abhigya and ishveer life episode 12

Hi guys thank for all of ur comments and supports really I love you all I felt bad today by someone but when I saw all your comments really I didn’t care about that thank you soooooo…. much for ur comment dears
Now coming to the story,

Episode starts with pragya and Ishani & abhi and Rv leaving MM to drop ishpa(sorry guys I don’t know to combine Ishani and pragya so I decided like this if u got any idea then tell me) by that time they saw uv
Uv-you both are fresheners na (pointing towards ishpa
Abhi-yes uv but she is Rv’s own sister pragya and she is Rv lover and bestie of Pragya
Uv-pragya is his own sister why you both didn’t say to me
Abhi and Rv both in chorus-I thought he said to you(pointing towards each other)
Uv-ok leave it now where all of u going
Rabhi(ranveer and abhi)-we are going to drop ishpa ok bye uv
By saying this they went
Ishani went to their room Ishani slept in bed it was evening but Ishani didn’t get up pragya saw this and says to herself
Pragya-this sleeping ghost na always sleeping you named her correctly pragya good job(praised herself for giving this name to her)
Pragya went near her and say to Ishani
Pragya-dear sleeping ghost plz wake up otherwise you Will not sleep in night and you will not let me also sleep so plz get up
Ishani didn’t reply to pragya, Pragya got angry
Pragya-I said get up sleeping ghost
But Ishani didn’t reply to pragya this time also
Pragya got angry and remove blanket from her and touched her pragya can feel the heat and realized Ishani got fever so she left her to sleep
In dinner time pragya wake up Ishani and feed her the food and they both left

In morning
Pragya taking care of Ishani
Ishani-you go for class otherwise he will scold you
Pragya-no way I won’t go if I left then who will take care of you
Ishani-I will take care today I want notes so plz go to college
Pragya thinks for sometimes and calls Rv
Rv came to ishpa’s home and saw Ishani suffering Rv rushes to her and ask what happened
Ishani-nothing Rv I am alright
Pragya came from dressing room and says-don’t ask her bhai ask to me she is suffering from fever she is not leaving me to take leave so bhai you can take care na
Rv-off course I will take you go
Pragya says bye and went to college early
Rv-omg I didn’t say that abhi will come late to college
Ishani-why he will go late to college
Rv-bcoz he got up when I reached here that too I only woke him by call
Ishani-wait I will say to pragya that you are not saying anything to her
Rv-don’t play like this plz don’t tell to her plz plz plzzzzzzz
Ishani-ok ok cool down I won’t say
Rv-thanks thank you so much saying this he kissed her in cheek
Ishani shocked and then blushed

In college,
Pragya-omg I have to see abhi otherwise he will scold me
In class
Uv alone sitting in his class and thinks
Uv(thinks)-I have to separate abhi and Rv soon as possible then only I can be friend for abhi and Rv
Some boys came there
Boy1-what are you thinking uv what happened
Uv-I want some plan to separate them
At the time pragya came
Boy1-whom you have to separate now
uv-u don’t know right I want to separate abhi and Rv
Pragya was taken a back by hearing this
Uv-I want to separate abhi and Rv I will do it at any cost
Pragya can’t control herself so she went to uv and gave a tight slap
Uv and his friends shocked
Pragya-how dare you to try to separate my bhai and my abhi don’t dare to think
Saying she again gave a tight slap
Uv got angry and holds her hand and pulled her close to him
Pragya-how dare you saying this she again raised her hand but Uv holds her hand
Uv-how dare you to slap me if I touch you then no one can ask me saying this he pulled her hair back
Pragya get teary eyes and pushed him and says
Pragya-how dare you (with teary eyes)
Uv laughed and came near her pragya moves backwards

At the time they heard one sound so Uv went to his place pragya alone standing with shock bcoz she didn’t think this situation will come in her life
Someone came inside yes it is none other than abhi
Pragya saw him and ran to him and hugs abhi
Abhi also hugged her back he realized she was crying
Abhi-what happened baby why you are crying baby
Pragya didn’t reply anything she hugged him more tightly
Abhi-I got it you thought I will not come right see baby don’t cry now time up go to class we can see in canteen saying this they broke the hug
Pragya went to class like lifeless body
Abhi thinks what happened to her and come to uv
Abhi-hey Uv what happened
Abhi feels something wrong
Screen freezes on abhi’s confused face

Thank you guys for ur support
Take care

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  1. Uv means who is he???i mean what his full name…and u combined pragya and ishani call as raghani…abi and ranveer call as abiveer any way 2day is nice…

    1. I am really sorry for not remembering him again actually in episode 3 I introduced him yuvraj(Uv) in tashan-e-ishq. really nice idea and thanks for ur support

  2. Lovely darlu love u loads?????waiting fr nxt part☺??

    1. Thank u my dear di and always I love my cute di I will update next episode soon as possible di this crazy fan choti will wait for ur ff

  3. Harisha

    Loved it

    1. Thank you so much for ur support

  4. who is uv ? pls tell me

    1. I am sorry for not remembering him I introduced him in episode 3 he is yuvraj(Uv) in tashan-e-ishq and thanks for ur support

      1. thanks yaaaaaaaaa

  5. Hey sissy loved it sooo much keep it waiting for next epi

    1. Thank you much for ur support and thanks for loving it

      1. Post the next epi if u r free dr

  6. Krishnani

    Really awesome. How about PraNi PRAgya+ishaNI… if u like

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and idea is really awesome

  7. Superb…waiting for the next part….

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and I will update next episode soon as possible

  8. Lovely episode Monesha eagerly waiting for the next I think ishagya is suitable for ishani and pragya ?

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and its really awesome idea yaar

  9. super epic yaar but pls give long update… waiting for next upate toooooo

    1. Thank you so much for ur support I will try my best to update long episode next time and I will try to update next episode soon as possible

  10. Ishani + pragya = IshYa
    N Rabhi is smwat gud
    BTW nice episode

    1. Thank you so much ur support and it was awesome idea

  11. Nandana

    hi its me i think u will recognice me
    and todays episode was very nice plz update the next soon

  12. Nandana

    Hi its me I thing u will recognise me
    And the episode was been awesome I really like it update the next episode soon

    1. I can easily recognize you dear thank you so much for ur support

  13. Nice episode yaar really superb n eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Thank you so much sister I will try my best to update next episode soon

  14. super ya….

    1. Thank you so much for ur support

  15. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Thank you so much for ur support

  16. Arshifan

    Awesome monesha..dnt think abt negatv cmnts..smetyms it happns as they cant even try to write a stry like this…its an amazing ff..keep rocking..

    1. Thank you soooooo much for ur words your words gave encourage to continue this ff now onwards I won’t think about any negative cmts big hug for you thank you so much

  17. Vaishali

    awesome monesha dear it was so so so so amazing supebbbbbbbbb

    1. Thank you so much for ur support

  18. Sharaya

    Awesome monesha! Its so nice and I prefer ishgya for ishani and pragya

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and its really awesome idea

  19. Julina

    Sry for late cmnt… So nice episode… I loved it…. I prefer ishgya and rabhi….. Sry of it is not Gud….

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and don’t ask sorry really it is good

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