Abhigya – She is my hope (Part-4)


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abhi comes to his room and then their dadi come with food and sit beside him and make him eat food and is about to go but abhi hold her hand and dadi turns and see tears in his eyes
dadi: dadi I am soory what I have done I know I am a bad son for a girl I foget the love which you have give me from childwood I am very selfish dadi I think only about my pain but don’t care that how you fell when you see me like this how much you get hurt but she make me understand that how important is life and its not stop by someone left us I am having a lovely dadi like you I want to live for u dadi I want to give u all happiness from now please dadi forgive your son mistakes and tear coming from his eyes
dadi hear all this and tears are coming from her eyes and goes and hug abhi
dadi: no abhi you are my life I am happy to see you like this you are my life and then break the hug
dadi: now no crying
Their docter come to checkup of abhi
Lucky: ma I have taken decision docter I am ready for operation
Docter: are u sure
abhi: yes docter today I have learned the meaning of life so I want to live it now
dadi gets happy hearing this decision of him
Docter: I will make arrangement of oerration day after tommarow and goes from their
That day son and dadi talk a lot and dadi sleep their

Next day abhi wake and see dadi sleeping next to him and thinks how fool I am I am having such a loving person with me and I was wiling to die thnks all to pragya she is very speical to me
Suddenly their a knock on door and due to this dadi wake up and a girl come in wearing salwar suit
abhi: pragya you here
dadi: do you know her
abhi: yeah ma she is my best frnd which I am talking about always smiling girl
pragya goes and touch the leg of dadi and dadi blesses her
dadi: bcz of you I got my son back
pragya: no aunty your son is tubelight we have to make him understand
abhi: how mean pragya you called me tubelight and make a pout face
dadi and pragya laugh seeing him
abhi: no way dadi you also change the team
dadi: yeah you know I am lovely that everyone love me right aunty
dadi: right beta
pragya : oh shit I forget
And goes and make tika on abhi forehead
abhi: what for these
pragya: I have make a mannat for your health and take this parshad
abhi hearing this get senti and tear is about to fall
pragya: stop their only how much you cry in a day don’t you get tired by this
dadi smiles hearing her
abhi: ok baba soory

And they all trio talk and dadi and pragya get a great bonding in one day and abhi is eyeing pragya lovingly and pragya get to know about the operation of labhi and tell him all the best and tell him that she will come tomarrow and they both go to freshnup
Now abhi is alone in his room and thinking about pragya and all the time which he spend with her and her talks her thought about life and think that why I am felling lucky to have her in my life why I am so happy when she is around me and sad when she leaves
abhi inner voice: this is called love you love her
abhi really but how can this happen
abhi inner voice: why not you always have a smile on your face when she is with you how you get restless when she become 5 min. late only
abhi: yeah I think I am in love with her I will tell her tomarrow then I see what will happen
And a smile come on his face here pragya is also thinking about the same pragya thinks I never meet a guy pure hearted like him he so sweet but little bit dumbo but better them from all whats happening to me did I love him no pragya you don’t have right to love anyone just remember what has happen to you your dark past make his life again dark and cry
dadi comes their after freshnup and goes in abhi room and abhi tell her that he loves pragya and dadi gets happy as she also like pragya

Next day all opration preprations are done abhi is wating for pragya as he is taking to ot pragyai comes their
pragya: see I keep my promise
abhi:pragyai I want to tell you something don’t know I will come out alive or not
pragya put her hand on his mouth
abhi: but I want to tell you that I love u pragya I love you when I see you I love you r pure heart I love your smile which makes my life colourfull
pragya has tear in her eyes
abhi: pragya I am soory I want to tell u this don’t know this are the last words of me
pragya: stup u dumbo I also love u and more than you ok and promise me you will not leave me I cant leave with out you
abhi: paka promise I will not leave you
An abhi is taken to operation theater and dadi sits their and pragya goes to hospital mandir and their she see a man and runs from their with fear on her face and that man is also following her
pragya: how he come here I cant let him know about abhi I have to away from him and tears are flowing from her eyes and she make that man fool and runs
Man: she againg get out of my hands but I will not leave her and goes
Here abhi operation is going on and after3 hrs docter come
dadi: hows he
docter: he is absolutely fine and his hope of living make him alive
dadi gets happy and then lucky is shift in wardroom and dadi sit beside him after sometime he get up and only one name he murmuring that is pragya dadi see pragya not their she goes and check but dint find pragya
And comes to room
abhiu:dadi where is pragya
dadi: I think she left beta she is not anywhere
abhi fells bad and then smile seeing love for him in her eyes
abhi thinks don’t worry lucky she will come tomarrow she get a urget work na
As 5 days pases but pragya not come and abhi is felling like betrayed again he is looking like sad again but mantine a smile on his face for his dadi only and then he get discharged and he goes to home and he start recovering and always busy him in work its become 2 weeks he not meet pragya his all colours of life has gone dadi see his pain but cant do anything as he don’t show his pain to anyone and get busy him in work only
One day abhi his room seeing pragya pic and thinking his moment with pragya and thinks her love confession
abhi: why pragya you come in my life if you want to betray me all girls are same betrayal
And cry but something hits his mind
abhi : you are such a tubelight abhi you have see love in her eyes what if she is in some problem I have to find her and want my answer and thinks that she tell that she works in ngo in make my wish lucky takes the car keys and runs downstares
dadi: abhi beta come do breakfast
abhi: no dadi I have some important work
And he goes to ngo make my wish and enquire about pragya and gets to know that she left before 2 weeks abhi gets her address and go to that place their he gets to know that she has left the place 2 weeks before and the lady tells that that day she come hurridly and she is looking tensed and pack her stuff and go
abhi: do you know where she goes
Lady: I don’t know but I knoe she lives in Kolkata as she has given me proof as I have given this house on rent to her
abhi take the address and think don’t know why she is tensed and what happen with her I have to find her anyhow and abhi comes home
dadi see him tensed
dadi: what happen abhi
dadi:dadi vo pragya
dadi: don’t take that girl name bcz of him u forget smiling
abhi : no ma and tells her whole incident
dadi: looking like she is in problem and here I think bad about her beta find her
abhi: yeah dadi I will find her at any cost
And labhi goes to call some one and dadi goes to mandir
dadi: god make him meet with pragya and please take care of pragya
abhi in his room
abhi: I am sending you the pic of girl her name is pragya I want full and complete detals of her as soon as possible
Person: ok boss
And abhi send her picture and thinks pragyadon’t woory I will be coming to you I don’t let anything happen to u

Precap: abhi shocked hearing something

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