Abhigya and ishveer life episode 21


Hi guys thank you so much for all ur lovely comments. Really thanks a lotttttt my dear choti and friends and kisses for my trio di no thanks. Thanks for saying his name ankush raheja. Now coming to the story,

Episode starts with abhi, Rv, Ishani and pragya happy face.
Abhi- it was awesome idea really I thought you don’t have brain but it is there
Pragya gave a stern look
Ishani- omg plz don’t fight again I can’t
Pragya- tell to him, I didn’t do anything
Rv- Abhi don’t fight with my choti it is a humble request plzzz
Abhi-arey you supporting your choti na. That to your useless choti
Pragya- how dare you to call me as useless
Abhi- see this girl how she is fighting if you become lawyer then judge itself put plaster on your mouth
Pragya- shut up if I become lawyer surely I will put you in jail
Abhi- ha…ha…ha… I feared by your statement ( in teasing manner)
Rv drags Ishani to outside
Abhi noticed this and suddenly he hold Pragya hand and pulled her towards him
Pragya was shocked, Abhi smile
Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani- omg I can’t tolerate this, I got head ache
Rv- then shall I do one thing to get rid of your head ache
Ishani- plzzzzzzz do that soon I can’t manage
Rv drags her to one room and pinned her to the wall. Ishani was shocked
Screen shifts to abhigya
Pragya- how dare you leave me otherwise I will kill you.
Abhi- you don’t remember what I have done in morning
Pragya got shivered and remains silent, abhi noticed that and smiled
Abhi- what happened baby why you are so silent.
Pragya- abhi leave me don’t play
Abhi- I didn’t start to play yet but now…… saying this he holds her tightly

Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani- Rv what are you doing leave me
Rv- suhhhhh….. don’t talk otherwise my romantic mood will disturbed
Ishani- oh I see then I will pinch you
She pinched him hardly
Rv- ouch!!!!!! You are going to pay for this
He came more closer to her, Ishani got shivered

Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhi holds her tightly but Pragya pushed him and about to leave
But Abhi holds her hand and pulled her
Pragya hits abhi’s chest.
Abhi holds her both hands and pinned her to the wall in hands up position
She tried to relief from his hand but she couldn’t his grip was strong
Abhi- this is police techniques and winks at her
He kissed in her cheeks Pragya breaths heavily. and he came to her lips but Pragya pushed him and ran away. Abhi smiled.

Screen shifts to ishveer
Rv holds her waist. Ishani breathing heavily
She tried to move but he again pulled her and pinned her to the wall
Rv- how dare you to escape from future police
He came to kiss her
Ishani-pragya I didn’t do anything your bhai only
Rv moved and says- choti I didn’t do anything saying this he turned but no one was there and he turns front Ishani also not there
Rv- you escaped this time but I will not leave you next time.
All went to their respective rooms and all slept
It was morning
Rv, Pragya, Ishani and abhi came to the living room. And all the one came.
Rv and abhi narrates everything
Raman and Ishita says ok
But Ragini and Neil doesn’t give any answer
Abhi came to them
Abhi- uncle I know why you are not allowing us. Give us only one chance plz we will prove illegal activities of ankush and we will find out his son.
Neil looks at him
Rv came to Neil and abhi
Rv- plz pa we will do that perfectly pa believe us
Ragini says ok
Neil looks her confusingly
Ragini- definitely he will try to kill our family members. If we want to stop that means our children only can stop
All the one smiled happily
Rv and pragya hugged ragini but Neil didn’t tell anything
Ishani- uncle plz uncle we will win this plz uncle believe us
Neil says ok I am really proud of you all go and win in this go I will always support you my dears
All the one hugged

Pragya- di or jiju plz help me to go another college.
Raman- I will talk you come with me
Pragya- thank you so much jiju
Raman- no thanks between us
Pragya hugs Raman and says ok jiju
Ishita smiled happily
Raman and pragya went to law college
Abhi, Pragya and Rv went to their college
Raman and pragya reached
With Raman’s power and pragya knowledge they accepted
Mam- pragya you can come with me
Raman left by saying all the best
Pragya and mam went to class
While going mam broke the silent first
Mam- pragya today two popular lawyer are going to come and say the tips
Pragya-oh wow, huh.. mam can I join assistant to them.
Mam- if they accepted means definitely you can
Pragya- thank you mam

They both entered into the class
Mam introduced Pragya then she went
Pragya sat in her respective place.
She missed her best friend Ishani
There Ishani also missed Pragya so much
Suddenly some two members came into class
All the one got up, Pragya came to sense
She saw one man and woman was standing
Pragya(thinks)- this both are talented lawyers?? But confirm there age will only 23 years then how is it possible.
Man- hi I am Kara and she is my wife
Sakshi- hi my name is Sakshi. We came here to give some tips
They both talked about law
Pragya was surprised by their talks
Pragya(thinks)- how can a person in this small age became a big lawyers and also married.
They completed the talks finally they both says thank you and went
Pragya(thinks)-if you want to achieve this then definitely you have to join with her.
Screen freezes on her face

If any mistake I am really sorry, I had a class NEET so only I am late sorry guys
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha

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  5. Definitely if by NXT birth also tat doc played with me by not giving my sis n just again separated na I definitely won’t leave him now itself I’m just scolding him now itself he would HV changed his mind tat definitely he shd nt eat scold 4m me by separating na….thn as usual today’s episode also sooooooooooooo cute n sweet my choti… Eagerly waiting for next part…. take care choti…. Ummmaaaaaaaaaaaa?? tata….

    1. I am also thinking same akka really he is so bad for separating us but I want to thank him for make me to come in this telly update and for make me to write ff so only I got you sweety akka. My dear sweety akka I am really thank him for to make me as your thangachi. Definitely true love will meet this is not for boy to girl this is also for pyaari Akka and pyaari thangachi. I love you akka love u a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ lot of huggggggs and kisses to u

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