abhigya and ishveer life episode 5


hi i am very happy and thanks for who all are commenting and thanks for silent reader also and i want some Hindi songs name bcoz i don’t know what songs will suit for our cute pairs i know only sanam re,tum hi ho,and saiyara ma in background if you want some other songs plz type that song and one important thing i want to say that is happy father’s day
now coming to the story,

episode start with pragya&ishani and abhi&rv coming to canteen. Abhi and rv went to another side of entry place so they can’t see each other there was full of rush
pragya-ishani go and sit in that place(pointing towards table with 4 chair) i will buy something for us by saying this she went
abhi-rv sit in the place(pointing towards same table) saying this he went to buy
rv and ishani both went to the place and surprised to see each other one boy was walking with juice while walking he slipped and about to pour juice on ishani but he pulled her towards him they shared eye lock(tum hi ho plays)
boy-i am really sorry don’t mistake me by hearing his voice they both came back to scence
ishani-its ok you can go, the boy went from that place
ishani-thank u so much
rv-its ok by the way i am ranveer khanna while saying this he forward his hand
ishani-i am ishani ,thay both shake their hand
rv-sit here we can talk my friend also will come now
ishani-my friend also will come now
rv-nice then we can all be friends
ishani-great idea we can all be friends. they started to share their likes and dislikes

screen shift to abhigya
abhi standing beside pragya but they didn’t see each other some one pushes her she was about to fall but abhi holds her they share an eye lock(allah waria plays)
then they came back to sense abhi make her to stand
abhi-you always crossing me,are you following?
pragya-hello…hello… don’t react over i am not such type of girl anyway thanks
abhi-who want your thanks just go away
pragya-you just go away saying saying this they both left
while coming abhigya was shocked to see their friend talking to someone
pragya-ishani by hearing the sound ishveer lift their head to see rv was surprised and stood up
abhi-hey what is going on here and came to him and ask in low voice hey you fall in love with that girl
rv beat him and ask him to shut up
rv(thinks)-wow my choti is her friend how destiny is playing with our family
rv-come and join with us we can be friends
abhi-with this girl(pointing towards pragya) rv beat abhi
rv-shut up abhi if you are my friend do what i say
abhi-ok i will but i accepted bcoz of my friend got it
pragya-i didn’t beg u for your friendship abhi
abhi-hey how do you know my name
pragya-he only said now(pointing towards rv)
than she noticed rv and realised that he is the one helped in the morning to find her class she moved to rv
pragya-can you remember me i am the one who asked u to show my class room
rv-(thinks) how can i forget you choti and say yes i remembered
pragya-thank u so much Mr.?
pragya-ha thank you bhai and turns to ishani then she realised what she said and suddenly turned to rv
rv-can u accept me as your bhai
pragya smiled widely and says sure bhai
abhi-then i have all the rights to marry you
abhi-ha bcoz my brother married his sister so i also have the rights to marry you so be careful otherwise i will marry u
pragya-i am confirm u will not marry me and i am sure that you are trying to make me irritate
abhi-ok i accepted that i said that to irritate you more ever who will like to marry the vampire always sucking my blood
pragya got angry and started to chase him and they ran away from ishveer
ishani-so you have another own sister other than pragya
rv get shocked by ishani’s question ,ishani raised her eye brow by folding her hand
rv(stammered)-H….Ho……How.. do… y..ou ..kn..ow
ishani-when you said your name ranveer khanna i confirmed that you are pragya brother when you stood up by seeing pragya i had a doubt that you know whether pragya is your sister and i confirmed the doubt when you asked her to call you as bhai
rv-brilliant i didn’t expect this from u
ishani-keep it yourself i don’t want your appreciate you can tell na you are her brother
rv-first i want to tell about this to my sister and then i will decide to talk with pragya
rv called ishita and ishita attend the call
rv-di can you do one thing for me
ishita-tell me what i have to do
rv-tomorrow your birthday but for my friend had a tooth pain so can u spend time for that tomorrow
ishita-ok da i will do it
rv-thank you di and ended the call
rv-will you help me ishani saying this he forward his hand
ishani-confirm i will help you saying this she also forwarded her hand and they both smiled

screen freezes on their smiling face

if i done any mistake i am sorry and thanks for all of you for supporting me
take care

Credit to: Monesha

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