Abhigya and ishveer life episode 24


Hi guys thank you so much for ur sweet comment. Love you all. No bak bak now coming to the story,
Episode starts with Uv calling Ishani
Ishani was shocked
Uv- hello i am calling you only can’t you hear
Ishani without any choi she went to Uv
Uv- who are you why you are watching us
Ishani- not like that sir I am working here
Uv-working here? Why you are covering ur face

Saying this he tried to remove duppata from her face but she stepped back, Uv looks confusingly
Ishani- sir I should not take this if my parents comes to know about this then they will not allow me to come inside home
Uv looks confusingly but he ignored that
Uv- give me a wine
Ishani- excuse me sir wine??
Uv- you are working here right
Ishani- yes sir I am working here
Uv- then go and get two glass of wine hurry up
Ishani- ok sir. Saying this she went to search for wine.

Ishani says to herself thank god if he saw me means definitely now I can’t talk like this
Someone touched her shoulder
Ishani was shocked and turns with scream
Ishani- Pragya??? you????
Pragya-idiot i was afraid by your scream what happened?
Ishani narrates everything to pragya
Pragya was shocked to hear Uv is son of anguish
Ishani- now he told me to take wine and come
Pragya- don’t worry I am having one idea
Pragya took her hand bag and take 4 tablet

Ishani- what tablet it is
Pragya- wait and watch dear, how dare he is trying to separate my abhi and my bhai
Saying this she took the tablet. Each glass she putted 2 tablet.
Ishani- idiot what is this why you are mixing this.
Pragya- first go and give to them
Ishani- hey don’t play, whether it is poison, what is this.
Pragya- chup go and do the work
Ishani went and gave the glass and she was about to leave
Uv- wait a second why you didn’t wear your uniform
Ishani- huh… i am senior so I didn’t wear uniform

Uv didn’t satisfied by her answer but he says ok
Ishani went to pragya and asked
Ishani- what you mixed it
Pragya- nothing dangerous just they will be in rest room for 2 or 3 days
Ishani- oh that medicine????
Pragya- yes dear confirm they both can’t escape
Ishani and pragya waiting in corner by hiding themselves
Anguish and Uv drank the drink
Pragya and Ishani smiles widely
After some times anguish and Uv’s stomach grained. So they both went to rest room
Ishani and pragya started to laugh
The same thing was done again and again

Ishani and pragya continuously laughed and they stop the waiter. The took the glass and drank that by watching their joke
Finally ambulance came and took anguish and Uv to the hospital
Pragya and Ishani differently acted
Karan- ok Abhi and Rv we are going bcoz it was too late.
Abhi- but sir how can you both go
Sakshi- don’t worry our driver came with car so we are going bye
Rv- oh ok di bye take care di
Kakshi smiles and went
Rv- Abhi where is Pragya and Ishani
Abhi- don’t know come we can go and see
They searched everywhere finally they found both of them

Abhi- what are you doing girls
Ishani- catching fishes, can’t you see we are playing (in childish tone)
Rv- playing hey baby what are you blabbering
Pragya- no we are not blabbering we are saying true( in childish tone)
Rv and abhi understood they both drank
Abhi-ok come we can go to house
Pragya- no no after playing only we will come
Rv- what you both going to play, that too now
Ishani- in park we have to go there
Rv and abhi sign something
Suddenly abhi lifts Pragya and Rv lifts Ishani

With lot of hesitate by ishgya but they reached home.
Pragya and Ishani got tired and slept
Rabhi make prani to sleep in the bed and went from there.
Next morning,
Pragya and Ishani woke up. They both got fresh
They both came to abhi and Rv
Abhi-oh come can’t you drink after seeing that
Pragya- afterwards I will answer for this question. Now we have to talk about important matter.
Rv- what matter choti
Pragya- Ishani found son of anguish
Abhi and Rv got up from the chair in shock
Ishani- he is none other it is Uv

Rabhi get more shock and asked whattttt????
Ishani-yes, she narrates everything to them
Rabhi started to laugh.
Pragya- why you both are laughing
Rabhi- you both make them to settle in rest room right
Ishani- yes we done that and started to laugh
Screen shifts to hospital
Uv and anguish lies in bed

Uv- confirm she is the one done this to me. I will never leave her. I am remembering her eyes very well. I won’t leave youuuuuuuu…
Screen shifts to MM
Abhi- ok can we start our work
Pragya- what work????
Rv-about our carrier choti we should be alert. We should always watch them.
Ishani- yes our enemies is within us so we have to be careful.
Pragya- yes we all want to be careful. We will confirm succeed in this
They all in chorus we will do it

Screen freezes by divided into Uv’s face and abhigya and ishveer confident face
Tomorrow I will give abhigya and ishveer scenes. I thought to update today itself but no time. So i will update their scene in next episode
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha

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  1. Superb episode…. Anguish and uv deserves that…. ??????

    1. Thank you so much dear. Yes you are correct

  2. hey my sweet heart what an story no words to express i was just amazing

    1. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment. What happened to you dear. Are you alright. Take care sweet heart. If you are happy only i can be happy bcoz I love you so much dear. So take care dear. Don’t forget to answer tell me what happened. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤

      1. a bit sick not good . ya a little ok love u toooooooooooo

  3. Suha

    Hi princesss…. what a funny epi… u control these two cpls perfectly.. i must off my hat! I am really proud if u.. u’ve mixed love,strength,fun,trust,friendship.. everyone have spesific tallent withing them.. & i got to know u r really clever @ writting these kind of love based ff s.. keep rocking my dr lil baby.ur di is really happy for u. Love u loads choti.. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaa… take care!

    1. Thank you so much di but not much di for ur sweet comment. But true is you are the best. I am clever bcoz i am your choti na so confirm di’s habit comes to choti also. I mean you are a clever di I am ur choti so i am having some brain but not much as you. I love you di love u a lotttttt. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Thank you so much for ur support dear

  5. It’s really sooooo cute n funny episode choti really pragya s toooo cute n awesome episode yaar really awesome n one thg I vl scold u how dare u can say thank u in last comment I already SD na if u sd thank you I vl just brk ur brk ur brk ur words wat to do u r my choti soooo I cant give punishment which give pain bt I won’t leave tat 4 thanku intha Panchayat oru pakkam irukatum wat u did tat I vl scold h really u escaped epadi yosichalum I can’t find it bt wait n c if I find wat mistk u done I vl never leave u now cuming to tat thanks u need to do 10 sit-ups now now itself emathanum try panatha illa next birth la kandipa na ellam punishment ah interest pottu vanguven athu showing love on u n giving punishment to u… Sooooo dont fool me do 10 situps next enna thapu pannen nu kandupidikiren

    1. Akk I am remembering one palamozhi that is Thavalai thanvayazh kedum. Like that with my mouth itself I deserves this from you. Ok I am putting sit ups. Are you happy Akka. Ya in next birth i can’t cheat you but you also want to tolerate my love. Be ready to tolerate my love. Love you akka. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤ lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Hi Monesha the episode was so funny it was just fantastic waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear thank you so much

  7. Ur story is always different style really love it…

    1. Thank you so so so much for ur lovely comment. I am really happy to see such comments from you dear. Thank you so much

  8. sema tablet idea of pragya really super

    1. Thank you so much dear happy to see that you liked tablet scene

  9. Sethidisha002

    osam i love it

    1. Thank you so much for ur sweet comment and happy to see ur comment

  10. lovely ishveer

    Lovely epi Monesha dear keep it up

  11. lovely ishveer

    Lovely epi Monesha dear and
    keep it up

    1. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear

  12. Superb!!!

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  13. Lovely update drand funny tooo. Waiting for next… Keep smiling…

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  14. Nandana

    nice episode di i really liked it it was been nice

    1. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment my dear sweet pyaari choti

  15. Hey darlu superb epi da awesome loved it to the core???love u choti darlu ummmaaa????

    1. Thank you so much akka. Akka how is your health take care akka. I love you sooooooo much akka. Loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ don’t forget to give me a hug Akka come on hug me. Love you ummmmmmaaaaa

  16. Sup di i like it vry much al the best di

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  17. awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Maahi

    superb super nd hilarious tooo dr u rocked it nd dr can u plzzz telll me kakshi r frm which serial bcoz i dont knw abt others as i nly watch abhigya but uuu rocked ittt lv uu darlu

    1. Thank you thank you thank you so much for ur sweet comment. Actually I also don’t know Kakshi in which serial. Vaishu requested me to add them so only I added don’t mistake me sisy . Love you so much. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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