abhigya and ishveer life episode 3


I am really sorry for late update actually I will type the episode at 5.00 Bcoz I am having tuition at 6.00 to 8.00 and 8.30 school but I woke up at only 5.00 today so I couldn’t update morning itself now time is 9.00 I don’t know when telly update will upload this.I am so happy to see all of ur comment thanks for all of ur support if any mistake or I want to change anything as my friends you have all the rights so tell me frankly then only I can change myself and priya ragini and Neil are in itna karo na mujhe pyaar,adhya definitely I will add abhi and ishita bonding ,Ruhi and adhi bonding and ishveer fans don’t worry about ishveer scenes Bcoz i love them also so I will add ishveer scenes also sorry for my baak baak
Now coming to the story
In college,
Rv and abhi reached college
Rv-now we can start our work
Abhi-ya we can start but where is our group
Group of boys came to Rv and abhi in that group one boy says we are here abhi and Rv
Rv-yuvaraj where you all went ok now leave it take the note and come(uv is abhi and Rv friend he also in there group but he doesn’t like abhi and Rv bonding he tried many things to spoil there friendship but they never separated.his plan also never worked but may be in future he can separate let see what is going to happen)
The group sat under the tree with note they started to put column and they wrote fresheners note and in column name,department,father’s name,mother’s name
They called fresheners and they raged them and they make them to fill that note
Abhi-Rv I have one work before dinosaurs could come I will come
Rv-ok come fast otherwise it will be bored to me without you
Abhi-ok I will come fast you carry on by saying this he left from there.At the same time pragya and Ishani came to college
Ishani saw one girl and says wait a minute pragya I will come saying this she went
Pragya continuously seeing the side where Ishani went,abhi also come in that side he is working in phone so both pragya and abhi didn’t notice suddenly abhi clashed with pragya and she fall down
Both abhi and Pragya-ouchhhhh!!!!
Abhi can’t you see and come
Pragya-Mr.mistake is your’s too,you also didn’t see and come so fault is your’s too
Abhi-how dare you to say this to me
Pragya try to stand up but she couldn’t abhi forward his hand pragya looked into his eyes and forward her hand he lift her slightly then she left her hand again she fell down
Pragya-Ahhh… what’s wrong with you
Abhi-punishment for you baby for talking like this to me bye happy painful day by saying this he left from there
Pragya-baby?what he is thinking about himself how arrogant he is,how can I get up now what to do my leg is paining
Ishani came and searches for pragya she saw pragya in floor and she rushes to her
Ishani-omg pragya what happened to you
Pragya-where you went idiot why u left me alone
Ishani-I went to see one girl she is just like our swetha(imaginary character) but she is not her.ok tell me how did you fell down
Pragya-Mr.arrogant done this to me
Ishani-Mr.arrogant? Anyway come and sit here.
Ishani helped pragya to sit in bench Ishani bend and turned pragya’s toes left and right side
Ishani-plz dear don’t make me to cry it will be ok
Pragya-arey,my dear don’t worry,I don’t know what you did but I am completely alright now saying this pragya jumped
Ishani smiled and says hereafter be careful come let’s go saying this they started to move
They both saw group of boys are raging fresheners but they didn’t notice pragya and Ishani
Uv is standing in front of Rv so Ishani tried to see him Bcoz she felt that he is the leader of the group
Pragya-thank god they didn’t see us otherwise they will call us also come fast
Ishani-you are correct pragya come we can go
Suddenly uv move from there suddenly Ishani eyes automatically goes to Rv she couldn’t take her eyes from him and moves his side to see his attractive eyes
Pragya moves forward to search their class then she realized Ishani is not with her and turns back side and shocked to see Ishani moving towards the guys she rushes to stop her but the guys saw them and called them
Suddenly Rv who talking to his friends turns to see them he saw Ishani first he also couldn’t take his eyes from her but he didn’t see pragya
Pragya burns in anger for her idiot activity
Pragya(thinking)-this girl na always trapping me anywhere and doing weird activities
Pragya went near them and Ishani went near Rv
They asked to fill up all this and she also filled for her and Ishani and drags her
Ishveer came back to scene
Rv why I can’t take my eyes from her what happened to me
Here Ishani also doing the same
Pragya started to shout Ishani but she didn’t hear anything pragya got more angry and pinched her Ishani came to sense
Ishani-ouch!!!! Idiot paining
Pragya don’t talk anymore come we can search our class by saying this they started to search their class
Ranveer checks the note and get shock to see pragya khanna,Neil khanna,ragini khanna but in siblings she filled nil he was sad but happy to see she is his department
Rv(thinks)-I got my choti tears filled in his eyes and he ran to search her and ask one by one who is pragya
But he failed to find her
Here pragya and Ishani searching for class but they couldn’t Ishani sat in bench and says I am so tired you go and search
Pragya moves angrily and saw one boy is standing alone yes guys it is Rv
She goes him and says excuse me I am pragya khanna can u plz say the way to class
Rv was very happy to see her he can’t control his tears he want to hug pragya but he couldn’t he says the way and pragya left from the place
Rv couldn’t control tears anymore he cried and also happiness missed combination
Screen freezes on tv’s face
Thank you guys for ur support
Take care

Credit to: Monesha

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