Abhigya and ishveer life episode 28


Hi guys this is Monesha, you all can scold me whatever you want bcoz of my too late update. But scold me with my school also bcoz they only gave me a lot of works. Now I am free. I try my best to update regularly. I think they won’t give more work hereafter. Sorry i talked more.

This episode was dedicating to Duvaraksha, harisha, Vaishu, vaishali, nandhana, neelam, naanu, rajesh, mukund raj, lakshmi, Nirmal, Priyanka, abhigya, reshma pradeep, cutiepie achu, lena, di and sugan

now coming to the story,

Episode starts with uv got angry by seeing Abhigya lip lock and went from that place
Screen shifts to ishveer
Rv- you are looking beautiful in this saree.
Ishani blushed- thanks
Rv- omg you are looking cute in blushing.
Ishani blushed more. She try to hide but she couldn’t hide her blush.
Rv smiles by seeing her. He came more close to her. There is no gap between them.
She pushed him and ran from there. Rv smiles.
Screen shifts to abhigya
Pragya- i missed you soooooo.. much
Abhi- but I didn’t missed you
Pragya- what? Then why you hug me and gave a kiss to me
Abhi- that is prize for ur beauty
Pragya- then today onwards there is no kiss to you and i won’t miss you ….saying this she went
Abhi shouts- hey i told simply sorry I really missed you baby come back to me.
Pragya went. Abhi beats himself and smiled then follows pragya.
Ishani came by running suddenly she hits someone.
Ishani- i am really sorry. She realized it was Uv
Uv saw her eyes and recognize her eyes
He holds her hand tightly.
Ishani- hey what are you doing Uv leave me it is paining.
Uv recognize that she is the one who gave the juice to him on that day.
Rv came and saw uv holding Ishani’s hand. He got angry and came to them.
Rv- what happened guys
Uv left Ishani’s hands and sees Ishani
Uv- nothing. Without taking his eyes.
His eyes are filled with anger and went.
Rv nods as don’t worry.
Here Abhi follow Pragya
He holds her hand and pulled her.
Pragya hits his chest by his force. She pushed him and says
Pragya- if I want to forgive you then stay here itself. Don’t follow me.
Abhi was disappointed
Pragya ran from there suddenly some one hold her arms n pulled her towards him and squeezed it
Pragya lifts his head and was shocked to see Uv.
Uv- how dare you to kiss him Pragya
Pragya- hey leave me it is paining
He holds her arms tightly and says
Uv- you are giving pain to my heart Pragya, how can you do this to me.
Lonely tears came from her eyes by pain.
Abhi saw Pragya was holds by Uv.
He got angry n went in that direction.
Before Abhi could reach Uv left her and went
Abhi came and ask what happened?
Suddenly Ishani came to the stage and says now time to cut the cake
Pragya-nothing come we can go
Abhi went but Pragya didn’t follow Abhi.
Finally Sakshi cuts the cake and gave to Karan first. And she gave to all.
Pragya alone missing.
Rv searched Pragya every where and finally he saw her. She sat in the steps where no body is there.
Rv came and sits with pragya
Rv- you forgot this bhai na
Pragya looks him and suddenly hugs him and started to cry.
Rv panicked and ask Pragya
Rv- what happened choti is everything fine
Pragya(crying)- bhai i am feeling something wrong. I am feeling like…
Rv- feeling like..? Say me choti.
Pragya- i don’t know to tell but I am feeling something wrong.
Rv- ok….. ok….. be cool your bhai is here only don’t worry for nothing.
Pragya with crying sleeps in his lap.
Rv get a tears and noticed that Pragya’s hands has mark. He remembered Ishani’s hand also had a mark and find out that uv.
Ishani and Abhi came and saw Pragya was sleeping.
Ishani- what happened Rv is everything fine?
Rv- ya fine we can go to home
Abhi- ok, i lift pragya
Ishani with teasing- why rv can lift her. First she is his choti then only your lover
Abhi- hello i also know that but I will lift my sweet heart what is your problem
Ishani- hey she is my friend then only for you lover and for rv choti got it
Rv- ok ok Abhi lifts her and get into the car
Abhi gave a victorious smile to Ishani.
Ishani- don’t smile if I get angry then…
Abhi- i will say you will be like devil
Saying this he lifts Pragya
Ishani- what???? Youuuuu….
Rv- leave it yaar first Pragya now you fighting with him
Ishani- Pragya gave a correct name toucher
Abhi- i also gave a correct name for you devil and for pragya Dracula
Rv- omg enough now we can go
All the one reached home. Abhi came to her room and makes Pragya to sleep in her bed.
He cares her hair and sits beside her
Screen shifts to ishveer
Rv came and sits alone by thinking Pragya’s words. Ishani came to rv
Ishani- what happened Rv why you looking sad.
Rv- Pragya told that she feels something wrong but I don’t know correctly, what she was saying.
Ishani- rv don’t worry about this i am there na
Rv smiles. He rest his head on Ishani’s chest
Ishani- hey don’t sleep. I can’t lift you and go
Rv- oh I see then i will lift you
He stood up and lifts her
Ishani- hey what are you doing leave me
He didn’t hear that he walked towards her room.
Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhi cares her hair. He came to cheek. He kissed in her cheeks.
Pragya smiles cutely in sleeps and holds his hand.
Abhi- you are so beautiful sweet heart you know how i missed you. But you believed my lies that i didn’t missed you. Sorry dear.
Saying this He kissed in her forehead.
Rv makes Ishani to stand. They both came inside the room and saw abhi cares Pragya
Ishani cleared her throat
Abhi saw Ishani and rv
Ishani- enough your romance my friend want to sleep go…
Abhi- rv, how you are managing this devil
Rv- it is really not easy Abhi. She is like angry bird.
Abhi and Rv started to laugh
Ishani got angry. She threw them out.
Rabhi and ishgya slept.
Here Uv was thinking about Ishani
Uv- why she done this what will be the reason.
He remember that Ishani saw him with his father.
Uv- OMG how i forgot that she comes to know that who am I. So confirm that she told to Rabhi and pragya. Then Pragya will not be mine forever? No i will not leave her.
He thinks and remember that Abhi and rv activities.
Uv- that means Rabhi playing hide and seek with me. You both done wrong. You both are going to pay for this. I don’t know that you are playing hide and seek but now you both going to see my hide and seek game. Countdown starts.
In morning mehra mansion,
Pragya and Ishani came to hall, adhi, Ruhi, ishita, Raman, neil and Ragini too came.
Neil looks somewhat sad
Ishita- what happened dad are you alright
Ishani- uncle why you are looking sad
Neil- nothing i didn’t sleep so only
All satisfied by his answer but not Raman
Pragya looks steps and she got up with surprise.
Ishani looks and she also got up
All the one looked surprised
Abhi and Rv came with police uniform
Pragya- wow Abhi and bhai you both are super
Ishani- yes I can’t believe that
Ishita- rv and abhi super da
All the one praised both of them.
Abhi- this is our first day wish us aunty and uncle
Ragini and Neil- wish you both
Abhi and pragya went from there home and went to police station with full of excitement.
They both entered. All the one wished both
One constable sees him and was shocked
They went to meet commissioner
He turns backwards by sitting in the chair talking in phone.
Abhi and Rv- may i come in sir
He turned the chair it was ragav
Ragav- yes come in
Rabhi salutes him and gave a letter.
Ragav- that means you both are joined as ACP right.
Abhi and Rv with stiff body says yes sir
Ragav- good. He gave gun to them and says
Ragav- now onwards your duty started no rest for you both. You both can go
Rabhi salutes him and went from there.
Constable informed to Uv that his friends joined as ACP
Uv was shocked to hear that, he informed to his father
Ankush with full angry
Ankush- you can’t watch them properly now see what happened.
Uv- this all bcoz of the girl who gave us juice. She is Ishani rv’s future wife dad
Ankush- don’t leave them we have to punish her but be careful and i am giving permission if you love Pragya. You have to touch her in front of Abhi and Rv
Uv smiles and says thank dad first i will kill that Ishani and i will make pragya as mine. I already started to work for this don’t worry dad.
Uv and Ankush smiled
At the Same time Abhi and Rv says we can start our work by holding their hand
Screen freezes on Rabhi and Uv & Ankush

Sorry guys really hereafter i will try my best to update regularly then you have all the rights to scold me but one condition with me scold my school also.

Rajesh bro thank you so much for ur support. Happy to see that you are back. Missed you so much
Saranya di- thank you for giving me happiness by your kiss and hugs love you a lot
Priyanka- thank you so much for ur advance wish. I felt happy
Nannu and Nirmal- thank you so much for ur support in my os.
Durga di- you forgot me right.
Maahi sissy- missed you so much
Mukund raj- i am sorry I know you will be upset with me but really sorry

Today happy News is i think suha di is back Bcoz her exam got over i know saranya di you will be flying in air. Welcome

Bye guys
Love you all
Take care

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      Thank you so much for ur sweet comment. Ya I will try my best to update regularly

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    1. Monesha

      Oh my sweet darlu thank you so much dear. Happy to see that you loved it my sweetu. I wrote my exams well. I am fine dear. How are you? I will update next episode soon as possible my sweet heart. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤

      1. I am fine waiting for it love u loads ???

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    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support. Don’t worry in my ff there will be no separation of Abhi and pragya only nok- joke fight

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    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear friend. I too missed you a lot dear

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  12. Sup di good luck i miss u toooooooo nd ur Epi .this Epi sooo nice i like it vry much take care have a good day

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear. I too missed you a lot. I am really happy by seeing that you liked it. You too take care my dear darlu

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    1. Monesha

      I am really happy to see you again. Missed you so much. I am sorry bcoz of my exam and heavy work i couldn’t but now onwards I will update regularly. I will listen to your words. Confirm i will make Rabhi and ishgya to know their plans. I will post next episode soon bro

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      Oh my sweetu darlu choti. Thank you so much choti for calling me as di. I too missed you dear. You know I am really going crazy on your ff. You are a awesome writer. Thanks for accepting me as your di darlu. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤ lot of huggggggs and kisses to u

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      1. Monesha

        I am really really sorry Akka actually I didn’t mean that. In our gang we will play if our friend not hugging us means we will say like that you forgot me right. Like that simply i told but I didn’t mean to hurt you. I am really sorry for that mistake. Actually in my os you didn’t gave me a kiss and hugs right so only I am really sorry di. Hereafter after i will not talk like that. Promise believe me. If you want to slap me you can slap but plz don’t say that you are hurt bcoz it is really hurting me. I hate myself for hurting you. I will never do this mistake again in my life time plz forgive me. Today i am giving you a promise that I will never ever do this again. Don’t take my words seriously it is just for fun. Don’t scold me that this is fun for me. I realized my mistake so i will not do this again. Don’t ever forget to give my kiss and hugs. Tell me what i want to do to rub your angry. Now I will rub your your hurt by my kiss and hugs. Again sorry my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari… di. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤ lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    1. Monesha

      I am really very happy to see you again. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment. Don’t be sorry for not commenting in previous post. But I am really happy

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    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and lovely comment and happy to see that you loved it. Missed you so much. Love you

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      Omg di you commented for me thank you thank you thank you so so sooooooo.. much. I am overwhelmed by seeing your comment. I am really happy to see that you loved it. Thank you so much for giving this happiness to me

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      Hi i missed you so much. I am fine and i wrote my exams well. Tina di told that she will come back on 14 August but she didn’t come yet. If she came confirm i will tell to you. I already updated it

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