Abhigya and ishveer life episode 26


Hi guys I struck with my works sorry now coming to the story,

Days passed. In this days Uv also came to college. Rv and abhi makes joke of him.
Uv try to talk about pragya but Rabhi started their bak bak. This makes irked for Uv.
Pragya attached with Kakshi and Karan
She makes time very useful
Ishani starts to see news in tv
All the one started to see their careers
Days passed
Now Abhi and Rv completed their studies
They both wrote IPS test and passed first class.
Ishani was last year to finish this degree
Pragya was third degree in law
Abhi and Rv selected
They both went for training
All the one concentrate on their studies and careers even they are busy our heroes always in romantic mood with our heroine

Day passed very fast
One fine day
Pragya and Ishani came to Kakshi house
Only Kakshi, Ishani and pragya was alone in their house.
Kakshi- wait a minute I will prepare lunch saying this she went to kitchen
Suddenly Ishani and pragya heard one sound
They both rushed to see Kakshi and was shocked to see her.
Kakshi lies on floor, Pragya and Ishani got panicked.
They called Karan but his phone not reachable.
Pragya and Ishani lifts Kakshi
Ishani makes Kakshi to lies in his lap
Pragya driving the car. One girl stops the car
Pragya stopped the car
Girl- excuse me i want to go to hospital can you help me
Ishani- ya sit mam we are also going to hospital.
Girl sat in front and says thank
Pragya drives the car with fear
Girl looks Sakshi lies unconscious.
Girl- hey what happened to her
Ishani- we don’t know she was unconscious
Girl- sprink the water on her face
Ishani took water can and sprinkled the water
Sakshi slowly opened her face
Pragya and Ishani looked happily
Sakshi- what happened how i came here
Pragya- di you make us to panick
Sakshi- why what happened?
Ishani- you went to unconscious di so only we are going to hospital
Sakshi- no no no need
Pragya- chup di we are going dot.
Girl laughed

They all reached hospital. One nurse came and make them to sit trio but girl went directly to the doctor’s room.
Later nurse called them. Trio went inside and was shocked to see same girl sitting.
Girl- come… come….
Ishani- you are the one who came with us right
Girl- yes i am doctor, Dr. Kalpi
Pragya- oh thank you so much mam for ur help
Kalpi- it is my duty saying she checked Sakshi
Kalpi smiles and says congratulating you are pregnant.
Pragya and Ishani says wow congrats di
Sakshi didn’t utter a word. Tears were rolled from her eyes.
Pragya and Ishani noticed that.
Ishani- why you are crying di
Sakshi hugs both of them and says this are my happy tears. I am the happiest person in my life
Pragya and Ishani too hugs her
Pragya called Karan. He attended the call.
Karan- hello Pragya i am having important work tell to Sakshi.
Before Pragya could say something Karan cutted the call.
Pragya- di, jiju having important work don’t worry di he will come back soon
Sakshi smiles forcibly ishgya noticed that and become sad.
Ishani- mam, whether you can come to home when we are calling you
Kalpi- of cource at any time now you can take Sakshi with you.
Pragya and Ishani- thank you mam.
They all went to home.

Ishani and pragya prepared the food and they both completed all the works.
Later ishgya slept in sitting position but Sakshi was still woke up
Karan enters the house, he saw Pragya and Ishani sleeping. Sakshi came to him
Sakshi- i have to say one important
Karan- sweet heart i am very hungry first give me a food
Sakshi went to kitchen
Ishgya woke up by the sound.
Pragya- jiju this the Time to come
Karan- no but I am having good news
Ishani- we are also having good news so first we will tell.
Karan- no i will tell
Ishani- noooooo we will tell
Sakshi came to them. Pragya irked by their talk
Pragya- stop it Ishani and jiju, wait let me tell who will tell first. Di, touch any one finger.
Sakshi- touched it
Pragya- jiju you are the one tell us
Karan- one boy filed case on anguish, i am the one going to support him
All the one happily looked
Ishani- now our turn that one is happy this one is no one can express in the word.
Pragya makes Sakshi stand in front Karan and
Pragya- di is pregnant.
Karan didn’t utter any word, he just stood as statue. Tears rolled from his eyes
Sakshi got tensed and says
Sakshi- k….ka….Ka….ran..
Before she could complete Karan lifts Sakshi and twirled her and make her to stand
Karan- omg I am going to become father and you are going to become mother, wow thank you so much Sakshi. This is the biggest happy for me. Now I am the happiest man in the world
All the one smiled. Sakshi got tears and hugs Karan.
Pragya- excuse me first we both will go then we all can go then you both continue your romance
Saying this they both went to their home.
After they reached, they informed to all
Raman, Ragini, neil, and Ishita got happy
Ragini- now you all go and sleep
They all nodded and went to sleep
In morning
Pragya and Ishani called abhi and Rv in Skype
All sat in front of laptop
Ishani and pragya- hello
Abhi- ha bolo what happened
Pragya- one good news
Rv- what good news whether you failed in exam
Pragya got angry
Ishani- hello my friend is not like that
Abhi- then you right
Pragya- shut up guys, di was pregnant
Rabhi was shocked
Abhi- bhai you make bhabhi again pregnant wow good.
Rv- congrats di but you are too fast
Ishita and Raman felt embarrassed
Pragya- idiot di means Sakshi di
Abhi and Rv- oh Sakshi di, then we can celebrate
Ishani- then we can arrange party
Abhi-yes we will say the date then we will be back. All smiles
Screen freezes on them

I am sorry guys if i bored you all but next episode i will give nice episode. Bye love you all

Credit to: Monesha

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  1. Hey sweety its not boring its cute like u my princess loved it love u loads muaahh loads of hugs and kisses to u??????

    1. My pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari… Akka. Thank you so much akka. I am happy that you didn’t bored by my episode. Akka are you alright. You didn’t post your comment. Akka if you are not feel then take rest otherwise I will be a ghost choti. Take care akka. Love you a lotttttt. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Cutiepie Achu

    it was wonderful…..

    1. Thank you so much yaar really happy to see ur comment

  3. Harisha39

    hey my sweet heart it was not boring if u tell again i will be angry but u made me laugh a lot loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much no words to express i guess u know and tell who commented and is my comment sweet it is not sweet at all it just a nomal comment and how r u ………. love u a lot

    1. Hey my sweetu your comment is always sweet for me like you. You always giving me a happy. Thank you so much dear. Really i will rush to see ur comment. Love you dear. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. ohh love u to my sweet heart love and kisses how r u

  4. superb epic

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  5. Super..

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  6. Nandana

    Nice episode di I really liked it 😉

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  7. Nice episode !!!!!!!

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  8. Suha

    Princess.. u still dont know about ur di’s dark side.i am wrost than a pisach when getting angry.if u say the word booring in ur ff hearafter i wont left u..epi was awsm choti..i missed u lot yesterday..love u sweety.. take care. Sorry for this kind of short comment choti i got a stomach ache..as foddie i eat lot.eating and making foods(same to making messed kitchen) is the most funniest thing in the world.so now itz paing lot.. hahaha..next time if i made some thing i ll feed u too princess.then both we can scream by toching stomachs.. he he love u my lovely sissy.. ♥♥♥♥

    1. Omg my dear di you got stomach take care your health di. Di sure hereafter i will not say like that and i will not let you to show your dark side. Promise hereafter i will be a good girl. Ha…ha..ha.. my dear sweet pyaari cute di one important news is short comment will never means that short love. More love is depending on the person. I know about you so plz don’t think like that. Surely i will taste your food but it will never hurt me bcoz you will do that with love so really the food will be super. Love you di. Love you a lotttttt. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Maahi

    gud news_oh wat u failed on xam haha thts sooooo funny darlu laughing hard just nw i was Moody but dizz joke u knw v actually use diz in our batch ll thnx fr tht lv uuuvits awesomeeeeeeeee superb keep rocking dr

    1. Why you are always attracting me with your sweet comment or your rocking os. This is not fair sisy. But I am really happy to see that i make you to laugh. Really i am very happy. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment. Loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  11. It was not at all boring Monesha!! It was superb!! Loved it!!

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  18. Hi Monesha it was such a lovely episode it was not at all boring it was too good waiting for the next episode ?

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