she thn closed d door n went out
P:abhi tu
A:ha mei
P:wt ru doing here hw u came
A:i came by pipes….i came to cu
P:uts nt d time u wuld hv came mrng
A:u told u r nt gud in evening i didnt get sleep so came
P:who told u to com.e
A:actually to give dis to u
He hands her a cover pragya though was happy bt she was scared dat uf any one see wt wulf hv happnd so she pretending to be angry
P:who ru to fo dis fr me we r just clsmates
No need of doing all these be in limits ok
She was abt to leavve bt abhi holds her hand…pragya s heartbeat raised
Tumhi ho plays
She removes her hand frm his hand
A:k sry take dis cover plzz
P:wts all these
He kept d cover their nly n left sadly
Pragya took it n saw dat it was her favourite chats she felt vry happy
Abhi reaches home n thinks y i went?y i am going behind her?wts wrong?even i am enjoying her scoldings wts wrong
Just thn dadi. Comes n asks abhi
D:wr were u
A:dadi mei ….
D:tell beta wr u went
A:i went to pragya s home as she was nt feeling well
D:its too late na
A:s dadi bt dnt knw i am confused these days
D:tell bets wt hapnd these days u talk more abt pragya wts special
A:pata nahi dadi….she is vry innocent ncaring she cares me a lot i love to talk to her she is just like u
D:beta i knw nw u r in right path love path c abhi love happens nly once in life dat to wit soulmate nly think boys always need a girl who cares him like a mom nw ask ur heart n u will come to knw abt love n attraction

Abhi thinks abt her words n thinks hw he went to pragya s home late night n her words hw she cares fr him n all he thinks am i in love wit her s i thinks so thn he kept on thinking
Other side pragya ate chats n was happy she txted abhi
P:sry abhi n thnks fr ur chats
A:y sry
P:fr telling dat we r just clsmates
A:trye na who am i to u
P:no no abhi u r my best friend frm today sry
A:k bt u knw no sry nthnks in friendship
P:k bye
Abhi was happy fr her response finally he thinks
A:s i am in love i do love her. S pragya i love u love u so much
He sleeps happily
Screen parts allah waariyaan plays.

Precap:abhi asks pragya to help him to propose tanu

Hope u all like it frndsss

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