abhigya and ishveer life episode 8


Thank you so much for all of ur comments and supports no bakbak now coming to the story

Episode starts with all clapped for their performance our cute pairs came back to scene
And all our pairs moves separately both Ishani and pragya thinks why I felt comfortable with him.
Ishani(thinks)-you are in love with Rv yes I am in love with him
Pragya(thinks)-what happened to you pragya you can’t be with him for a second then how can you feel comfortable no way
Rv(thinks)-really I am in love with her I can also feel the love in her eyes really she looked beautiful and hot in saree
Abhi(thinks)-this Dracula something done with me so only I felt comfortable otherwise how I will with her always sucking my blood and eating my brain but today she looked beautiful and hot in saree
Abhi and Rv & pragya and Ishani went to their room
Abhi and Rv felt bored so they decided to go to pragya and Ishani room
Then abhi and Rv came to pragya and Ishani room
Pragya-why you both came here for toucher us
Abhi-no we can play some thing
Ishani-Sry I am going to sleep and she lied in the bed
Pragya -hey sleeping ghost for me also boring come we can play
Ishani by covering her face-you play I will play with you in dream
Pragya got angry and she pinched Ishani with her long nail
Ishani-ouch!!!! Idiot it is paining
By that time Ruhi and adhi also came

Rv-now we can play come
Ishani-what we can play now that to in this time
Rv- hide and seek my favorite game
Ishani-are you small boy to play hide and seek
Pragya-I too love that game we can play
Abhi-i too love that game
Adhi & Ruhi-I too love that game
All the one turned to Ishani
Ishani-ok I am not having any choice so I am also coming
They all played like small children then they all dozed off in hall
Raman and ishita came from with smiling by remembering last night
Ishita saw ishveer hugging and sleeping in sitting position & abhi sleeping in pragya’s lap adhi and Ruhi are in centre
Ishita wakes them and ask
Ishita-why you all slept here itself
All in chorus-we played hide and seek yesterday night
Ishita smiled by seeing their childish behavior
Ishita-ok have ur coffee saying this she handover the coffee to all
They all drank the coffee
Pragya and Ishani went to fresh up and they came back
Ishita and Rv were very happy by being with pragya then pragya and Ishani said bye
Ishita become sad after pragya went
Abhi noticed that and felt something different from their activities
He went to Raman and asked about this Raman told everything to him
Rv went to drop pragya and Ishani
Abhi went to Ishani’s room
Abhi-bhabhi you are too bad why you didn’t say that pragya is your own sister
Ishita-I thought Rv told you
Abhi-wait that idiot will come na then I will talk to him saying this he went
Ishita smiles and says Rv today you finished

Rv came to MM
Abhi-come I want to talk with you
Rv-tell me what you want to talk with me
Abhi got up and started to beat him
Rv-stop it are you gone mad
Abhi-why you didn’t tell me pragya is ur own sister
Rv-i thought if I said pragya is my own sister then u will not fight with her then how can I enjoy ur fight
Abhi-who told I will not fight with her after knowing she is ur choti see today onwards how will I fight with her
Rv-ok cool down tomorrow college so we have to get ready
Saying this Rv went to Ishita’s room and says bye and for abhi to he say bye and left from that place
Next morning college
Pragya and Ishani came and waited for abhi and Rv and they also came
Nothing changed they went to class room and abhigya fight in canteen all thing went as usual but one thing is different ishveer didn’t stop the fight between abhigya bcoz they lost in each other eyes Abhigya noticed this
Pragya-hello what happened to you both
Ishveer came back to sense
Rv and Ishani both says nothing
Ishani-time up come to class and she ran from that place
Pragya also went to class

In evening,
Pragya ask Rv to drop Ishani at home
Abhi-you are not coming in car
Pragya-we are not going in car
Abhi-whatttt???? I didn’t bring my car
Pragya-so what we are going by walking
Abhi-no ,leave me plz I can’t walk
Pragya-ok we can walk upto my home bhai will wait there then u can go with him
Abhi refused but pragya will pull him
Rv and Ishani reached home
Ishani-come and sit I will give something to eat
Rv-no need of that we can plan for our mission
Ishani-our mission(in a doubting manner)
Rv-ya ishveer mission
Ishani-ishveer mission????
Rv-ya Ishani and ranveer=ishveer,Ishani smiles after hearing that
Rv-i am feared of our mission
Ishani-why I am there na I will help you
Rv-whether Pragya will accept me as her own bhai
Ishani-confirm if you have doubt then I want to tell you that she loves me alot
Rv-who asked pragya loves you I asked whether she will accept her own bhai
Ishani-I told that she loves me Bcoz she said on that day if she had a bhai then she will make me to marr..
She realized what she going to say so she stopped the sentence(I think you all can remember the train scene in that scene pragya will say)

Rv understand the sentence and ask her to say the sentence
Ishani felt shy and started to move but Rv holds her hand
In outside started to rain
Rv-tell me that sentence I want to hear that
Screen shifts to abhigya
They drenched by the rain
Abhi-omg it is raining bcoz of u only we drenched
Pragya-we can go to that tree
All others also standing down the tree
Pragya hair falls in her face
Abhi comes forward pragya moves back side she hit in the tree abhi comes near her tugged her hair abhi and pragya shares an eyelock(sanam re plays)
Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani look Rv with shy
Rv Neal down and tells her
Rv-i love you Ishani when I saw you first time I was lost in ur eyes I don’t know that this is love but now I know this is love will you marry me
Ishani felt happy and she also Neal down and say I love you too I also felt same feelings saying this she hugged him he also hugged her(tum hi ho plays)

Screen shifts to abhigya
Rain stopped they both came to sense
And started to move to home
Screen shifts to ishveer
They both stand up Rv cupped her face and he was about to kiss her but abhi and pragya came
Ishveer felt embarrassed
Pragya-so my guess is right hurrey my bhai love my friend this only I want now I am on cloud nine I am very very happy
Rv felt happy for pragya liked their pair
Abhi-now I want to kindle both my bhai and friend
Rv-shut up abhi
Abhigya laughed ,pragya-now we all are going to mm
Rv-for what choti
Pragya-bhai do what I say
Rv smiles and says ok choti
They all went to mms
Pragya shout plz all the one come
All the one came pragya says ishveer love each other
All felt happy ishra felt happy and then all the one congrats them
Screen freezes on all the one happy face

PRECAP-pragya comes to know about her family Rv is her bhai and Ishani is her di

Ok guys tell me that you want next episode TODAY ITSELF or TOMORROW
If you want today itself then I will definitely post Bcoz I am so happy for I reach almost episode 10

Credit to: Monesha

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  1. precap episode that is not ishani that is ishita…u update it wrongly…ishita is pragya di…ur update it ishani…anyway 2day ff is too nice….

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