abhigya and ishveer life episode 16


Hi guys I am really sorry for late update 100 sit ups for my late update. Now coming to the story
Episode starts with all the one enjoyed the moments. now time is 8.00pm. So Rabhi dropped ishgya in their home. Prani waved their hands but Rabhi says after sometimes we will go. Ishgya says ok come inside. They all went inside the home.
Abhi,Ishani and rv talked something voice was muted.suddenly they trio make pragya to sit in chair. All are looking angrily.
Pragya- why you all are looking angrily, in child tone with cute puppy eyes.
Rv-choti don’t try to act as innocent, what happened on that day.
Pragya ask in doubt-what day you are talking about now.
Abhi-we are talking about on that day why you cried. What happened, what Uv done to you.
Pragya become sad and says nothing.
Ishani-Pragya you are telling lies plz tell to me Pragya

Rv-choti plz tell to me. I want to know about him. What happened on that day
Pragya-vo….vo… on that day. Before she could say some one knocked the door. All were confused
Pragya-wait I will go and see. She went near the door and she was shocked to see her mom is outside by seeing in door glass.
Pragya rushed to them and says mom came.
Rv got up and says mom
Ishani-idiot go and open the door
Pragya twisted ishani ears and says how can I open the door
Ishani-Ahhhh… what question you are asking open the door by key
Pragya got angry and says idiot if she saw bhai and abhi what she will think about us
Rv-tell her that I am your bhai and her son
Pragya-I think I have to twist your ear also, first we have to unite ma and dad and then…
Before she could complete again bell drank
Abhi-now what we have to do
Pragya-you both hide in this room until I say to come
They both nodded
Pragya and Ishani opened the door
Ragini-how long you both open the door ok now move. Ishgya moved.
Ragini goes to Rabhi room

Both were shocked and in chorus ma, aunty
Ragini-what happened why you both are shouting
Ishani- says nothing aunty you go to this room.
Pragya-ha ma that is our room we won’t leave any… Before she could complete ragini opened the door.
Ishgya in chorus nooooooooo
Ragini was shocked and ask what happened
Prani noticed nobody in their room
Pragya-nothing ma.
Ragini went inside and kept her bag in the bed
Prani saw around the room.
Ragini- what happened why you both are looking around like seeing this the first time he to see.
Ishani-nothing aunty ji. She went near Pragya and says pragu I think they both hiding in bathroom.
Ragini-ok now I will go to rest room and come
Ishgya shouts in chorus Noooooooo

Ragini taken a back by sudden move her kerchief fall down Pragya bent and took the kerchief she was about to get up but shocked to see Rabhi.Rabhi waves hi. Pragya says chup
Ragini-with whom you are talking
Pragya-vo..vo.. lizard ma and got up and says you can go to rest room ma
Ishani drags her and says have you gone mad Pragya. What if she saw Rabhi.
Pragya-no they are not in rest room they both are in under the bed
Ragini-what are you both discussing
Ishani- nothing aunty ji you go and fresh up
Ragini went to rest room.
Ishani and pragya looked the door
Rabhi came out
Abhi-thank god we escaped from aunty
Pragya- no first you both go then only we can escape.
They both went here Ragini is knocking the door continuously
They both rushed to the rest room and opened the door
Ragini-why you locked the door
Ishani-is just for fun my dear aunty
Ragini irked and went from that place

Pragya-tomorrow onwards our mission starts
Ishani-yes correct they both gave hifi
Screen freezes on their face

Sorry guys time is up tomorrow surely I will give long update
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha

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