Abhigya and ishveer life episode 33


Hi guys thank you so much for all ur support. No bak bak coming to the story,
Episode starts with all ate cake and played by applying the cream on face. Later all went to sleep.
Abhi, Pragya, Rv and Ishani settled in one room
Abhi was lying in pragya’s lap and Rv was lying in Ishani’s lap
Abhi- Rv your choti i mean Dracula became lawyer and your love that is devil both became what they want whether they will do the work properly
Rv- how do i know that. But confirm they will do something wrong.
Abhi- you are correct Rv
They both started to laugh hardly

Pragya and Ishani got angry.
Pragya holds abhi’s ear and Ishani holds rv’s ear
Rabhi- ouch!!!!! Ouch!!!!!
They both got up
Ishani- Pragya i think they will not speak again
Pragya- correct
They both started to laugh
Suddenly Rv mobile started to ring
Rv took that phone

Rv- who is this
Person- sir… sir…. help me they are trying to kill me.
Rv- hello…. hello… who is that who is trying to kill you hello…
All the one was shocked
Abhi took phone from his hand
Abhi- hello now where are you
Person- XYZ place
He ended the call

Abhi- hello…. hello….. hello…… rv he cutted the call. We have to go there
Ishani- but…..
Rv- stay here itself we will come soon.
They both rushed to that place
Ishani- how that person knows Rv number. He should call police station right.
Pragya- correct i am also thinking that same. Something is wrong
Ishani- come we can also go
Pragya- ok come
Pragya took the scooty Ishani sat backside
Screen shifts to Rabhi
They both reached that XYZ place
Abhi- anyone is there
Rv- hello who is there come out we are police
They saw one room. They both went inside

It was full of dark.
Suddenly light get on. Some one is sitting there he is turning back side
Rv- who are you? (Stern voice)
Abhi- say fast who are you? (Stern voice)

He turned the chair. It was Uv. He laughed
Abhi and Rv was shocked
Uv- help me…. help me….. They are trying to kill me (in teasing tone)
Rv- what you are doing idiot
Uv smiled. Rv and abhi got angry
Abhi- idiot having any sense. I am leaving you bcoz you are our friend otherwise….
Before he could complete Uv started
Uv- friend???? Who i am??? I am the one going to take all the happiness from you.
Abhi and Rv was shocked
Rv- what are you talking. Have you gone mad
Uv- rv can we stop this hide and seek game
Again they both got shock
Abhi- what hide and seek?

Uv- come on abhi you know i am the son of Ankush and i know that you both are playing hide and seek.
Rv- how do you know
Uv face changed as anger
Uv- i know everything rv don’t act as you don’t know about nothing.
Abhi- so you know everything right
Uv- yes I know everything
Rv- then we both don’t want to play hide and seek right.
Uv- yes correct now onwards we are going to face everything directly.
Abhi and Rv looks on
Uv- i won’t leave you both to get near my father. I will kill ishani and i will make pragya mine
Abhi and Rv shout

Uv- oh.. oh…oh… Don’t shout my ears are paining
Rv- i will never let you to go near my life(Ishani) and my choti.
Uv smiles by hearing this
Abhi- don’t ever try to go near my Pragya and my friend Ishani. I will not hesitate to kill you. You can’t touch my Pragya
Uv laugh and says we can see my dear friends. Love you both. Today onwards you can’t see me easily.
Abhi and Rv looks confuse
Uv gave a plain kiss to them
Suddenly light get off
Abhi went to switch board. And on the light.
There is no one there.
Abhi and Rv came out from that place.
At the same time they saw Pragya and Ishani

Pragya- you both are here? You know we rounded this whole area.
Ishani- who is that? What happened?
Rv and abhi narrates everything to them
Abhi- i want to kill that Ankush who killed my parents i won’t leave him.
Ishani- abhi don’t worry we will give correct punishment to them
Pragya- for that we should find out Vijay to step on first step.
Rv- that is impossible how we can find out
Ishani- is everything possible.
Abhi- but how

Pragya- how means you both want to check his file.
Rv and abhi thinks something.
Abhi- ok come we can go home now itself time is up.
All the one reached the house.
Ishani and pragya went to sleep.
Abhi and Rv rushed to their room.
They both searched in their laptop.
Abhi- tomorrow onwards our duty started.
Rv smiles and says yes we will do it

Rv and abhi smiled
They both holds their hand
Screen freezes on their bright face with holding hands
Sorry guys for my short update and late. Love you all
Take care,

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  7. Superb episode choti… It’s really cute n interesting episode I love it n eagerly waiting for your next part…. Till thn loads n loads of loves…???? hugs n kisses????… Love u dr… Ummahhhhhh??? tata take care…

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