Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 11)

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Here. Epi starts with abhigya cute fight suddenly purab throws ball on both of them they r shocked n chase him like they play very well n enjoyed a lottt….
In eve
Abhi n purab are in shopping as purab was free he texted pragya
Pu:hi wt ru doing
Pr:nting ya u?
Pu:shopping wit abhi
Pr:nt yet finished!!!!
Pu:no still wt abt urs
Pr:ya i finished
Pu:wt u brought
Pr:white lehanga
Pu:gud hey hey listen abhi is coming txt u latr bye bye
He stops as abhi comes
A:shall we move
P:ya abhi
As they were going abhi asked purab
A:whom u were talking to

A:frnd ya gf
P: nting mann i was talking to pragya just frnd nting like dat
A:ho dat girl dod she txt u
P:ya we both r vry gud frndss
Thm he tells abhi abt pragya hw nice she is abhi got impressed n was thinking abt her…he thought of doing friendship wit her.
Nxt day farewell day
Pragya was dressed up in white dress looking cool she thought dta no one wuld wear white n she sill be center of attraction thn she reached schul she was happy dat no one was in white bt sudd ly she saw both abhi n purab in white n felt little doubt on thm bt thn she thought it may ve coincidence.they all enjoyed took autographs n selfies…..
Purab n pragya wrre talking

Pu:hw abt a selfie
Pr:sure vt tell me y u wore white today did u copied me
Pu: hey no no actually abhi selected these before i msgd u
Pr: k
She was thinking something bulbul came n took purab fr groupfie…pragya was alone avhi came
A:hey pragya
A:looking gud
P:(shocked to get a comment frm abhi)
Thanks, is white ur favorite
P:nting (she thinks we voth hv many similar tastes…….)
A:come lets sit n talk…as
Bulbul comes n takes pragya fr photo
Abhi felt bad dis bulbul always comes on time
They all enjoyed a lot n left

Precap:unknown msgs fr pragya…
I dont keep it secrect i will reveal its abhi guys…..abhigya scenes gonna start like rain in dis summer season frndsss:)))))
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Credit to: Roshini


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