abhigya and ishveer life episode 11

Hi guys thank you so much for support I am very lucky to have you all as my friends
now coming to the story,
Episode starts with all the one happy face
Pragya-I am so happy I am on cloud nine today
Abhi-for that what can we do shall I take the mountain and give you(in teasing manner)
Pragya-shut up abhi I am not in a mood to fight with you I want to enjoy, we can go for somewhere
Rv-but where now time is 9.00
Pragya thinks for sometime abhi is standing behind pragya he also thinking

Suddenly pragya got idea
Pragya-yes I got super idea (shouts in exciting tone) by saying this she hit abhi by her elbow
Abhi shouts in pragya-Ahhhh….. Have you gone mad
Ishani-plz don’t start your fight I can’t handle this
Pragya-leave that now I am going to tell that place
Rv-then tell sweety what place is that
Pragya-drizzling land how is it
Ishita-super idea I also want to go it is only eight kilometers from Delhi we can enjoy
Raman-ok but Ruhi and adhi went to school
Pragya-jiju don’t worry about that me and Ishani will take care about that
Ishita-how you both will do that
Ishani-that is secret and winks at pragya
Pragya smiles, Rv and abhi look them in confused face
Ishita and Rv informed this to their father but he didn’t come
All packed their dress to change after playing in water and needed stuffs
Abhi and pragya in front seat back side Raman and ishita and last seat is Rv and Ishani
Abhi started the car and asked to pragya-now what I have to do
Pragya-now we have to go to school

They reached the school
Pragya and Ishani went out from the car
Pragya-you all wait here we will come within a minute
Pragya and Ishani went to inside the school and went to in charge miss
Pragya-mam we all are going for our dadi’s house after a long time
Mam-you can go tomorrow right
Ishani-no mam we have to go tomorrow she is going for London
Mam thought for sometime
Pragya-mam we have to go mam plz
Mam-ok you can take Ruhi and adhi and calls Ruhi and adhi class miss
Pragya and Ishani gave hifi without knowing to mam
Incharge mam talk to their class miss and gave outpass
Ruhi and adhi left from there to car
Now Rv and Ishani back side and last seat is Raman,ishita,Ruhi and adhi
Ishita-you got the permission but how
Pragya-simple we lied to them
Ishita in shocked voice-lied???? I never said lie to anyone
Abhi-bhabhi criminals always say lie
Pragya pinched him abhi shout in pain
Ruhi-omg don’t start to fight now also

All the one started to laugh by hearing her
Rv-see Ruhi itself telling you both are fighting always and started to laugh again
Pragya gave a stern look and says bhai…
Rv-ok now I won’t do anything
While traveling Rv and Ishani are gazing each other Rv holds ishani’s hand Ishani got shy and blushes
Pragya-bhai don’t worry after marriage you can spend time with my friend
All the one laughed
Rv-chup choti you are too bad , Pragya smiles
They all reached drizzling land
Ruhi and adhi were so existed all others also
Abhi went to entry place and paid the money and he came
Pragya-how much rupees?
Abhi-750$ for each person
Pragya and Ishani got shock but Rv says
Rv-choti don’t worry about that we can enjoy
Saying this he drag every one
Ruhi and adhi-ma we are going to play there plz ma we will come back soon
Ishita and Raman says ok
Ishani-I want to go to swimming
Pragya-but I want to go to shower
Abhi-we all can go together wait
Ishani-no first we can go for what we want then we can go together
Rv-then abhi you go with pragya and I will go with Ishani.
Abhi-ok then bhai and bhabhi
Raman-we will be here only you all go
Abhigya went one direction and Ishveer went another direction
Screen shifts to ishveer
Rv and Ishani went to deep swimming pool
Ishani-we have to go there but how
Rv point towards up then only she realized we have to go throw the pipe
Ishani went first then rv went Ishani shout with fear Ahhhh….. rv shout with joy wohhhh… They dropped into the water
Ishani shout help help…

Rv-what happened why are you shouting
Ishani-I don’t know to swim saying this she went inside water
Rv panicked and went inside the water and saw Ishani suffering to swim
He took her in his arms and came outside she closed her eyes
They came outside the water Ishani slowly opened her eyes Rv can’t take his eyes from her they share an eyelock(tum hi ho plays…)
still she is in rv’s arms Rv slowly dropped her down without breaking his eyelock Ishani moves but Rv holds her hand and pulls her close to him and try to kiss her then they both came back to sense by crowd
Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhigya ran to the shower all others are dancing in shower
Abhigya also joined with them they plays Sanam re
All the one started to dance romantically
Abhigya also dance very romantically under the shower they both fully drenched and they both shared eyelock, at the end abhi lift pragya in his arms then he slowly dropped her and holds pragya’s waist tightly Pragya clutched his shoulder by abhi’s press and closed her eyes
Abhi realized what he was doing by pragya clutching his shoulder and released his hand from her waist without taking his eyes from her, pragya slowly open her eyes they share an eyelock and then they came back to sense and the both moved to ishra soon ishveer also came
They all went to other water playing games and then they changed dress and started to enjoy the rides

Now time is 6.00
Abhi-it will close in 7.00 we can move now
All the one say ok and started to move
In tired all the one came to MM
Ishita-today you stay here choti tomorrow Sunday only so you two stay here
Ishani and pragya nodded ok
All the one went to their rooms and slept in tiredness
But abhi and pragya thinking about each other
Screen freezes on their faces

PRECAP-pragya gave a tight slap to ….

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    Superrrrrrbb dr egarlyyyy waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii…………..

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  6. Please stop this nonsense kindly request to story writer writes something logical thing that at least we can bear we do have brain and plz dont try our patience hoping further brand new logical episode

    1. I don’t know what I have done because this is my first ff If you think this ff is bore or not interested then don’t read, this is my kind request to you

  7. Hey dr loved it soooo much post the next epi

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  17. Dear frst frgve tis dii fr my late cmnt sry i was stuck up wit guests at home but cute epi yaar lovely abhigya scene???it was cute jst like u love u loads my chotu darlu??????

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    awesome episopde monesha superb just loved it alot

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