Abhigya my life and my love (episode 1)


Hi guys!I am nithyashree here with a my story of abhigya,hope u all like it.
Let’s star with a story
A girl dressed like a bride with full of happiness,her mom Comes and advise her how to behave with her husband,next screen moves to groom with his dadi and after some time he is taken to the stage for their marriage and at last successfully they completed their marriage,the bride hugs her mom and cry a lot later she enters in the car.
The groom sees her and asks what’s ur name,she replies pragya and he says I am abhi the rockstar and ur husband they chat for some time and reach home.
Later after completing all rituals they are in their room.
A: u better sleep in bed I ll adjust with the couch
P: no its ok u can sleep her I am have no problem

2 months passed,they have a friendly relationship,but they love each other and not yet shared their feelings.one fine morning,
A:pragya I ll be back late night because I have next week concert so I have to prepare
P:all the best
A:In mind,today I ll propose u for sure
Actually abhi goes to prepare for proposing her and set the theme
Later he comes home without the knowledge of pragya and he comes to his room and close her mouth and take her to his car by folding her eye with tie, pragya thinks that she is kidnapped and get worried

Later they reach a beautiful place and abhi untie her eyes and propose her romantically pragya gets mermezied and hug him tightly.
P,I love you too,abhi kiS’s her all around her face and take her in arms and they consumate their marriage.
Next day abhi and pragya goes to their house with full of happiness,that time abhi sees his collage friend tanu and hug her seeing this pragya gets jealous but smile.abhi introduce her and tanu says her friends wait for him in hotel and they have a small party, he gets excited and tank says him we ll meet evening and left the house.pragya goes to room sadly and she can feel someone is touching her waist and turns and sees abhi with a smile,but she moves in anger.
A,what happened my dear someone was in good mood yesterday but now…
P,why u came here go with ur friend and talk to her
A,hoooo my baby is very jealous
P,oh pls leave me,she turns and moves to the door and abhi pulls her closer
A, I am so sorry fuggy
A,ya u like a balloon when ur in anger
Abhi kiss her eyes and forehead and moves on her lips,she runs from their and says u can’t catch me,but abhi follows her and finds her with dadI and thinks next time I won’t leave u.

Hope I did better, this is my first experience so pls comment guys
Good or bad comment me and I won’t drag the story like ekta kapok.
I ll be back with next episode…….

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  1. Sowji

    Very nice..keep writing…

  2. Nithyashreeraman

    Thank you

  3. Simply super n long update pls

  4. Super yaar..keep going…

  5. Superbbbb yarrrr …….. I loved it

  6. Its Awesome!! I love it!!! Please keep writing dear!!! 😀 😉 😀 …

  7. B.k.maha

    Very nice……….. Keel going……….

  8. Aditiroy

    Super yaar..

  9. Nice..start…keep writing… Update regularly..

  10. Monesha


  11. Prathi

    Nithu it’s awesome actually! Everywhere this Tanu is irritating !

  12. Nithyashreeraman

    S di I thought not to involve tank but I didn’t get any other idea that time,I am sorry and I will try to correct it next time.

  13. Nithyashreeraman

    It’s not tank,tanu

  14. superb episode yaar first episode itself you rocked eagerly waiting for the next episode

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