abhigya and ishveer life episode 9

Hi guys I am really happy today bcoz I almost came to episode 10 bcoz I started this ff with lot of doubt that if one comment will come when I saw all your comments I can’t control my happiness ok guys I think you will not angry at me I want to give this episode with emotional so I am going to write like this
Now coming to the story
Ishveer,abhigya and ishra all are very happy
5 days went today Saturday college is leave so abhi and Rv came to pick up Ishani and pragya
It was 8.00 am
Pragya and Ishani get into abhi and Rv car
They went to somewhere
Pragya-where are you guys going
Rv- my house to meet my father but pragya you should call my father as dad or papa or father
Pragya-ok bhai I am so happy bcoz I didn’t call anyone as dad
Rv(thinks)-don’t worry choti you are going to call your dad
They reached rv’s house
Pragya-where is your dad I mean our dad
Rv smiles and shouts-dad come choti came pragya khanna
Neil heard this and rushed to see her
Pragya-dad I am pragya khanna happy to see you
Neil realized that she don’t know about him but he hugs her and says happy to see you
Rv-we can go to abhi’s house
Neil-ok we can go saying this all went to mehra mansion
In mehra mansion
All gathered in hall,Ruhi and adhi came
Ruhi and adhi-we have school but you all are chatting with each other
Ishita-oh no I totally forgot about that I am really sorry
Pragya-di you have scooter if u had then I will drop them
Ishita-ya I am having choti but
Pragya cut off and says no problem I will drop them give me key
Ishita gave key pragya got the key and went to drop Ruhi and adhi
After some time later All sat in their place
Abhi-Rv and bhabhi you both are very clever you both make pragya to call her dad great job
Rv-small correction abhi it was done by me not my di so I won’t share my victory to anyone
Ishani-hey I only ask her to put admission in this college so I will share your victory if I didn’t say that at the time then you would not see her
Ishita-you are going to share my brother’s life so you have all the rights to share his victory
Ishani blushes
Raman-now we can kindle rv also when he romance with Ishani
Rv-jiju you are too bad tit for tat this is not fair jiju
Abhi-anyway you both got your choti
Neil-yes they both got their choti and I got my pyaari daughter
All laughed Ishani turns to the door her smile vanished all turns to door by Ishani’s reaction and all got shocked and all their smile vanished
Yes guys pragya is standing there with angry look
Pragya-why what happened afraid for truth relived
Ranveer,ishita,and Neil don’t know what to do
Pragya-so you are my own bhai right(pointing towards rv) and you are my own di right(pointing towards ishita) in stern voice
They all were shocked to see pragya with this much angry
Pragya-and you are my dad who left me and my mother right. Neil nodded no
Rv-choti wait a second I will explain everything
Pragya(shout)-stop calling me choti who gave the rights to call me as choti(in angry tone)
Rv and ishita get teary eyes
Ishita(with tears)-pragya plz listen to us
Pragya (shout with tears)-why should I listen to you ,ok tell me the truth what you want from me whether you want to separate me from my mother by giving this fake love
Rv(with tears)-no pragya you understood us wrong plz listen to us
Pragya(shout)-why should I,you all are cheaters you all cheated me
Rv and ishita nodded as no with tears
Pragya came to Ishani
Pragya-so you also joined with them right
Ishani-pragya you misunderstood them they want you they loves you
Pragya(shout)-if they loves me then why they left me and my mother,you know one thing my mother will try to say about my family but I will not hear that I will somewhere when she try to tell anything
Rv and Ishita crying Neil also cried
Ishani-pragya listen to me once
Pragya will close her mouth by forward her hand to stop by signing
Pragya moves to abhi
Pragya-I will fight with u but I will enjoy that I thought you are my best friend but you proved that you are not my best friend with tears
Abhi(tears)-only one time listen to us pragya plz plz I am begging u
But pragya went to Raman
Raman-pragya listen to us plz
Pragya-jiju you also gave fake love right
Raman-not like that Pragya
But she didn’t listen him also
Pragya(shout with tears)-you all gave fake love and you all stabbed in my heart I hate u all you all betrayed me saying this she sat on floor by crying
Rv and ishita also cried others are in tears
Pragya with crying-you all betrayed me by giving fake love she cried bitterly
Rv wipes his tears and went to pragya he also sat with her on floor Rv with tears cupped pragya’s face and lift her face to see him Rv wipes her tears with his thumb and says
Rv(tears)-pragya you know one thing when you born me and di jumped and says we got choti when we came inside you didn’t open your eyes but we felt very happy after some time you slowly opened your eyes but you didn’t see mom and dad first first you saw us we touched you that day is the best day bcoz u our fingers with little rosy hand your grip was so tight in that time I am also small boy but I can remember the scene now also our parents separated us but we both ask our dad that we want choti but our wish vanished after we grown up we searched for u even our father want to live with mother but we couldn’t do that
Did you remember our first meeting when I heard your name I came to know that you are my choti that time I felt I want to shout,I want to hug you I want to tell you that I am your
Pragya started crying by bending down but Rv with tears lifted her face wipes her tears and Rv nodded no and he continued to say when you called me as bhai I was on cloud nine I want to hear that word daily from you I felt I don’t want anything in this world other than that word.I don’t know about other brothers and sisters relationship They can fight,they can hate each other whatever may be but we will only loves you ,no hate or anything plz pragya now you tell see my eye and tell whether I am acting or telling truth see my eye choti pragya saw rv’s teary eyes which is full of true and affection for her suddenly pragya hugs Rv and cry bitterly Rv also hug Pragya and cry
Pragya-sorry bhai I thought you all gave fake love I am really sorry bhai
Rv kisses in her forehead and again hug her pragya sobbing in rv’s chest pragya looks at Ishita with teary eyes came and sat in floor pragya will hug both Ishita and Rv. Ishita also kisses her in her forehead
All with teary eye smiles by looking them
Rv,ishita and pragya hugs tightly
Screen freezes on their Rv,ishita and pragya hugs with teary eyes
I think you all won’t scold me for this episode I thought they should not simply unite bcoz they are uniting after a long time so I want to give emotional scenes if I hurt all I am really sorry
Take care,

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  1. Harisha

    It was hood

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  2. really nice yaaaaaaaaa

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  3. Emotional ff….anyway nice ff…next mission is neil ragini together…waiting 4 next ff…

    1. Thank you so much for ur support yes ur guess is right next mission is to unite ragini and Neil

  4. Harisha


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  5. i loved it yarrr……………………i am on cloud nine now…………………………………..superbbbbbb

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  6. i love this epi and the emotion was right one

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  8. Vaishali

    awesome episode dear it was so so emotional loved it to the core sry fr not commenting in ur previous episodes sry fr that but i will be always there to support u…

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  12. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    I wanted a pre cap. Waiting for next episode

    1. I am really sorry tomorrow I will give precap I will update next episode soon as possible thank you so much for ur support and happy to see ur comment

  13. It’s really a emotional n lovely episode yaar no words to say yaar its really sema emotional unite really I love RV as a bro in today’s episode a lotttttttttttt really sema RV thn pragya s lucky to HV a bro lk him who only loves …even if she do any mistake he vl make her to understand by love not by getting angry on her I’m not saying abt today’s episode I’m saying if pragya do any mistake in future…

    1. Thank you so much and your are correct Rv will never scold pragya he will give love to his choti and make her to understand in softly

  14. Guys I don’t know what to do this episode is not update in matsh written update what I have to do if anyone knows then plz tell me

  15. Reena

    Super episode dear!! I loved it!

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    Superb… very imotional yaar.. but wonderfull epi. Keep rocking..

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    Monesha…the episode s too good n emotional… Bt I need some abhigya scenes yar…give some emotional scenes between abhigya tooo…

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