abhigya and ishveer life episode 13

Hi guys i know you all will be angry at me my exam didn’t complete so only I am late I am really soooooo sorry
Now coming to the story,

Episode starts with pragya going to class like lifeless body
Pragya(thinks)-how cheap he is, how dare he is behaved now I won’t leave him I am going to say this to Abhi and bhai
Pragya turns to go to to Abhi but she stopped herself by thinking
Pragya(thinks)-no I should not tell, if my bhai and my abhi comes to know this then they will not control themselves surely they will do something to him then Uv starts to do openly then he will win easily so now I should not tell this to anyone
Pragya went to her class

Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani felt bored, Rv was doing something in kitchen
Ishani-Rv have you gone mad what are you doing in kitchen come here
Rv came to Ishani with one cup but it was closed
Ishani-hey what is that give to me I am so hungry
Rv-then give me one kiss I will give this
Ishani-whatttt???? You can’t do this to me I won’t leave u saying this she got up
Rv-arey now you got up wow if choti saw this definitely she will be happy
Ishani-you are such a …before she could complete Rv pulled her and pinned her to the wall Ishani shivered by his activity but she gathered all the courage and said
Ishani -leave me you idiot how dare you
Before she could say something he crushed his lips into her
Ishani shocked then she to respond to his kiss

Screen shifts to college
Pragya came to canteen abhi also came to canteen and sits besides her
Abhi-what happened baby why you cried that time
Pragya-nothing give me one promise
Abhi-promise???? For what Dracula
Pragya-abhi in dream I saw that you and my brother fought and u both separate so plz promise me that you will never fight
Abhi-we will never fight baby for this you are sad from morning wait I will treat for this
Saying this abhi hugs pragya she rested her head in abhi’s chest and clutched his collar and he kissed pragya’s forehead
Pragya and abhi felt happy and they tightened their grip
Then they came back to sense and broke the hug they both don’t why they hug now
It’s time so they both went
Abhi(thinks)-what happened to you abhi why you behaved weird why I felt my world is she and why I hugged her what name should give for this relationship
Pragya(thinks)-what he is doing to me I am not in my sense when he is near me why I think that I want to share all the sorrows and happiness with him what name should give for this relationship
But suddenly Uv came
Uv-hi pragya what happened you are sad for I didn’t touch you
Pragya-shut up I don’t want to see you just go away from me and don’t try to near my bhai and my abhi got it by saying this she went
Uv(thinks)-I will teach you lesson wait and see

Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani is sleeping in Rv lap
Rv-Ishani can I ask you one thing
Ishani-sure ask me what you want now
Rv-how was our first kiss tell me how did you felt after hearing this ishani blushed hard and says
Ishani-sorry Rv I am going to sleep saying this she closed her eyes
Rv smiled

Screen shifts to abhigya in evening
Abhi gave his car key to uv and ask him to go to MM
Uv and his friends went to MM
Pragya came to Abhi side
Abhi-we are going by walk baby come
Pragya-really we are going by walk it was awesome but there is no mood for me
Abhi-I will kill u come
Saying this he dragged her finally they reached their home
Pragya went inside she saw Rv and Ishani in each other arms
Rv(thinks)-super now pragya going to kindle me
But to his surprise she didn’t utter a single word
Rv and Ishani blinked at each other
Ishani-abhi whether you both fights
Abhi-no morning onwards she is like this only
Rv-but morning she looked actively
Abhi(thinks)-something wrong abhi she lied to you how can I find this
Ishani-where you are lost
Abhi-nothing Ishani I am going to see pragya
Saying this he left to pragya’s room
Pragya were thinking something and says to herself
Pragya-this was awesome idea pragya you proved that you are rv’s choti
Abhi came there and says pragya
Suddenly pragya went to him and hugs him tightly
Pragya-abhi I am so happy now I am on cloud nine
Abhi-Dracula you are unbelievable
Pragya-say anything you want bcoz I am so happy
Abhi-ok ok come we can go to Rv and Ishani
They went to ishveer
Pragya-bhai promise me that you both will not separate
Rv-what happened to you choti you are behaving weirdly any way dear promise to this choti we will never separate
Pragya smiles and thinks Uv wait and see what I am going to do I will show you who am I
Pragya-bhai here any home for giving rent
Rv-yes there is but for what choti
Pragya-this is for our parents unite
Rv-ok I will search and tell you
Abhi-I will also help my dear
Ishani too replied the same thing
Pragya(thinks)-I will unite my mom and dad first then my next plan is for u Uv I am not going to leave you saying this she smiled
Screen freezes on pragya’s confident smile

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Raghani (credit to Rajesh)
Prani (credit to krishnani)
Ishagya (credit to neelam)
Ishgya (credit to sharaya)
Ishya (credit to sumaiya sumi)
I liked all the names so I don’t know to choose it
Plz help me select one I will use which is in highest number plzzzzz select
I know episode was small I can’t update long episode next episode I will update longer very very sorry
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