abhigya and ishveer life episode 6

Hai guys I am so happy to see all of your comment thank you so much for ur support today no bakbak now coming to the story

Episode starts with Ishani promise Rv to help him
Ishani-by the way for whom you got appointment from ur di
Rv-for you only baby
Ishani-oh…. then she realized what he said and ask what????(in a shocking tone) I can’t in childhood onwards I am afraid of doctor
Rv-plz tomorrow u should act as you have a pain in your teeth then pragya will worry about u at the time then she will call us for help at that time I will say that my di is dental doctor and we will take you both to hospital then she will give treatment for u and ……
Before Rv could complete Ishani cut off him by saying,
Ishani-treatment? I can’t do this no way
Rv-arrey before she could do anything I will explain to her
Ishani-then sign and give me that if anything happens to me then it is bcoz of u
Rv about to say something but he stop when he saw abhigya running towards them
Pragya-hey I won’t leave u
Abhi stand behind Rv and they both started to run around Rv
Rv-stop it guys enough now
Abhigya stopped running
Abhi-see this girl,she is looking like calm,innocent,sweet and soft but how he is running like Dracula to suck my blood very bad baby
Rv and Ishani laughed pragya gave a stern look to abhi
Abhi-can I ask u one thing baby?pragya looks on
Abhi-how can u run this much energetic with this body you will not feel tired
Pragya-shut up I will not leave you and again started to chase him
Rv-ok ok guys now we can leave
They all left the place

After college,
Rv and abhi waiting for pragya and Ishani
All the one left except pragya and Ishani
Rv and abhi can’t wait anymore so they went to search them
Finally they both saw pragya and Ishani they were walking slowly by taking
Abhi-this girls are never going to change
Pragya and Ishani saw them and came towards them
Pragya-bhai why u came here we are coming na
Abhi-you are walking one year to coming outside so only we came
Pragya gave a stern look and ask him to reply the same sentence what he said now
Abhi was about to say the sentence and pragya get ready to fight with him
Rv and Ishani both in chorus stop it guys
Ishani-omg pragya don’t fight with him again I can’t tolerate that
Pragya-you escaped by my friend otherwise I don’t know what would happened knew
Abhi-oh no u itself don’t know what will happen so sad of you
Rv-plzzzzz I am begging u plz stop ur fight huh by the way how u both will go now
Pragya-by walking bhai
Rv-no way choti you both come with us we will drop u
First they hesitate then they agreed
Rv and abhi dropped Ishani and pragya

In mehra mansion
They both went inside
Raman-hey guys what you planned for ishita
Abhi-I will not tell but I will give big surprise to her
Rv-me too I will also not tell about this
Ruhi and adhi-also said same
Adhi-papa what is your surprise
Raman smiled and says I won’t tell about that it is secret
Abhi-oh..ho…. story is going like this a ok ok
Rv understand what abhi is up to
Rv-jiju ok ok you are waiting for tomorrow night
Raman-shut up you both are too bad
Rv-who we or u we all are always talk about truth saying this they both gave a hifi
At the time Ishita came
Ishita-what happened guys
Abhi-bhabhi jiju going to make tomorrow night to be wonderful night for u and tomorrow Ruhi and adhi going to stay with me
Ruhi-wow we are going to sleep with jiju hurrey
Adhi-yes Ruhi we can enjoy
They both gave hifi and they ran from that place
Raman-sometimes you are very good
Rv-jiju someone said that we are bad but now what happened
Raman and ishita blushes
Rv-someone is blushing I think so
Abhi-you are 100% correct
Ishita-ok now you all go to sleep
Rv-ok di bye
They all left for sleep

In morning in rv’s house
Phone is continuously ringing Rv took the phone and says hello
Pragya-bhai its me pragya Ishani got tooth pain she told ur di Is dental doctor plz come
Rv(thinks)-wow Ishani started to act now it is my turn and says ok choti I will come with my di
In mehra mansion
All wishes Ishita abhi,Raman,Ruhi,adhi and all the one
Rv came to mehra mansion
Ishita went to her room and she opened her cupboard and took family photos
In that one photo pragya is catching both Rv and ishita’s finger with her little rosy hand
And she had a tears in her eyes at the time Rv came and saw that that photo by standing behind Ishita he also had a tears he wiped his tears
Rv(thinks)-di I found our choti today she is going to wishes you so don’t worry
Rv moves backwards and shout happy birthday di Ishita wiped her tears and turns to his side and says thank you ok its time to go na come
Rv asked abhi to come but he was busy in decorations so Rv and ishita went to the hospital and pragya and Ishani also went to the hospital
Screen freezes on their faces

PRECAP-Ishita comes to know about pragya is her sister,pragya wishes Ishita which become biggest gift for her

Thank you guys I tried my best to make it longer episode
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha


  1. Nandana ( a big fan of shakti arora )

    Nice dear I really like ur ff and waiting for next episode plz update it soon

  2. Nandana ( a big fan of shakti arora )

    I can’t wait for next episode plz update it soon and the story is very cute I really like it.:)

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see you liked their fight and happy to see ur comment love you too

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see ur comment and I will update next part soon as possible

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur comment I will try my best to update next episode soon as possible

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see ur comment I already upload next episode

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