abhigya and ishveer life (episode 2)


Hai dears I am very happy to see all of your comment I am in cloud nine many of you have doubt that pragya knows about siblings,no pragya don’t know about their siblings and I will try to give long episode

Coming to the story
Episode starts with Raman chasing both ranveer and abhi.Ishita stopped them and says ok ok enough Raman now itself late go and get ready for office
Raman-you also come with me for select dress
Abhi-why bhai you want to continue your kiss
Rv-abhi you don’t know anything it will not simply end with kiss more than that
Abhi-is it bhabhi ok I won’t disturb you
Ishita-abhi…see i am going to kill u
Abhi-oh if u can u do it
Ishita-wait I am coming saying this she step one leg to chase him but he ran away from the house
Rv laughed at this and ask Ishita
Rv-di did you find our choti
Ishita-no rv i am trying to find our choti but it is so difficult
Rv-what is this di we are searching her for one
year but we didn’t get any information I hate mom why she left us,why she separated pragya from us I was in dream that I will get my choti and I will play with her and she will call me as bhai but my dream was shattered
Ishita-you won’t understand Rv Bcoz your age is like that fault is with both papa and ma
Rv-yes di fault is with both our papa and ma,once if I found our we will become trio then we can unite papa and ma
Ishita-definitely we will do that but now don’t make abhi to wait more go and enjoy with him tomorrow onwards college so today u guys enjoy
Rv-ok di bye by waving his hand he left from there and they both went to theatre

Screen shifts in train
Pragya-ishani u will never leave me na
Ishani-idiot who told that I will leave you but if married then I don’t know
Pragya-if I had a brother then definitely I will make you to marry my brother
Ishani-it will be nice but u don’t have siblings
Pragya-correct then what I will do without you
Ishani-idiot I will never leave you now we can sleep
They slept for some time and the train reached the Delhi,they came out of the train and they went inside the auto on the way abhi and Rv car passed them but they didn’t see each other finally they reached the house.this house was ragini’s friend house.her friend went to USA so they were alone but they have enough money for them and they both slept
Screen shifts to mehra mansion
Rv dropped abhi and went to his house

In morning
Pragya and Ishani ready to go for college and they started to walk
Screen shifts to Rv house
Neil-have your breakfast dear
Rv-i had it pa I am going to abhi’s house bye by waving his hand he left from there
In mehra mansion
Ishita-abhi…come and have your breakfast
Abhi came and sat in dinning table and started to eat
Abhi-it was super bhabhi I loved it
Rv came hurriedly and says we can go otherwise dinosaurs will eat us
Abhi and Rv moved to college
Screen freezes on abhi, ranveer, pragya and Ishani’s face

PRECAP-Rv comes to know about pragya is his sister

I try my level best to make it longer thank you for your support dears
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha

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  1. Loved it keep rocking

    1. Thank you so much for ur support

  2. Arshifan

    Wow superb yar..love this ff..keep rocking..

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  4. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    i really like it very niceeeeee……. and let ishveer to meet each other
    bye dear

    1. Thank you so much there will be abhigya,ishveer and Rv&pragya scene will be there and don’t worry about ishveer I will give equal importance to them also

      1. Thank you so much I will keep this it in my mind

  5. Rocking episode Monesha I loved your episode just keep it up

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  6. Monesha extra ordinary keep shinning

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  7. Awesome monesha

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    Hey mone……dinosaurs????hahahhah…..guess it’s d teacher /lecturer…..loved it….

    1. Thank you so much yes the guess is right

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  11. hi monesha very nice episode but can u tell me neil and ragini came on which show??

    1. Thank you so much for ur support.Neil and ragini are in itna karo na mujhe pyaar

  12. Loved it keep it up

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  15. I love the storyline
    pls update fast

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