abhigya and ishveer life episode 10


Hai guys thanks for all ur support bcoz all of ur comments I came to episode 10 actually epi 9 upload 6.30 itself I don’t know why it was late in matsh update I am really sorry for that
Now coming to the story,

Episode starts with pragya,Rv,ishita hugging and sitting in floor
Pragya(tears)-bhai,di I am really sorry for my mistake I should understand ur love but I thought u all betrayed me by giving fake love so only I shouted plz forgive me I will not talk like this hereafter plz don’t leave me plz plz don’t leave me (she repeated the sentence don’t leave me again and again with tears)
Rv(still in tears)-hey…hey… choti listen to me who said that we will leave you , we will always be with you
Pragya smiled with tears and says I love both of my bhai and di
Ishita-we also love you choti now get up dear
Pragya got up,Neil came to pragya
Neil-pragya…..Before Neil could say anything Pragya hugs Neil tightly
Pragya(tears)-I am really sorry dad I won’t do like this hereafter I will be good girl plz don’t punish me by leaving me
Neil(tears)-no dear you are my sweety so I will not punish you and I won’t do the same mistake which I done before 19 years

Pragya hugs him again and she broke the hug and went to Raman
Raman-come come I won’t leave u without giving punishment
Pragya with sweet voice-jiju sorry, by holding her ears by her hand(by giving puppy looks)
Raman-omg I melted by your way of saying sorry so you escaped
Pragya hugs Raman and went to abhi
Abhi gave fake angry look and turned to other side,Pragya went to other side to see abhi’s face abhi about to turn another side but pragya hugs abhi tightly by standing in her toes and her hand was around abhi’s neck abhi also gave a bone crushing hug
Pragya-so your angry went off right
Abhi(whispers in pragya’s ear)-not fully if you hug like this then my anger will go off soon
Pragya smiles and ask really
Abhi tightened his grip and says really sweety pragya broke the hug by pushing abhi with naughty smile abhi also smile by seeing pragya’s happy face
All are seeing them with smile
Finally she went to Ishani
Pragya with puppy eyes which can melt anyone easily with that she says sorry
Ishani turns pragya’s ears and says-u can melt all the one with this puppy eyes but not me got it
Pragya-Ahhh….yeh I got it plz leave me I am sorry plz sleeping ghost leave me it is paining
Ishani left her ear and hugs pragya tightly
Pragya also hugs her tightly and they broke the hug
Pragya-ok all angry went off right
All the one in chorus-when we told we got angry on you
Pragya smiles and drags ishani and rv
Rv-what are you doing choti
Pragya-chup bhai I want to say one thing to all

All are eagerly waiting for what pragya going to say
Pragya-I want to share one thing to all about my friend Ishani
Ishani shocked to hear her name
Pragya-actually she has no parents she suffered a lot but she is a bold girl she never showed her sad when I was in sad she never allowed me to feel the pain she is very good girl I love you my dear friend
Ishani smiled with tears Rv noticed that and he wipes her tears and pulls her close to him by his protective arms Ishani felt happy

Pragya continue to say another one thing when I was coming in the train I slept in her shoulder in dream I saw I am and Ishani going in opposite directions so I woke up and asked her that whether she will leave she patted my head and says no and I told her that if I had a bhai then definitely I will make you to marry my bhai now see how destiny played I got my bhai I got my di I got my dad too and I got my bhabhi but Ishani don’t think that I will call u as bhabhi bcoz first you are my best friend then only my bhabhi and then I want to say that Ishani will take my bhai very well in that no doubt and important thing is I love you bhai and di
Rv gave a plain kiss to pragya, Pragya also gave plain kiss
Neil says I am so happy for u all guys suddenly Neil phone rings he attend the phone and says to all I will come within a hour you carry on guys saying this he moved outside
Pragya started to jump here and there Rv and abhi holds her
Rv-choti what happened to you
Abhi-I think she got mad by more happiness
Pragya-chup all the one come here
All the one came and forms round
Pragya-we have to unite mom and dad so plz join with me and forwards her hand
Rv,abhi,ishita,Ishani,Raman all keep hand on pragya
All in chorus we will unite Neil and ragini saying this they all took the hand with the sound hurrey!!!!

Guys my exam going to start I will try my best to update daily if I can’t plz don’t get angry on me only for one week then my exam will get over

Credit to: Monesha

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