abhigya and ishveer life episode 14

Hi guys thanks for all ur sweet comments you all told me the name Prani and ishgya so I will use both the name alternatively I love you all guys
Now coming to the story
Episode starts with abhi looking pragya confusingly
Abhi(thinks)-something is happening abhi you should watch her carefully
Pragya starring Rv continuously
Rv-choti now what happened why are you starring at me
Pragya-you think I didn’t notice you both romance
Rv smiles like innocent baby
Pragya-don’t act more bhai I know everything
Abhi-what you know Dracula full day you are with me then how
Pragya-I know they both kissed in their lips
Rv and Ishani was shocked
Rv-how do you know choti (with shock)
Pragya-omg then u both really kissed
Rv gave a oops reaction Ishani gave a stern look to Rv
Rv-1….2…..3….he ran away
Abhi turns back and he also ran away
Pragya and Ishani started to laugh and then they both slept
In morning
Abhigya and ishveer went to college
They all went to their respective classes
In Prani class
Pragya-are u alright Ishani yesterday….
Before she could complete Ishani says
Ishani-oh my dear don’t worry I am alright
Pragya and Ishani smiles
Screen shifts to Rabhi class
Abhi continuously thinking about pragya
Rv-abhi sir is calling you (whispered in his ears)
Abhi got shock and stood up says
Abhi-sir I didn’t sleep sir I am listening to your class only sir
All boys and Rv too get shocked by his sudden activity and all the one starts to laugh Rv can’t control his laugh so he also laughed
Abhi realized Rv plays prank on him
Sir-abhi today you itself trapped yourself
Abhi-but sir….Before he could complete
Sir-stand and listen abhi this is final no argument
Abhi gave a stern look to Rv but Rv couldn’t control his laugh
After some times all the one came out and Uv also came out Ishgya too came out except Rabhi
Pragya-Ishani go and call them plz
Ishani nodded and went to their class
Uv came to pragya Pragya saw him but she ignored him
Uv-u and your friend was awesome equal beauty can u and your friend come with me
Pragya-don’t talk about Ishani I will kill u she is my best friend and my future bhabhi got it if my bhai comes to know about this then he will kill u
Uv-omg I am afraid I will teach you lesson for this baby
Pragya turns to go but Uv holds her hand pragya try to remove from his hold but she couldn’t
At the time abhi came and saw Pragya trying to remove her hand from him
Uv noticed abhi ask pragya to give chocolate
Pragya can’t understand anything then she saw abhi standing
Pragya(thinks)-today you escaped but soon you will trapped by me
Abhi with stern look asked what happened
Uv-nothing she is not even giving to me chocolate so I tried to grab the chocolate ok bye saying this he left
Abhi(thinks)-pragya you are hiding to me itself na but I understood why you cried I won’t leave that Uv
Pragya waves her hand before him then he came to sense
Ishveer also came outside so all the one went to canteen
This time great surprise is abhigya didn’t fight
Rv-this is true or I am dreaming
Ishani-100% true they didn’t fight
(They both whispered in their ears)
Abhigya thinks about each other
Abhi-what happened abhi why are you thinking about her whether it is love wait abhi if you think about her today fully then you are in love with her
Pragya thinks the same
Ishveer waves their hands Abhinaya came back to sense
Rv-let’s going to class.They all went to class
It was evening Rabhi dropped Prani in their home and they went to their house
Abhi feels restless he can’t sleep pragya too feels the same
They both same time take their phone
Abhi started to see the photos
He saw the photo when they dance in shower abhi holding her waist pragya clutching his shoulder all the photos
Abhi smiles and says abhi you fall in love yes you fall in love with pragya I love you pragya
Pragya saw the photo when they dance in Ishita’s birthday party and says I love you abhi really I fall in love with abhi
Thanks for all your supports after my exam I will update long episode
Take care,

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  1. Hmm k don’t separate abigya and ishveer k abi and ranveer know about uv real character create it lyk this way ..don’t separate any 1 except evil ..anyway 2day ff is gud…i really enjoyed it…

    1. Thank you so much for ur support ya I will never separate them and thanks for liked it

  2. Hey Dr loved it soooooo much keep it up and when is exams getting over

    1. Exams are over now I will update longer episode sorry I couldn’t reply next comment now I am replying I love you too I love u so much

      1. Love u toooo waiting for your next epi

  3. Harisha

    I loved it

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    Awesome. Don’t separate anyone. Even Abhi and RV pls

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  9. Lovely episode dear Monesha and it was too funny also?? I really liked it eagerly waiting for the next ?

    1. I am very happy to see that you liked my episode thank you so much for ur support

    1. Thank you so much for ur support

  10. Arshifan

    Superb monesha…abhigya loving each other so cute…waiting for next epi…keep rocking…

    1. Thank you so much u know one thing I never thought that you will support me thank you so much for everything

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  12. lovely ishveer

    Nice epi monesha dear and loved the way Abhigya realised their luv

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  14. Superb episode yaar.. Ok we will wait…

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  20. Awesome episode yaar

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  21. Awesome ….finally abhigya realise their love …..don’t separate anyone

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