Abhigya and ishveer life episode 22


Hi guys thank you so much for ur support dears. I am on cloud nine. Ok no bak bak now coming to the story
Pragya feeling lonely and thinks
Pragya(thinks)-omg I am really feeling bad. Without abhi, Ishani and Rv bhai but you have to do this for ur lovely family
Here Ishani- really boring I want Pragya omg plz save me from this loneliness
In Rabhi class
Abhi- where is Uv why didn’t came to school
Rv- how do I know but I am happy for that but what my choti will do really I am feeling sad
Abhi- I also thinking the same how that chatterbox will close the mouth and silent bcoz this is the first day
Rv- don’t tell this in front of her then I can’t live by seeing ur fight.
Abhi smiled
Pragya lessening the class seriously Bcoz she has no one to fight cutely.
Finally all class completed.
It was evening ,
Abhi rushed to the car to see pragya
Rv- hey what are you doing come
Abhi- no I am going to take Pragya with me and I will come to house you both go bye
Ishani- I can’t understand them always fighting and now he is rushing to see pragya
Rv- me too, now come with I want to talk with u
Ishani- what you want to talk
Rv-my lips only know that
Ishani- I will slap you go away
Rv drags Ishani and they came to MM
Abhi came to pragya’s college.
Abhi(thinks)- omg this girl always late
He saw Pragya coming towards her
Abhi-I missed you and our fight baby
Pragya- me too hey I forgot to tell you one thing
Abhi- what baby?
Pragya narrates everything what happened.
Abhi- are you sure you want to go to them, if they lose their talents by teaching you mean what they will do
Pragya-enough now come
Abhigya came to MM
Rv drags Ishani suddenly Pragya went to them
Pragya- where you both are going
Rv- no where choti simply only
Pragya- I know bhai leave her we want to go to one place
Rv- what place? Why you want to go there
Pragya-to court bhai you all come after us
Saying this she left
Rv(shout)- but for what dear
She went Abhi came and narrates everything
Rv- then come da we can go to court
Pragya and Ishani reached the court and asked about karan and Sakshi. They gave instructions and they went.
Pragya and Ishani both excuse me
Sakshi- what you both want dears
Pragya-mam my name is Pragya, I joined in law college my age is 17. I want to be your assistant mam.
Sakshi thinks something and ask
Sakshi- when you thought you want to become lawyer
Pragya- yesterday mam
Sakshi was shocked by her statement and also smile form in her face by Pragya’s childish behavior
Ishani stepped on pragya’s toes
Pragya- ouchhhhh!!!!
Sakshi-what happened????? (Shocking tone)
Pragya-vo…vo… nothing mam
Karan entered to the office and ask about ishgya, she narrates everything to karan
Sakshi saw one family waiting for her she excused herself and went to see them
They talked something.
Karan asked about them they both answered
Then Sakshi came to them
Sakshi- ok I will accept but you have to bring the family to me
At the time Rv and abhi came to that place
Pragya went to the family.
Rv asked about pragya to Ishani. She narrates everything to Rabhi. Then they all moved to pragya. But Sakshi stopped them and says wait dears I want to test her plz listen to her.
All the one nodded as yes
Pragya went to that family. One man, woman, boy and sister stood there.
Pragya- what is your problem sir.
Man- we want divorce mam I can’t live with her
Woman- I also can’t live with him mam
Two children were looking like her and her brother and sister.
Pragya got angry
Pragya- why can’t you live with each other, did you thought about your daughter and son. How can you do this to them. You know the pain if the child misses any one parents. Do you know the pain of separation of brother and sister or sister and sister. Do you know what is an impact of your effect. This matters should be solve within family not with lawyers or judge. Plz try to understand about your daughter and son. Separation will not give the solution it is the initial point for problem. If you want you can ask your daughter and son. How they are feeling about separation.
Man and woman were standing silently
Pragya(in low voice)- sorry I got angry after hearing divorce. I am saying this because I gone through this pain so I hope you will understand. Pragya got teary eyes.
Rv, Ishani and Abhi also got teary eyes.
Man and woman- sorry we thought separation is the solution for problem but you proved that separation is the initial point. Thank you so much
Saying this they went. Pragya wipes her tears and was shocked to see all the one then only she realized what she had done
Rv came and hugs Pragya. She too hugs Rv
Rv- choti don’t worry I felt your pain and I understood that you feared that our family will separate. That is wrong hereafter our family never separate nobody can separate also
Pragya smiled and came to Sakshi
Pragya- sorry mam I thought to control myself but I couldn’t . Because of me only they went really sorry mam. And I know I lost in this
Karan- no Pragya you won in this
All the one looked surprised
Sakshi- yes Pragya this only I want now onwards you are my assistant
Pragya smiled.
Abhi- I thought you are silly girl but really you rocked baby
Ishani- pragya you won in this I am so happy
Ishani went to Rv.
Ishani- hey I want treat don’t try to escape
Rv- no surely I will give
All the one laughed
Screen freezes on their happy faces
PRECAP- Ishani comes to know that ankush son
Guys if I bored you I am really sorry and tell me that if I am boring you all
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha

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  1. interesting yaaaaaaaaaa

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  2. No dr… It’s not at all boring… Its very interesting… Very niz epi… So pragya wins.. Waiting for precap.. Who’s that ankush son… Ishani gonna knows that… Waiting for ur next… Update soon… Keep smiling….

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  5. Amazing yr.Pragya was very emotional today .I liked it.very interesting yr.plz go ahead.

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  7. Really superb episode yaar sema… Thn yeah even I too forgive him by tat point tat @lst make me to find my choti na @lst sharing the love s enough bt 1ly 4 tz birth bt by next I need my sis next to me n rock our house n all the members shd ho mad by our behaviours really I’m very much damn sure in tat… Love u my Pyari choti.. Loads n loads of hugs n kisses??? 4 my Pyari choti… Love u darling???… Ummmaaaaaaaaaaaa….tata take care…

    1. Yes akka if we both are sisters then surely we can rock our house.how nice it will be. Omg I can’t wait for that. Next birth surely I will come to you. And then We can rock our house love you akka. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤. Ummmmmaaaaaaa love you akka

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  10. Hey dr It is not boring at all as loved it sooooooooooooooo much no words to express keep it up keep rocking and how r u

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    1. Thank you so much for ur support dear

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  20. Maahi

    ufff…y all u rocking writers always end up asking whether it is boring haa ani….u silly girl it was so lovely nvr ask tht again haha tht line ven abhi saying watif they forget by teaching uu was hilarious dr I loved it a lotttttttttttttttttt keep rocking dr loads of love awesome awesome

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