abhigya and ishveer life (episode 1)

Hai guys I didn’t expect this from you all I thought even one comment will not come I had a doubt that you all like my ff intro or not but when I saw all of your comment I was in cloud nine thank you so much friends I replied all of you in previous update if u have time check that I will try my best to give nice story,coming to

the story
Place:in Mumbai
It was pleasant morning one girl is praying to the god
Girl-god plz don’t do this to me,how can I leave my mom alone today I am leaving to Delhi so plz take care of my mom
Girl 2-(covering her face with blanket) talk slowly I want to sleep
Girl-idiot get up otherwise we will miss the train

Girl 2-give me two minutes I will get up
Girl-you told before 30 minutes that you want 2 minutes now see the time 5.30 get up sleeping ghost
Girl 2-shut up for 2 minutes I will get up after 2 minutes
Girl turns her to see her with angry.yes it is none other than our pragya.she thought something and went near her and she slightly open the blanket and poured water on her face girl 2 sat in the bed with shock.yes it is our ishani
Ishani-how dare you? and started to chase her,pragya ran around the bed but she caught by ishani and she twisted her ear.pragya shouts in pain
Pragya-ishani what are you doing plz leave me it is paining
Ishani-you poured water on me na now you have to pay for this by saying this she twisted her ear more

Pragya(shouts)-ahhh.. ma.. ma.. come here this girl is trying to kill me by twisting my ear if you are not coming then you can’t see your daughter

Ishani-arey I am twisting your ear only then how can u die wait now I will kill u don’t worry
Pragya-no… maaaaaa… god plz save me from this sleeping ghost
Ragini-why are u shouting pragya now time is 5.45 so don’t shout tell me what happened
Pragya-thank god u came otherwise this sleeping ghost will kill me by twisting my ear
Ishani-see aunty she poured water on my face. Before ragini could say something
Pragya- now see time 5.45 ,7’O’clock train so I try to wake u up but u didn’t so I poured water
Ishani-for that u will pour water on my face

Pragya-then what can I do,ok hereafter I will slap u on your face
Ishani get angry and again started to chase her but ragini stopped them and says,
Ragini-plz stop ur fight otherwise u both will miss the train by saying this she left the room
Ishani-wait after reaching Delhi you will see who am I by saying this she went.
Pragya,god save me from this sleeping ghost
Now it was 7o’clock they both hugged ragini and went inside the train.after 3 hours
In train
Ishani,I am hungry
Pragya-wait we can buy something

And they buy chapathi and they ate.
Screen shifts to Delhi
One boy is sleeping peacefully by hugging pillow tightly in this we can understand that pillow is his favorite
In side table phone is ringing continuously he take his phone and attend it and says hello
Boy 2-idiot you told me you will come at 9o’clock but now time is 10.
Boy-Sry ranveer I told your sister to wake me up but she didn’t do that
Ranveer-don’t blame my sister abhi now you take bath i will come to your house
Abhi wake up and goes to his brother room with angry
Ruhi and adhi came and saw abhi they both get shock and they said at same time chachu?
Adhi-pinch me Ruhi chachu is real or I am imagining him
Ruhi-it is real Bcoz I can also see him
Abhi came to them and ask where is your mom and dad

Both blink at each other and says in room
He went there and saw one boy and girl was about to kiss
Abhi clears his throat by seeing this

Both turns to him and get shock yes it is our Raman and ishita
One voice came from back he says you have any sense abhi u broke my sister and ur brother kiss yes it is our ranveer
Abhi-this my punishment for my brother for not waking up me
Rv-abhi… you are just a
Abhi-on that you also do like when my brother and ur sister dance romantically
Raman and ishita get embarrassed and says stop it guys
Abhi and rv-some body getting shy
Raman-plz stop it

Ranveer-why should we
Raman started to chase both of them and ishita smiling by seeing them
Screen freezes on ishita’s smiling face

Thank you guys for ur support and silent readers too I gave my best to make it as long episode Bcoz I am in cloud nine by seeing all of your comment
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha


  1. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Awesome episode. Longer episode. Does pragya know her siblings. Answer this at the top of ur next update cuz I don’t check the comments after I comment. Does rv and Ishita recognize pragya or not.

    • Monesha

      No she doesn’t know I will say in next episode clearly about this don’t worry and thank you so much for ur support

  2. tina(suha)

    you’ve simply explained everything! thatz the main thing that love in this ff.. very very interesting ff and i am damn sure i am going to adiccted this too..♥♥♥

  3. Arshifan


    |Registered Member

    Monesha for the very first epi u planned a very good start..i wish you should rock like this in each and every epi..very interesting ff..keep going..

  4. Adhya


    |Registered Member

    superb yaar…Monesha…i want to see some special bond b/w abhi -ishitha.,adi and ruhi…i want to see some gud family bonding…hope u will do this..just keep going on..dear…very intresting

  5. Sonika

    Monesha I loved it but one doubt does pragya knows ishita and ranveer r her own siblings and my support will always be there from you all the best

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much pragya don’t know about their siblings I will explain it next episode

  6. Vaishali


    |Registered Member

    awesome episode dear it was superb i would say damn good episode just update regulalry na pls loved abhhi a lot

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