Abhigya and ishveer life episode 20

Hi guys I am really sorry guys for my late update. happy to see all your comments. Suha di, saranya di and durga di, thank you so much for pouring love on me. I got new friends also. Arshi fan thank you so much for ur lovely comment. And thank for all the one for accepting me as your friend, and di. No thanks for my darling trio di, otherwise you all will not hesitate to kill me. Thank for each and every readers.
Episode starts with trio reached the house
All the one rushed to see them and asked what happened
Trio narrates everything to them. All the one started to panicked.
But trio console them and asked them to have dinner and sleep.
All the one went inside but there is no talk, there is no joke and all are looking sad
Rv and abhi noticed this. They both talked with their eyes.
Abhi-I am so hungry bhabhi
Ishita- wait a second I will come with dinner
But all the one still sad.
Abhi and Rv talks continuously with others.
All become somewhat happy
All the one had dinner and went.
Rabhi and Ishya also went to their room.
But they cannot sleep

In Prani room
Pragya- come we can go
Ishani shocked-what??????? But where
Pragya- to bhai and abhi room
Ishani- but now and why you want to go
Pragya stood up and started to move
Ishani- this girl na always like this only.
They both came to Rabhi room and knocked the door.
Abhi opened it and he was shocked and ask – what are you guys doing.
Ishani- we came here to know the truth
Rv- what truth??? we can’t understand
Pragya- stop it bhai who try to kill dad tell me who are they
Abhi- pragya we can talk about this tomorrow
Ishani- no Abhi don’t try to escape plz understand us says us
Rv-see this is not correct time to talk about this and you both are also will afraid
Pragya- bhai plz bhai try to understand us we will help you plz say to us
Rv and abhi thinks something
Ishani- plz what are you both hiding from us plz tell me
Abhi- ok we will tell you come inside
Ishani and pragya looked each other and went inside.
Ishani- who are they who tried to kill uncle
Rv- the person is who killed abhi’s parents
(Guys for this only I didn’t give any information about abhi’s parents in intro, I feared that you all will ask me but my good luck no one asked me,)
Ishgya shocked to hear that
Abhi- yes he is the same person who killed my parents.
Ishani-who is he?
Abhi- the great business man ……( sorry guys I don’t know his name but I will explain, In naagin rithik father is the person)
Prani was shocked to hear that
Pragya- what happened abhi why he killed your parents and why he is trying to kill my father
Abhi and Rv looks at pragya and Ishani

I was studied in school. Raman bhai completed his studies. Ranveer and shradha are my parents. Raman bhai falls in love with ishita bhabhi in college days even they were different college they both love each other more.
One day bhai tells about this to my father, he also accepted their love. Bhai joined in father’s company and we all went to bhabhi’s house. There only I saw rv for the first time. My father asked his name, he said ranveer. My father and his name are same they both attached to each other. We both became very very very best friend. So he joined with my school. We both always be together. Sometimes I will call my father by his name but my dad understood and he chased me.
My bhai and bhabhi marriage happened. My bhai become well in business, he came to top 5 business man then he reached first place he beat him also ( naagin guys If anybody knows his name plz say me now I will say him as nf). He came and talked to my bhai about company. but my bhai scolded him. He left from there angrily. My bhabhi became pregnant. We announced party for my bhabhi and for my bhai victory. All were very happy. I and Rv saw some boys are there they talked seriously. We went to their, we heard all the conversation we was shocked because they talked about bomb.
We both searched finally we both got two bombs. We informed about this to everyone. Everyone panicked but they all removed the bomb. Bhai got more and scolded him very badly. He has a son but nobody know him because that nf love his son more. My bhai found that nf doing illegal business also. My bhai warned him but he killed my parents by Lorry. So Neil uncle didn’t allow my bhai to be in first place. Now he is second place.

Pragya and Ishani got teary eyes
Rv- I thought I want to become business man and he thought he want to become rockstar but we have to give punishment for him so we selected police.
Pragya- bhai how do you know our dad talking with nf
Rv- because I am watching him I heard the conversation but why he try to kill dad is question mark and who is nf son is also question mark.
Abhi- ok enough now you all go and sleep don’t want to talk about this anymore.
Pragya and Ishani looked at each other they both talked in eyes.
Pragya drags abhi and Ishani drags Rv and make them to sit in the table
Ishani- we also going to help
Abhi- but……
Pragya- no but that we will help because we are having brain more than you both
Rv- we don’t want to take risk
Ishani- what you mean you both alone taking risk then why we can’t
Abhi- we are boys you all girls
Pragya- shut up what you boys thinking about yourself girls can also do whatever they can think there are more examples you want to refer that you can but don’t think girls can’t do any work.
Rv- ok ok cool down now we have to prove illegal activities of nf and his son
Ishani- now carefully follow us
Pragya- see write IPS exam and pass in it after finishing this degree.
Ishani- after finishing training you both will directly promoted to ASP
Pragya-I am going to become lawyer
Rabhi in chorus- lawyer?????
Ishani-I am going to become journalists
Rabhi in chorus- journalists????
Rv- you both ambition is teacher right
Ishani- yes but now only we decided this
Abhi-but how is it possible
Pragya-everything is possible, I am going to discontinue this study if I studied this degree then I have to spend another 3 years to study so totally 6 years but if I discontinue this and join in law college means it 5 years only
Rv- ok but whether they will accept this
Pragya- yes ofcource with di help I will go. And Ishani will study this 3 year course with you both and after this she will join in journalists course it is just 2 years
Abhi- wow great idea now we all can prove illegal activities and forward his hand
All kept their hands and says hurrey!!!
Screen freezes on their faces
Guys if any mistake I am really sorry because I wrote this hurriedly. Thank you so much guys for ur support and lovely comment and for silent readers also

Credit to: Monesha


  1. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Really nice episode. I like the career path. I think nf son is uv. Am I right? Well I have to wait for the upcoming episodes. I’ve again really love ur ff’s soo much. I have one humble request and that is to not separate abhigya and ishveer and all the other couples like Ishra and neilini(Neil and Ragini)

    I think I am the first comment. ????

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much dear for ur sweet comment and for ur support. You are brilliant dear. I don’t want reveal more than this. Don’t worry dear there is no separation between any pairs

  2. durga

    Really 2day’s episode s awesome yaar thn I don’t lk my choti getting defeat I want my choti to b succeeded in all her activities same time I cannot accept my defeat it doesn’t mean I’m a looser nu solrathu bayapadurenu illa coz in all things I can accept my defeat tag too only 4 choti n b4 my choti bt here it means who loves more soooooo we can come to an conclusions tat in tz challenge no looser u love me with the same level as ur di loves it doesn’t mean tat I won’t fight with u I vl fight with u 4 everything I mean love fight bt @last tge result s both r winners tz theory only suits to di n choti agreement sooooo tz challenge fight s concluded tat v both luv others equally OK…??? nw 2day I thk u somewhat used ur brain wat I’m saying na u just escaped 4m ur punishment actually by reading tat 1st line I thk innaiku en choti setha nu bt u used ur brain n just sd tat tz thanks s except to di soooooo thapichita… Really happy tat u came to our way na… Be blessed n take care of ur health u know I missed u badly sterday…tz @ last I’m just closing my bak bak by concluding with loads loads loads loads n loads of hugs… Kissesssssss ????? @last loads n loads of loves ????…. Tata….love u my darling Pyari cute little choti… TC cutiepie…

    • Monesha

      Oh my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari…. Akka I love you akka I love you soooooo……. much ❤❤❤❤❤❤ and thanks for making me to win and I know my Akka make me to win in all the activities for this I won’t say thanks otherwise you Will definitely kill me so my lovable akka you are so cute I am happy that we both won give me hifi Akka. Yes I am escaped from you by not saying sorry and my brain also worked today otherwise I don’t know what would happen to me but I know this all are your fake anger. I love you alott and I am also missed you soooooo… much love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤ and lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      • durga

        Sooooooooooo cute… Really my Pyari cutiepie choti brain works lk a lk a lk a faster than the robot really HV to say coz in a nano sec just escaping 4m making me murder… ?????… Thn I hv to say I too felt sooooooooooo bad n also antha god mela kovam varuthu coz of him only v r seperated na…I’m missing u sooooooooooooooooooo much…. Loads n loads of kisses n hugs n loves to my cutiepie choti????????? love u darling to the core…. Ummaaaaaaa….

      • Monesha

        My pyaari Akka I too missing you soooooooooooo…. much. You are my sweet heart akka. Yes I escaped from you ha…ha..ha… My sweet pyaari Akka I will be your thangachi in next birth this is sure love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤ good night sweet dreams. Ummmaaaaaa

  3. Lena(RV fan)

    Hai I am a silent reader of ur ff.I really love ur ff.u r doing a gr8 job.I don’t have enough time to comment here but I will not miss ur episodes.I eagerly wait for ur episodes.all the best and keep rocking….and rithik’s father (naagin)is Ankush Raheja.

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear. Happy to see ur comment and no problem dear you can comment whenever you are free. Thanks for telling the name of rithik father.

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur lovely comment my dear choti. One happy news the role was ready to ragpi and kakshi. I hope you feel happy dear.

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much dear for ur support and I will update next episode soon as possible

  4. Neelam

    Hi Monesha nice villain his name is Ankush Raheja his short name was anki and the episode was so good waiting for the next episode ?

  5. Nirmal

    Nice episode… Pragya to become a lawyer… That’s apt for her… She is really crazy… ??????

  6. Rosy

    Superb episode.I think yuvraj is nf’s son?? That’s y he was always trying to separate Rabhi..Anyways enjoyed the entire episode.keep writing…..!!

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see ur comment. You are brilliant, I don’t want to reveal more but happy to see ur comment

  7. Saranya

    Hey choti darlu lovely da nice fb pove u loads????u escaped as u dnt say sry ok nw stay blessed and happy love u loads of hugs and kisses to u???????

    • Monesha

      Thank you soooooo….. much akka. I am really happy that you are also from Tamilnadu. I am having confident that definitely I will meet you one Time akka. Yes akka I escape from you and your punishment. But I am ready to have the punishment given by you bcoz that punishment is given with love by you so I will accept that also my dear princess akka. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤ lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Monesha

      Thank you soooooo.. much for loving my ff dear. If I am not smiling also your comment make me to smile thank you so much

  8. Sharaya


    |Registered Member

    Moneshaaa! It’s so awesome I loved it a lot lot lot and sorry because I didn’t comment on your previous update

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur lovely comment and no need of sorry your comment itself gave me more happy

  9. Vaishali


    |Registered Member

    superbbbb episode dii rocking…… pragya and ishani changing their aims just in a min for their loved ones was awesome no words to say dii u r unbelievable loved it so so soooooooooooo much

    • Monesha

      Thank you sooooooo….. much for ur lovely comment and happy to see that you liked my concept thank you so much dear

  10. suha

    hi my lil princess… this time i am not goimg to say sorrry my lil princess.. pls catch my kiss… i’ve sent a loooooong kiss to my lil princess with loads of love… honey today’s epi was awsm.day by day it makes me addicted to it… hats of to my lil baby.. love u my sweet lil sissy…

    • Monesha

      Oh my sweet pyaari princess di you are so cute very good di thank you for not saying sorry oops no thanks my dear cute di. You are always giving me a lotttttt of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤but I will give you more than that di. Thanks for ur encouragement di. Lotttttt of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ love you soooooo…. much

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