abhigya and ishveer life episode 18


Hi guys thank you so much for ur support I am having pyaari di and now I got another di thank you so much. Now coming to the story
It was evening,
Abhi and Rv reached pragya and Ishani home
They came and knocked the door. Ragini opened the door and saw abhi and Rv
Rv and ragini looking at each other. unknowingly ragini and Rv had tears bcoz mother knows her feelings of her child presence even she doesn’t know, her heart will say about her child presence
Abhi get blessed from ragini.by falling in her leg
Ragini-God will always bless you beta
Abhi smiles and says thank you aunty ji
Rv falls in ragini leg and says bless me ma
Ragini heart says that she want to hug him but why her heart is saying like that is she don’t know but she make rv to get up and hugs him
Ragini-God bless you my dear beta
Ragini felt something happening to her
Rv eyes filled with tears
Pragya noticed that she came back side
Rv closed his eyes tears are coming from his eyes. Pragya came back side of Rv. She sees Rv crying. She came near with teary eyes. She wipes her bhai tears. Rv felt soft hand wipes his tears. He opened the eye and saw Pragya with teary eyes. He also wipes her tears and nodded no. Ragini came back to her sense and broke the hug. Pragya looks happily.
Ragini(thinks)-what are you doing Ragini you feeling like he is your son.
Ragini – what is your name beta
Rv- ranveer ma
Ragini was surprised and says my son name also Ranveer
Pragya thinks ma now see your daughters brain
Pragya-ma your son????? whether I am having bhai tell me ma
Ragini don’t know what to say she stammered
I… I… sa…
Rv understood and says pragya why are you asking silly question you accepted me as bhai na then your ma is my ma
Ragini smiled and says correct Pragya
Pragya gave a stern look to Rv
Rv(thinks)-omg what I have done, you gone rv, my destiny is I am going to murdered by my choti. Plz save me god
He slowly lift his head to see pragya
Pragya with full of anger looked Rv, abhi noticed this and try to control his laugh Ishani also tried to control her laugh.
Rv-ma tomorrow we will come and pick you all to our house. Be ready ma
Ragini-but beta…….
Rv-no but that you are coming that’s all
Rv turns to pragya and says bye sweet choti
Pragya-wait ma I will go with them to send off
In a revenge tone
Rv shout no no no ma I will go myself bye bye bye. He ran to the car
Abhi-ok aunty ji bye
They both left to their house
In morning Rabhi came to ishgya house
They both pick up trio and went to Ishita’s house
Pragya, Ishani and ragini came to abhi’s house
Pragya-di ma came. Ishita came hurriedly. She can’t control herself she ran hugs Ragini and started to cry.
Ragini couldn’t understand anything but she feels that she want to hug her so she too hug her. Unknown tears came from ragini’s eyes
Rv call Neil but his call was busy he again tried then Neil attend the call.
Rv-pa ma came come soon pa plz
Neil was so happy and rushed to MM
While in car Neil(thinks)-this can wipe my all the sadness and my enemies
Ragini and ishita broke the hug
Ishita(crying)-why you left me ma how can you do this.
Ragini was shocked as well as surprised
Pragya- ma I know everything she is di and he is bhai
Ragini opened her arms trio hug her
Soon Neil reached MM
All broke their hugs. Neil came inside. Ragini was shocked. She couldn’t speak anything. Neil came and hugs Ragini. Ragini couldn’t resist so she too hugged him.
Neil- I am really sorry Ragini I am really sorry plz forgive me
Ragini smiled and says it is ok Neil
They broke the hug.
Pragya says ma I am in love with Abhi and bhai love with ishani.
Ragini smiled again.
Pragya-ma can I prepare this room for dad and your suhaagaarat
All started to laugh
Rv and Ishani- choti come here we are saying right come here
Pragya-no you both will catch me and gave to our mom
Rv- if you are not coming also we will catch you
He started to chase Pragya. All the one happily sees them
Screen freezes on their happy face
Thank you so much guys for all ur support
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha

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    1. Don’t want sorry thank you so much for ur sweet comment. I will update next part soon as possible. Love you a lotttttt

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