Abhigya and Ishveer Vs Nature episode 4


Hi guys it’s Monesha. First of all sorry… Sorry… Sorry… Very sorry for not posting my ff. Thank you so much duva for making me to remember. Ok guys no bak bak. Let’s get into our story

Episode starts with Abhigya and Ishveer looking the book. There face was full of green light because of the book. Suddenly they heard one voice. It is tanushree. Tanushree shouts pragya…. Rv…. Ishani….. Abhi…. Abhigya and Ishveer was jerked. They stood close together. Pragya and ishani was in centre. Pragya and ishani holds the book backside and everyone stood very close together. Tanushree came and surprised to see all are smiling. Tanushree asked what happened? Why you all are smiling? Rv says what? Smiling? Nothing like that di. Tanushree asked pragya what happened? Pragya was shocked and say no… Nothing. Rv gave relief reaction. Abhi and ishani was trying to hide their smile. Tanushree asked are you sure pragya. Before pragya could reply Rv says why di asking her like this? Leave her. She is innocent. Pragya nodded childishly and says yes I am innocent this three only… Before pragya could complete. Ishani stepped on her toes. Pragya started to shout. Tanushree about to come to pragya but it was stopped by Rv. Rv says di i will take care you go and take care our parents. Tanushree says ok by the way tanu, nikhil, rithika and chirang came to meet you all. Saying this she went. All the one looks their face each other. All shouts and rushed to hide the book.

They all went to rv room and hides that book. Tanil (tanu and nikhil) (pls say me if you have any name for tanil and chirang and rithika) they came to their place. Chirang says Hi guys today we all went to outing so only we couldn’t come to college.

Abhi says oh ok guys today we all going to study. If you all want you also can join with us. Tanu smiles and says i think i am feeling sleepy bye. Nikhil says me too bye guys. Chirang says guys i forget one thing my friend invited to his party. Rithika says i am also going with him. You all study we all are going bye. They all gave excuse and went from that place. Abhigya and Ishveer started to laugh. Rv says ok guys we have less time so come on guys we can go and open it. All went inside. They closed the door. They took the book and opened it. Again it started to glow. They turned next page. They saw different types of meteorites stones. Abhi asked rv where is that stone. He excused himself and took that stone and came to them.

They took the book and started to search that. Finally they found that stone. They started to read the information about the book. In last for more information just keep the stone in this. They saw one small like structure. Abhi asked where is our tools Rv. He took the tools and came. They opened the bag and took one rod. It was really very thin when comparing to other rod. Pragya and ishani burst out into laughter. Ishani asked with laugh why you both are joking. Abhi and ranveer ignored and cutted the stone. Pragya and ishani was shocked. Ishani says how is this possible? Abhi and rv smiles and says that is RABHI. Ishgya smiled. They kept that stone in that box in book. It just gave very bright colour and it opened. All the one was surprised.

Pragya asked is this magic? Rv says No.. this is science. We can do anything with science. Scarlett Johansson is really intelligent in science. So only she done Amazing things to Amaze us. Abhi says but I am having little doubt about this. Let us check that note. Give me that. Rv says abhi was correct i am also having doubt. Pragya took the note from her bag and gave to rabhi. They both turned the page and saw some blood drops which is dried. All the one was shocked.

In book last page, RV started to read

I am Scarlett Johansson. Now i am going to die in this cave. I think this cave is don’t know about any one. I am going out of this cave now as i have no choice. Really this cave is different. My pen driver was in this cave. I don’t know whether this book is going to be with good one or bad one but I wished that this book and note should be with good one as this is not a simple book. I am not having key for this book but I am having this book. That key was with him. Now he is trying to kill me. Confirm he will kill me. I have to save this book coz it will give more information. Our world is going to destroy in 2020. But nature will start to play in 2017 itself. This book will save this world. There is one guy is there to do problem. His name is…….

Pragya asked why bhai you stopped reading. Rv says there is no page after this. I think we should go inside that cave. Abhi says who will be that? At the same time screen shifts to one big building. Abhi says what he want? Screen shifts and goes inside the building. Rv say why he killed Scarlett? Screen shows one man sitting in chair facing towards wall. His back only visible. Rv says what will be the reason? Screen shows same boy throwing keys of that book up and caught that keys when it came down. Abhi says we have to find that.

Screen freezes on their face.

Sry guys i couldn’t give long episode. Soon i will try to post next episode. Love you all…. Take care….

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  1. Honey

    Nice episode dr

  2. Duva

    Hey baby loved it so much and ya welcome ……… Loved it so much no words keep rocking as always MAY GOD BLESS U WITH ALL THE TALENTS ……how r u …..with loads of hugs and kisses ???????????

  3. Intresting dear!!!…
    As usual u rocked it dear..keep rocking baby…tc..love you dear..

  4. Prathi

    Wow!! Superb update dear!! Such an imagination.. I would love to read more of it today if possible but I know my Choti is busy with her school and exams so take your time sweetheart!! Who is that Guy?? That book was amazing I loved that book <3

  5. omg what epi dear super it just like movie n exciting 4 next one

    love u lot with lot of kiss 4 u…………….

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    Full of Science haa!!!!!!!!!!!! Interestingggg!!!!!!!!!!

  7. superb episode ma it is very interesting your creativity is awesome

  8. Suhani11

    Awesome Di??I guess you remember me?shall k give my into?

    1. Suhani11

      Shall I give my intro*****

  9. Very nice dear Monesha it was so interesting I loved it eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  10. B_Ani

    awww….this was mind blowingly fascinating….mone dear….its just awesome. its ok if u r late dr….12th naa??? anyways u nailed every line of this…u rocked it baby….rocking and cool mone???…crctaa???
    love u???

  11. Maya-Shelly

    Hy monisha. I am really impressed with your way of writing. Miss you so much dr. Will be waiting for next
    Keep smiling

  12. Nandana

    Nice episode my dear pyqri di it is very interesting and the way they made chirang, ritika,nikil and tanu I really liked it and about the information in the book of scarlet was very interesting to read and I am eagerly waiting for the next di . And loves u a lot di ….. Lots of hugs and kisses to my dear di…….❤❤??❣❣

  13. Saranya24

    Daru ur imaginatiom is seriously out of world jst like tina dii i feel she s within u nw loved tis a lot da love u loads muuaahhh tight hug and kisses to u??????

  14. Jasminerahul

    What Scarlett wrote in the book was interesting .eager to know who that person is

  15. Awesomeeeeeeeee mone dhiii……it’s interesting. U nailed it..it’s mind blowing one…u don’t know I became crazy after reading this. …love you soo much dhiii ❤❤❤❤❤Eagerly waiting for the next one. ? ??

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