abhigya and ishveer life episode 15

Hi guys thanks for all ur sweet comments and thanks for making me as di,choti and friend I love you alot
Now coming to the story
Episode starts with all went to college early
Abhi was sitting alone in his class
Ishveer and pragya are in ishgya class
Abhi took his phone and saw Pragya photo
Abhi-hey Dracula what you done to me why I am feeling comfortable with you how u make me to fall for you
At the time Uv came to the class
Abhi continue-I love you pragya I don’t know what you done but I love you
Uv gave a evil smile and went from there
Rv-ok Ishani and choti time is up so I am going to my class
Prani ok bye
Rv went from there on the way Uv rushed to Rv
Rv-what happened Uv why you came by running
Uv-narrated everything and says abhi not having hope to say love to your choti how dare he is to love ur choti
Rv got angry and went to abhi
Rv came and holds abhi’s collar
Rv-how dare you to do this
Abhi couldn’t understand anything Uv came there and says
Uv-your true face relived abhi how dare you to love rv’s choti
Abhi understood and bend his head
Rv-you idiot how dare u not proposing my choti
Uv was shocked abhi was surprised
Abhi-Rv what are you talking
Rv-idiot if u propose my choti means only we will get the answer I am so excited to see ur love story how dare you not proposing my choti
Suddenly abhi hugs Rv and says
Abhi-I thought you will not accept to this but y…
Rv cut off him by saying
Rv-hey idiot you are my friend and moreover when you both started to fight I thought if they unite means what will happen but you thought I will separate you both how dare you to think like this tell me da
Abhi-I love you da I love u so much
Rv broke the hug and says
Rv-omg I am not that type of guy
Abhi beat him and says I am also not that type of guy I am very lucky to have you as my best fr.
Rv cut off him by hugging and says I am lucky to have you as my best friend da
Abhi and Rv smiles but Uv fumes in anger and went from that place
Abhi-hey I think Uv is not good don’t mistake me that I am telling this by now what happened
Rv-I know Uv is not good before itself and I know he is trying to separate us
Abhi-really??? But why you didn’t told me
Rv-bcoz I thought u will not believe me
Abhi-idiot who said I will not believe you but now I am talking about pragya
Rv was shocked and ask what??????
Abhi-yes da one day you and Ishani didn’t came na that time I saw Pragya and Uv in our class when she saw me she came and hugs me tightly and cried I asked about this to uv but his words stammered and yesterday Uv holds Pragya hands pragya tried to remove but she couldn’t when he saw me he told that he holds her hand for chocolate that time I saw her eyes which is full of anger
Rv-how dare he is I won’t leave him but first today you propose her
Abhi-ok now I am having full confidence
Rv-that’s like a good boy
They both smiled
Time passed
It was evening abhigya and ishveer went to ishgya house
All gathered in prani’s room
Rv-Ishani come here I want to talk about you one thing
Pragya-what you have to say here itself you can say tell me
Rv-choti plz choti
Pragya smiles and says ok Ishani go
Ishani-what you want why you called me
Rv-abhi going to propose pragya
Ishani-woooowwww it was awesome news
Rv-ok we can romance for sometimes
He comes forward to her and holds her waist
Ishani closes her eyes with shyness
Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhi and pragya alone sitting in the room
Abhi(thinks)-come on abhi you can do it
Pragya(thinks)-shall I tell to him that I love him
Pragya was about to say something but she was surprised to see abhi neel
Abhi-I don’t know whether you like me or not but pragya I love you so much will u accept me
Pragya was in great surprised so she didn’t utter a word
Abhi stood up and says it’s ok and turns to other side
Pragya holds his hand and hugs him tightly
Pragya(tears)-I love you abhi I love u soooooo much
Abhi gets happy and he kissed all over pragya’s face
He don’t know what to do he went ishveer room
Abhi came and hugs Rv tightly but Rv pushed him and says
Rv-idiot you broke my romance
Abhi-pragya says ok I am so happy and kisses his cheek
Rv-ok ok thanks for ur affection now move we have to wish pragya
Rv went to pragya and says my dear choti falls in love with abhi how sweet
Pragya blushes Ishani came to pragya
Ishani-see one girl is blushing here
Pragya not much as you blushed dear and winks at Rv
Rv-ok now we can go to MM
All the one reached MM
Rv(shout)-all the one come here is our new pair
Ishra came and happy to see that holding hands of four of them
Ishani-so my choti falls in love with abhi
Pragya nodded yes and blushes
Raman-you have to manage my crazy chotu
Abhi-bhai you are too bad see bhabhi
Ishita smiles and went to kitchen for making sweets
Ishita making sweets pragya came and hugs ishita from back
Ishita smiles and ask what happened choti
Pragya-thanks for accepting this di
Ishita-my dear choti every one likes this so don’t worry about this
Pragya hugs her Rv came there and says
Rv-choti you forgot me na
Pragya-bhai come to me
Rv came and the trio gave a group hug
Screen freezes on them
Thank you guys tomorrow onwards I will try to update long episode
Take care,

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