abhigya and ishveer life episode 7

Hai guys I am so happy after reading all ur comment and silent readers too commented I am on cloud nine can any one tell me how Ishani want to call Ishita Bcoz I don’t know about that relation plz tell me now coming to the story,
Episode starts with pragya and Ishani coming to hospital
Ishani(thinks)-this Rv na always late god plz save me my tooth is perfect but this Rv ask me to act like my tooth is paining
Ishani-what idiot Bcoz of u I am here today my tooth will go off
Pragya-now it is not paining?you are talking properly
Ishani-(thinks) omg what I have done and started to act Ahhh….. it’s paining Bcoz of u only again it is paining
Pragya can’t understand anything and says ok don’t worry I am there na
Ishita and Rv came to the hospital and went to the side of pragya and Ishani
Ishani saw them and Rv also saw them Ishani gave a stern look to Rv.he can’t control his laugh Ishani noticed this she was boiling in anger
Ishita-come and sit here,Ishani moved with fear and sat in the chair
Ishita checked the teeth and realized she is lying and then Ishita noticed Ishani angry look on Rv,ishita confirmed that it is Rv’s prank
Ishita-ok guys now tell me why u lied to me
Rv,Ishani,and pragya shocked
Pragya-ishani you are having pain teeth or not
Ishani-really it is paining,
Rv don’t know how to face this situation
Pragya-oh really then we can check it saying this she took one instrument from the table(guys it is instrument which gives water but our poor Ishani don’t know that)
Pragya-come dear without pain I will take ur teeth
Ishani feared and tells that Rv only told to do this
Rv(thinks)-omg this girl na what can I do now
He just smiled like innocent baby
Pragya-bhaiiii…. I won’t leave u now and she started to chase him he also started to run
By running Rv says pragya today my di’s birthday so only
Pragya stopped chasing Rv, Ishani wishes Ishita,ishita takes the materials and moved to cupboard by saying thank you
Ishita asked what is ur name(pointing towards pragya)(guys she know ishani’s name bcoz pragya told now only so she asked to pragya) by keeping all the materials in cupboard turning opposite to them Rv standing beside pragya

Pragya-my name is pragya khanna happy birthday di
Ishita was shocked as well as surprised
Suddenly she turns to Rv with teary eyes Rv nodded his head in yes manner
Ishita whipped her tears and went to pragya and hugged her
Pragya also hugged her Rv can’t control his tears he went backside to pragya and cried silently
Ishita also cried silently by hugging pragya
Ishani also had a tears in her eyes by looking them.she went to Rv and touched his shoulder suddenly Rv hugged Ishani she was shocked by sudden hug but soon she also hug him Rv tightly hugs Ishani(tum hi ho plays)
Rv came to scenes and broke the hug and wipes his tears and says sorry
Ishani-don’t say sorry you are best brother for her I really impressed by you and your di
Rv smiles and turns to see pragya and ishita,ishita wipes her tears broke the hug
Pragya-di where is treat for us
Ishita-I will do anything for you what you want
Pragya-chocolate di I like chocolate to the core
Ishita smiles and went to Rv Ishita hugs Rv and says u gave me a best gift for me Rv I am very happy and they broke the hug
Rv-when I saw her I was on cloud nine di we got our choti but she don’t know about us di
Ishita-it’s ok we can solve that later now buy chocolate and come our choti’s first wish to us so but nice chocolate by saying this she took the purse and gave 100$ but Rv took 500$ and went to store
Here pragya and Ishani chatting with each other
Ishita -ok now come with us you can go tomorrow
(Guys two days government holiday)
First they hesitate and then they agreed
Ishita starts car and went to their house and ishita called Rv and says that come to house
Rv also agreed and came to house

In mehra mansion
Abhi is decorating the house and he saw pragya and Ishani along with them Ishita also coming inside
Abhi-hey guys I am so happy to see both of you, bhabhi, you know them(in a doubting manner)
Ishita-ya abhi today only I know them by the way today they are going to stay here
Abhi-oh… ok come inside guys

Both came inside at the time Rv also came
Rv-choti this is for u by showing dairy milk for 450$
Pragya -OMG thank you so much bhai I love dairy milk saying this she hugged Rv tightly Rv felt today he is the luckiest person in the world bcoz of her choti hug
Ishani-hello for me by holding her hand by hearing her voice they both broke the hug
Rv-take this, he gave one chocolate Ishani gave a stern look
Abhi took that chocolate bag and ran from there
Rv-abhi today no one can save from pragya even god can’t save from her
Pragya chase him says idiot ghost I want chocolate give me that
Ishani,Rv,and Ishita laughed hardly
Pragya who is ready to kill abhi for chocolate took one stick and ran behind him
Abhi went to his bedroom he has no more place to run pragya came and started to beat him
Abhi-ouch!!!! Ouch!!!stop this paining
Pragya-then give my chocolate bag to me by beating she said this
Abhi hold the stick and pulled pragya towards him she comes towards abhi by his force abhi holds her (tum hi ho plays)
Suddenly they heard some voice abhi relived his grip suddenly pragya pulled chocolate bag and ran from there
Pragya came down and share the chocolate with everyone
Abhi also came but he didn’t get any chocolate
Abhi looks pragya like innocent baby,pragya melted by his look and she gave chocolate to him also ishveer surprised by this sudden activity of pragya

Soon Raman came to the house
Ishita came and hug Raman and says everything Raman was very happy to hear that
Raman-so u are very happy right
Ishita-Raman what question is this I am on cloud nine
Raman felt happy and kissed her in cheek ishita felt shy and went from there
Raman to pragya-hi I am ur jiju
Pragya realised that he is Ishita’s husband and shake their hand Ishani also shake their hands
Ruhi and adhi also came from playing
Rv and Ishani both are felling comfortable with each other.Ishita understood that they both falls in love
Ishita-ruhi and adhi this is ur chachi(pointing towards pragya)and this is ur ….(pointing towards Ishani)(sorry guys I don’t know what will they call but Ishita will connect Rv and Ishani and say that relation)
Ruhi and adhi were more happy to see them and all 4 become very close
Adhi-you both know one thing they both na(pointing towards Rv and abhi) always broke my parents romance
Ruhi-ha we will leave them alone but they will interfere and spoil our plans
They both started to laugh,abhi and Rv hear this and came to them

Rv-what guys I think you all are talking about us
Abhi-ya I also think that same
Pragya-no no we are not talking about you both
Abhi-don’t say lie vampire I know about u
Pragya-what you know about me you don’t know nothing about me
Abhi-who said that I don’t about u shall I tell about u
Pragya-ya tell me I can see who will help you now
Rv and Ishani kept their hands in their head
Abhi-you are a vampires leader your main duty is to suck my blood so only you came to earth
Pragya-oh I see shall I tell about u you are a toucher u always toucher others
Pragya-ha ha u only let me continue u came to earth to toucher me always behaving like a mental
Abhi-hey you are a……
Rv and Ishani cut off them by saying enough guys
Ishani-omg how can a person always fight like this both of u always irritating us
Abhi-not me this vampire only
Rv-omg plzzzzzzz I can’t tolerate anymore
Pragya-I also can’t tolerate this toucher anymore
Rv and Ishani irked again abhi and pragya ready to fight but Rv drag abhi and Ishani drag pragya
Time passed it was evening
Ishita gave saree for pragya and Ishani
Rv and abhi also getting ready
Pragya and Ishani help Ishita to get ready Ishita select saree for her but pragya and Ishani selected gown for her Ishita hesitate to wear
Ishani gave an idea
Pragya-di will accept this (in question manner)
Ishani-confirm go pragya turns Ishita and says
Pragya-if u think me as ur own choti then put this dress
Ishita has no choice so she put that dress pragya and Ishani gave hifi and they went
Pragya,Ishani and ishita came down & abhi,Rv and Raman came
(Note-pragya didn’t wear chasma this time ,she can see clear without chasma but she can’t see long distance small letters)
Rv,abhi and Raman saw them and mesmerized by seeing them they can’t take their eyes from them
Pragya wearing net black saree,Ishani wears net yellow saree and ishita wears black cloth inside and fully net outside gown
Ishita came and cut the cake all the one wishes them
Now it is dance time all are ready ishveer, abhigya and ishra paired
Sanam re plays

All are started to dance with each other
Abhigya,ishveer,and ishra danced very very closely and romantically they ended the dance with Ishani is falling position Rv is in holding position,abhi and pragya hugging position and Raman is hugging Ishita from back they all clapped.our cute pairs came back to scene
Rv make Ishani to stand but he is still holding her they share an eyelock ,abhi and pragya slightly broke their hug not fully they also share an eyelock and Raman turns Ishita by holding her hand they also share an eyelock

If you like the story plz comment me and don’t forget to answer the question Bcoz I really don’t know that if you want any song to add plz type that
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha


    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see ur comment ya pragya will comes to know that soon

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see ur comment and thanks for loving cute fight of abhigya

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see ur comment & happy to see that you like abhigya’s cute fight

  1. Nirmal

    Really superb yaar.. Amazing… Abhi and Pragya rocked the episode with their cute fights…. ???

  2. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    awesome waiting for next episode dear update it soon and i am waiting

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