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Ishita and pragya are two sisters. There have been many marriage proposals for ishita, the older one and so her father finally decided to get her married. Ishita is getting married to raman, a very respected young gentleman. His younger brother, Abhi, is a very flirty boy and flirts with every girl he sees. Pragya hates boys likes Abhi, but what will happen when Abhi meets pragya for the first time and loses his heart on her?

Pragya asked ,Didi, which one is better? This guy or this guy?” She asked holding two pictures.”None, look at this guy. His nose looks like a bubble and this ones eyes just look unrealistic, like he’s made from an anime movie.” Ishita said. Pragya started laughing.  Ishita playfully smacked her on her shoulder.”When it’s your turn, I’ll tease you just like this.” Ishita said. Ishita is three years older than pragya. She is 23 while pragya is 20.  They still had the relationship like best friends. Both used to  shared everything with each other.”PRAGYA ISHITA !”  Sarla ma called. Pragya and ishita walked to the kitchen.their mom said, “Your father’s friends family is coming over for dinner tomorrow, You guys have to help me prepare.” PRAGYA asked  “But ma, ask the chef to do it. We know how well he cooks.” .Sarla ma said ,”pragya, just do what you’re asked. These are not ordinary people, they’ve come from London.”  Pragya signed and nodded knowing she can never win over her mom.  Pragya then walked outside.”Mumma, I’m going to tanu’s house!”  She yelled before shutting the door. PRAGYA walked outside to the next lane where her friend, tanu lives. Her brother, Sameer opened it.”Hi Sameer.” PRAGYA  chirped in her usual, chirpy voice. Sameer was tanu’s twin brother.”Hi.” He chirped back.”Is tanu home?” Pragya asked. He nodded. Pragya walked inside and ran upto tanu’s room.”TANU…!” Pragya exclaimed opening the door. It seemed like tanu was crying and when pragya opened the door, she quickly wiped her tears.”tanu , what happened?” Pragya rushed to her.”Nothing pragya.” She said.”Stop lying, you were crying. What happened?”  Pragya asked. She started crying again. Pragya hugged  tanu tightly and let her cry on her shoulder. “Nikil” She cried. Pragya gritted her teeth and pulled tanu away. Pragya thinks that bastard was always hurting my best friend.”What did nikil did?” Pragya asked her. TANU gave her phone and asked to see the video, pragya  pressed ‘Play.’ As  she pressed it, pragya saw nikkil  was kissing  a girl intensely. That girl was none otherthan Tanya( created character) . PRAGYA handed her phone back to tanu asking “How? TANU says .”I don’t know. I got this video from a private number. I don’t know if it’s real or not.” She cried.”Does nikil know?” Pragya asked. She shook her head.”Does Sameer know?” Pragya asked. This time, tanu looked up at pragya.Sameer was very possessive of his sister and he had warned tanu about nikil at first, but she was so madly in love with him, that she didn’t think about it. Tanu shook her head.”Oh god, if Sameer finds out, nikil is no longer alive.” Pragya said.tanu said” I know and that’s why I haven’t told anyone yet.”  After talking to her some more, pragya left back to her house.
After some time….

*”pragya …pragya , wake up.” Ishita said shaking pragya .”A little more.” PRAGYA  whined stuffing the pillow in  her face.”PRAGYA  papa’s friend’s family is coming today. We need to help mom.”  Ishita said.  PRAGYA groaned and got up. Pragya walked to the washroom and got ready and then walked downstairs for lunch. After having lunch,  pragya immediately started helping her mom so she can get it done and over with.

PRAGYA , pass that bowl to me.” ISHITA  said. PRAGYA  passed the bowl to her. After helping out her  mom, pragya walked back to her room to get ready. ishita wore a better dress as her mom had instructed her to. Pragya thinks why she had to wear such a heavy dress. Pragya chose to go with the light. Pragya combed her hair as they looked kind of wavy. Now,they looked naturally straight like always. PRAGYA  kept half of her hair in the front and the other half in the back. The door bell rang.  Sarla  went to get the door. Ishita and pragya peeked from the corner of the wall. There was a couple of midage  and then two guys. Pragya glanced at ishita and she seemed to be staring at the guy that walked in first. He seems to be looking like the older brother.”Didi!” PRAGYA  said shaking her.”pragya, what?” She asked annoyed. There was a big smirk on the lips. Sarla ma came back to the kitchen. “Go, take this.” She said handing the tray to ishita. Ishita walked to the guests with the tray filled with glasses of water. The aunty and uncle kept staring at her as well as the guy she was staring at earlier. Ishita came back with the water glasses. Pragya whistled as she walked back. ISHITA  gave her  a death glare, but already knew she was blushing..

After having dinner, they  were sitting in the living room having coffee.”Umm… I think we should let raman and ishita speak alone.” Toshi aunty replied. Ishita turned to pragya and shrugged her shoulders.”Yeah, pragya, go take them.” Sarla ma said. They both stood up.the three walked up to the terrace. PRAGYA  smirked and then left them alone. Now, pragya started to understand all of this. Pragya walked back downstairs and sat down. Pragya saw the guy from earlier on his phone as  both the parents  talking. Pragya pulled out her phone as she was bored too.”PRAGYA beta , what do you do?” Omprakash mehra  Uncle asked.”Um… I go to college and I take piano lessons.” Pragya said sounding like an idiot and not really knowing what to say. Pragya was only nervous in front of new people. Once she know them, she is a very talkative person.”That’s great.” He said. PRAGYA  gave him a genuine smile. ishita and raman hadn’t returned for a while. All  were still talking and pragya was really bored up.”PRAGYA  Abhi, go calm them.”Sarla ma said.PRAGYA  nodded and then they both stood up. They both started walking to the terrace.”This is a pretty big house.” Abhi said. This is the first time he talked.pragya didn’t know what to say, so she simply smiled like an idiot.”Is your name is pragya ?” He asked.” Ya. .., but “I’m assuming your full name isn’t Abhi either.”  Pragya said. Abhi  smiled and then nodded.”Yeah, it’s actually ABHISHEK mehra…” He said.”I called it.” Pragya said. They opened the door to the terrace and raman and ishita turned around.”It sure seems like this was a long talk.” Abhi smirked walking closer and standing next to his brother. Pragya felt like laughing, but that would be disrespectful. Abhi says did you both finished your talks we can  walk back downstairs Raman looked at him.they reached living room. Both parents stood up upon seeing us.”What’s your answer?” Uncle whispered in raman’s ear, but pragya  guessed that was too loud. Raman smiled and then nodded. A wide smile crept on pragya’s face.”Didi?” Pragya elbowed her in the arm. Ishita also smiled and then nodded. Everyone started congratulating each other.”Oh my god! Congrats didi!” Pragya exclaimed hugging her.”Thanks.” Ishita said hugging her back.”Congrats pragya” pragya  heard someone say. She turned around.”Same to you.” Pragya replied. Abhi  was going to congratulate pragya by giving a hug, but pragya stepped back and extended her hand instead. Abhi smiled and rolled his eyes while shaking it. They soon left.”Congrats ishu!”  Her parents exclaimed hugging her.”Papa, this was all planned?” PRAGYA  asked. He glanced at sarla ma and then nodded.”They are really good people, you’ll be happy ishita.” He said. As all were talking, pragya  left to her bedroom and changed into a t-shirt and leggings. Pragya thinks ,Wow, Didi is finally getting married and that too, in a great family and i am having stupid piano lessons the next morning, so I had to go to sleep early. The worst part of piano classes is that purab , such a big flirt sits right next to pragya , but he’s still a good friend of kind.

Next morning…
” Hi pragya” purab smirked.” please, I hate early lessons and you please don’t add more.” PRAGYA  begged. “Ok fine.”  Purab said turning back to his piano. “Good morning class.” Their piano teacher said.”Good morning.” Everyone said and the teacher said Ok so we will be practicing the chords for “Girl on fire.” He spoke.”Oh god.” Pragya murmured as  she face palmed herself.  All put  their headphones on and plugged them in. Pragya was practicing when someone tapped on her shoulder.  Pragya took her headphones out she turned see who is it. “914.” PURAB  whispered. Pragya typed the number 914 on her keyboard to the side. Up came the word ‘fool buddy’ .pragya’s eyes widened and  she played a note. The sound was so funny, like…  she don’t even know how to explain it. Pragya turned to purab and he was trying to control his laughter. Even though purab  could be annoying sometimes, he was always my friend that pragya could count on in piano class. PURAB  always gave  her nice company and he was really the only one whom pragya would talk to. He was the only one who made piano class in the mornings more fun  and entertaining. He started laughing out loud and pragya joined him. All eyes turned to them.” Pragya and purab” Out of the class!” Mr. Goverdhan, their piano teacher yelled taking off his glasses and snapping his fingers to the door. They both stopped laughing and walked out of the class. The teacher  shut the door and they both stared laughing again.”Oh god purab, how did you ever find that?” I asked still laughing.”I don’t know, I was just typing in random numbers as usual when…” He started laughing again. This was one of the best days in piano class which  pragya will always a remember.

The end….hope you all liked it….

Credit to: naveena

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