Abhigya – She is my hope (Part-3)


Thnku u guys for liking my ff and soory for late update

Next day day early go to garden and eagrly wating of his new frnd with so much excitement he don’t know that he is start attracting towards her as day passes that old couple come and childrens also come and start playing but that girl not come abhi is wating for her but she not come so abhi ask the old couple and childrens but they don’t know abhi is felling restless now as he want to meet her but she not come he waited her till evening but she not come her smiling face is coming in front of abhi and a fear come in his heart if something has happened to her but he jerked his thought

abhi: no nothing will happen to her what I am thinking
He become sad as today she has not come and go in his room and today his face become dull as usual and he goes and lays on bed and sleep thinking about that girl in sleep he see a dream in which that girl is going on road and he is seeing her and suddenly a car hits that girl and she fell on road in the pool of blood abhi open his eyes and shout
abhi: no this cant happen
He see him in hospital his body is full of sweat and fear on his face of losing someone he takes water and drink in one breath and try to sleep but that girl face is coming in his mind and after some time he get sleep and his sleep get disturb by someone laughing sound he hurridly wake up and goes near the window and see that girl smiling and playing with children
By seeing that girl abhi take a relif of breath and runs towards garden and see from distance and runs and goes near her and hold her and turn and hug her the girl is suprised by this sudden action
abhi ask like a child
abhi: why don’t you come tomarrow I was really worried for you
Girl break the hug and see teansion on that boy face
Girl: soory vo tomarrow I get ill
abhi tensly: now how are you
Girl: fine
abhi: come we will sit their
Girl: ok and tell children to play

They both sit on a bench
Girl: you are this much worried for me
abhi: yeah you are my frnd
Girl smile seeing his concern
abhi: ok leave it I forget to ask your name
Girl: my name pragya and yours
abhi: abhishek mehra
pragya: so you are the great musicion abhishek mehra na
abhi: yeah
pragya: but you know I will only tell you abhi
abhi: why don’t you like my name

pragya: yeah but its so big so I will call you abhi what say
abhi smiles and they talk and then pragya goes and abhi also goes to his room
as days passes they become best frnds and started attracting towards each other but they don’t know it abhi is also responding towards the treatment and always a smile is their on his face and my seeing this improvement ap and docter are happy as little bit but abhi has started a hope for his life
one day as usual abhi is going towards garden he see some one in corridor and gets shocked that girl also see him and goes near him
abhi: tanu you here
tanu: yeah my husband is a docter so he come here to meet someone
abhi is staring her all flash back started in front of his eyes

tanu: so hows you now I don’t think that I will meet you again but you are alive that’s great
abhi hear this and goes from their with tear in his eyes and tanu smiles and goes
abhi come in garden and sit on bench and started crying at that time pragya comes and sit beside him and see her crying
pragya: what happen to my frnd abhi

abhi: pragya you better stay away from me I am unlucky for all go away from me
pragya: why you are my frnd
abhi hugs her and cry and pragya console him
pragya: what happen don’t you tell your frnd

abhi brust out
abhi: why she again come in my life when she has gone
pragya: who
abhi: tanu my girl frnd yeah you know pragya we are in relationship from collage one day I get to know that I am having cancer I tell her then you know what she said she said the relationship btw us is over as she cant marry to a cancer patient as if something happen to her as she is marring me only for money and tell that she cant risk her life for money how can she do this with me I love her and now I have no hope with my life I don’t want to live wait you also leave me na

pragya wipes his tear and tells
pragya: who said you this I will not leave my dost in this situation
abhi hugs her pragya breaks the hug
pragya: abhi I know you love her but she rejected you so its her bad luck that she lost such a loving and caring person and why don’t you want to live bcz she left you that’s not fair abhi think about your family what they fell when they see you hopeless towards your life how much they hurt seeing you like this
abhi is listening her carefully

pragya: god has given us life so we have to live it fully good and bad things both happen in our life as if only happiness is in our life then we don’t know its value the bad phase of our life makes us strong for one girl you are forgetting your parents love which they have given you from childwood and yours dad care which has given you whole life protection that girl don’t love you its better that you know her true face as god has mad everyone soulmate and your soulmate is wating for your don’t lose hope live for yourself live for your family give them all happiness its not matter that some one left us so we lose the hope all have problems in their life if all lose hope life you then what happen to this earth start a new life and forget the past it was your pastlive be happy then who left you fell how they unlucky are that they leave you not to make them realize that they are lucky to that they leave you I hope you are understanding my talk

abhi is hearing her and his dadi face come in front of his face and he started crying
pragya: I am soory abhi If I hurted you
abhi: no pragya I am fool that I lose the hope to live you know you are my hope which given me the lesson of love and all I want to live now and I am very lucky that I have a frnd like u
pragya: ok then I want my lucky smile on your face
and abhi smiles today is a new enery on his face and they talk and after some time pragya goes and abhi also goes to his room

precap: abhi take a decision


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