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house for the day yet he was still irritated. No it wasn’t because he was missing her of course not, it was because she was gone but her presence was still here. Just because he accidentally called Pragya’s name to get him coffee in the morning, Daadi was thinking he was missing her. As if that wasn’t enough, he now needed that chashmish to find his own things in his room and because of that his Daadi was on cloud nine thinking that they were made for each other.

“Abhi beta,” Daadi said coming into his room.

“Haan Daadi?” Abhi asked fixing his hair in the mirror.

“Bahu se baat hui kya?” Daadi asked him.

“Of course not Daadi, main kyun phone karu usse?” Abhi said.

“Chup kar! Tumhari patni hai tum nahi phone karonge toh kaun karenga?” Daadi said to him.

“Aacha Daadi, kya hua?” Abhi asked knowing if he didn’t change the subject he’d get lectured.

“Baar bohot baarish ho rahi hain.” Daadi said.

“What can I do about that Daadi?” Abhi asked her jokingly.

“Chup kar!” Daadi said again at her grandson’s light humor, “I want you to go get Pragya from home. She didn’t take one of the cars and I don’t want her coming back in a rikhsaw in this much rain.” Daadi said.

“But Daadi,” Abhi started to protest but stopped when he saw Daadi glaring at him.

“Fine,” he said pouting as Daadi smiled at him.

Rain was pouring down the car Abhi was in. When the driver finally pulled into Pragya’s neighborhood Abhi sighed, “Now time to go to her home, oh god I hope they don’t insist on feeding me.” He thought remembering back to their pagphere.

His driver was constantly hitting the horn and annoyed Abhi asked what was going on. “Sir, it’s a small road and there are a lot of people with umbrellas.” The driver responded.

Abhi sighed and was about to close his eyes when he saw them. His chashmish standing, not only just standing but laughing with her neighbor Suresh. “What the?” he thought. Pragya was standing by the store completely soaked as Suresh was standing holding an umbrella over both of them.

“Find a place to park near her house I’ll walk from here.” Abhi told the driver opening the door and stepping out into the pouring rain. He was already agitated and seeing Pragya talking with that Suresh irritated him even more.

“Arey woh dekho, Pragya aur Suresh.” Abhi heard one of the ladies on the road say. “Kitne aache lagte hain na dono?” the lady said to her companion who agreed.

Aache, they both look so weird together, she doesn’t look half as good with him as she does with me. He thought.

“Socho, agar in dono ki shaadi sach mein hogai hoti toh?” Her companion asked as they both laughed.

“What!” Abhi said to himself. “Suresh aur Pragya, kitni ajeeb jodi.”

“Haan yaar, Suresh bohot aacha ladka hai aur humari Pragya bhi kuch kam nahi.” Another person said adding on to their conversation. “Suresh Pragya ko khush hi rakhta.”

Abhi who had enough of their praising walked faster towards Pragya. He heard them laughing even more before he heard Pragya say, “Suresh I have to get home, besides I have to find a rikhsaw to get back so I’ll get going.”

“Pragya why are you worrying? I’ll drop you home, anyways I have the umbrella. Aur tum kal subhe bhi ja sakti hoon.” Suresh said.

Abhi having enough finally got there and put his arm around Pragya’s shoulders. “Hey sweetheart, you were gone all day so I thought I’d come and pick you up especially since it’s raining so hard.” He said with a sweet smile that only Pragya could see through. He saw Pragya look at him first in shock and then in anger.

“Hey man, how are you?” Abhi said to Suresh.

“Hi,” Suresh said. “I was just going to drop Pragya back home.”

“Thanks, but no thanks I’m here now.” Abhi said feeling Pragya move away from his hold. “Aur waise bhi itni baarish mein, Pragya and I can have a romantic walk.” Abhi said giving a clear hint of wanting Suresh to leave.

“Of course.” Suresh said holding his umbrella. “Bye, Pragya Abhi.” Suresh said before turning. He turned back to Pragya and said, “Kisi cheez ki zaroorat ho toh bata de na.”

Taking his arm off of Pragya’s shoulder, Abhi took Pragya’s hand in his, “Don’t worry I’m here to fulfill all of her demands.”

Once Suresh was gone Pragya ripped her hand out of Abhi’s, “Aap yahan kyun hai?” she asked him.

“Daadi.” He said with a forced smile still feeling angry at Suresh before saying, “Let’s go the driver probably hasn’t reached your house yet there are so many people on the road.”
“These people live here, it’s their road.” Pragya said feeling defensive.

“If they live here then they should know that the streets are small and to stand on the side so cars can get through.” Abhi retorted.

“I’m not in the mood for an argument right now let’s just get back.” Pragya said cutting him off from another argument.

While they were walking Abhi couldn’t help but overhear people praising Suresh. Some people called him nerdy but then they would immediately retort their statements in reminiscing all the good Suresh had done for the street.

“Waise ek baat batao. Tumhari shaadi uss chashmish se hone wali thi na? Kyun nahi hui?” Abhi asked Pragya curious about it.

“Aap se matlab?” Pragya shot down his question like usual.

“I don’t care I was just making small talk.” Abhi retorted. Pragya stayed quiet not wanting to get into all of that.

They were half way there when Abhi noticed Pragya rubbing her hands up and down her arms and shiver. Even though he didn’t like her it didn’t mean he was going to let a girl freeze. Taking off his jacket he put it around Pragya’s shoulder.

Pragya was shocked at first but then she said, “It’s okay I don’t need it.”

“Please chashmish do you know,” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before Pragya interrupted and mocked him.

“How many girls would die to have your jacket.” Pragya mocked, “Abhi kabhi toh apne dialogues badlo, it’s become very predictable.”

“Just be grateful I gave you my jacket.” Abhi said to her.

While they were walking Pragya say her favorite vada pav place and stopped Abhi, “Vada pav khana hai?” she asked him.

“What are you mad? Itni baarish ho rahi hai aur tumhe khana hai?” Abhi asked her in disbelief.

“Haan! Suresh aur mein hamesha college ke baad yahan se vada pav khane ki liye aate.” Pragya smiled at the memory.

Abhi frowned at the thought of Pragya and her weird neighbor going on dates after teaching. “No I don’t want.” Abhi said a little too harshly.

Pragya gave him a look and said, “Okay I’m going to go get one.” Abhi watched Pragya run over to the vendor and ask for one. When she got it Abhi watched a little jealous of how happy she seemed eating that small vada pav.

“Are you sure you don’t want one?” Pragya asked fully aware of Abhi’s eyes on her. “They’re the best you can get.” Knowing that Pragya was trying to tease him Abhi walked over and took her half eaten vada pav out of her hands and took a bite. Abhi didn’t want to say anything to prove Pragya right, but that vada pav was the best he ever had.

“Hey!” Pragya said as Abhi ate the whole thing.

“What, you asked if I wanted one so I took it.” Abhi said with a straight face.

“You are so irritating.” Pragya said harshly walking away. Abhi smirked and said, “Not as much as you” following her.

When they finally reached Pragya’s house both of them were soaking wet. Bulbul who opened the door had burst out laughing at the both of them.

“Romantic date jiju?” She asked laughing.

“Bulbul let them in!” Her mom yelled as both of them came in. “Go, go get changed.” Her mom said.

“Arey par jiju ki clothes!” Bulbul said.

“No!” Abhi yelled remembering wearing mamaji’s clothes last time.

All the girls looked at each other before they burst out in laughter. “Jiji, aapko mamaiji ki kapre pehne hoge. It’s the only clothes we have for you.” Bulbul said giggling even more.

“Pragya!” Abhi unknowingly turned to the one person he could count on. Pragya looked up at him in shock as her family gave each other amused faces.

“Waise jiju, iss ghar mein Di humare side pe hai.” Bulbul teased him even more.

“I have clothes to give to Abhi.” They all turned to see Suresh standing at the door. Abhi noticed that in a few seconds all the smiles were wiped off their faces.

“Why are you here?” Bulbul asked him harshly.

“Well Pragya and I were talking and I saw them both getting drenched while walking back, so I thought,” Suresh didn’t have a chance to finish before Maa interrupted.

“Purvi go get your jiju mamaji’s clothes. Suresh itna sab kuch hone ke baad tum phir se yahan. Please leave.”
Abhi looked at Suresh who looked at Pragya and couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at Suresh. What a creep, staring at someone else’s wife while he is in the room. Abhi thought to himself. “Suresh you are not welcome in this house anymore.” Maa said before closing the doors.

No matter how much his chashmish annoyed him, Abhi couldn’t help but feel content that the creepy chashmish wasn’t in the house anymore. He was more than happy to know that there were at least some people in this street that didn’t like Suresh as much as he did. And for the first time that day he felt content and grateful that his family liked him more than they liked Suresh.

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