Abhigya- My hero episode 7

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Episode starts with pragya coming to the house. She went to Tanu’s room and gave her stuffs and went to her room after doing her work. Here abhi was in full anger came to his house. Raj comes and saw abhi with full anger. Raj says hey my dear boy what happened to you? Abhi with anger says nothing bhai. Mitali came to them. She saw abhi was in full of anger and goes behind raj. Raj was about to ask something but Mitali clutched his hand and says sunniya pls don’t say or ask anything i can’t hear his loud voice pls let him go. Raj smiles and says ok Abhi you go and take rest. Abhi went to his room and slam the door. Mitali gave a relief sign and went from there. Raj thinks what happened? Why abhi was in anger? Here pragya came to balcony she was keep on looking stars and says don’t worry dad i will manage this tanu and aunty and find your enemies. She smiles looking at a stars. She went inside and dozed off.

Next day, Pragya came Earlier to talk with Abhi. Soon abhi came. She smiles by seeing him and came to him but he ignored her and went from that place. Pragya was shocked. Pragya thinks is he ignored me? No no pragya he was in thoughts so only he didn’t see you. Leave that go and talk with him. She again came to him but he again ignored her which makes her eyes filled. He sat in last bench with nikhil, vijay, Pragya came to abhi and says abhi… Abhi… Abhi turned to her and asked what?? (In stern and loud voice) Pragya jerked and says with stammering noth.. nothing. Her eyes filled with eyes. She moved to her place. Pragya thinks why he is behaving with me like this? What I done? Why he is avoiding me? Ok let me wait for evening then i will try to talk with him. Bulbul, Alia and purab too came. Time passed pragya was keep on trying to talk with him but he is continuously avoiding him. This was noticed by purbul and Alia. As class got over All the one started to move abhi too went without talking to pragya. Her eyes were filled with tears. She ran from that place without saying anything to purbul and Alia. They were confused. Soon she reached her house and went inside her room. She threw her books and fall on bed. She started to sob heavily. She clutched the bed while sobbing. She thinks why he is doing like this? What I done? Why he is behaving with me very rude? She sat in bed and wiped her tears. She thinks no pragya abhi is playing with you just calm down we can talk to him tomorrow. She stood up and went to do her work. Soon she dozed off.

Screen shifts to Abhi. In his room, abhi thinks i think she got hurt by my activities. He thinks about pragya’s tears in her eyes. He took small flower pot and broked it. He thinks i don’t know she was hurt by me or not, but I got hurt by her tears. Why she is making me sensitive? I can’t see her sad face and her tears. He sat in a bed and holds his head and thinks why she is making me to feel for her? What should I do? Yes I should not think about her. He lay down on the bed. He tried to sleep. Soon he dozed off.

In morning, pragya got up. She freshen up herself and went to college. Soon abhi too reached college. Pragya tried to talk but abhi keep on avoiding her which makes pragya to cry bitterly. This was continued for 4 days. Pragya stopped to try to talk with him which makes abhi to feel bad. Even though pragya not talking she is continuously sobbed everyday. It was Sunday. Pragya rushed to see bulbul and Alia. She kept her diary in living room and went from her house. She joined with alia and bulbul for her mind relaxation. All chit chatted. Bulbul asked pragya can we ask something. Pragya asked what question is this? Tell me what question you have to ask. Bulbul asked what happened to you and abhi. Pragya’s face become sad. Alia asked come on Pragya tell to us. Pragya says nothing. It’s time to go i am leaving. Alia says ok ok sorry sit and talk with us sometimes. Bulbul says pls pragya sorry. Forgive us. Pragya says hey nothing like that if i am not leaving then my aunty will become ghost. So bye. Bulbul and alia become sad and says bye. Screen shifts to Abhi, he was keep on thinking about pragya. Why she is not trying to talk with me? Omg if it goes like this then confirm i will become mad. Let’s go to Tanu’s house. He took his car key and left from his house. Here tanu came and saw Pragya’s diary. She took that and thinks wow Pragya’s diary interesting. Let’s see. She thinks what page we can read she just took one page unfortunately it came about abhi. She was shocked by seeing that she loves abhi.

Tanu was at peak of anger thinks how dare you pragya? How can you love my abhi? I am not going to leave you. At that time pragya entered. Tanu saw her and came front of her. Pragya looks her confusingly. She asked what is this? (Pointing towards diary) pragya was shocked and says it’s my diary. She was about to take it but Tanu pushed her hand. Tanu asked pragya in loud voice are you in love with Abhi? Pragya was shocked. Tanu shouts tell me Pragya. There is no answer from her. By her sound Tanu’s mom and dad also came. Again Tanu shouts tell me Pragya. Pragya shouts yes I am in love with him. Why? I should not love him? For this also i don’t have freedom? Tanu got angry. She gave a tight slap to pragya. Which makes everyone to shock. She pushed her on the wall and came to her. Abhi reached Pragya’s house and was about to enter but he was stopped when he heard Tanu’s voice. Tanu shouts you are like my slave pragya got it. Don’t ever dare to cross your limits by saying this she squeezed her hand. Pragya was in pain filled with tears trying her best to remove her hand. Abhi was shocked to see this. Tanu’s mom shouts how dare you to shout at my daughter pragya. Tanu says be quiet ma i will take care. Pragya was filled with tears due to psin. Tanu holds her hand tightly and turned to door side and pulled her but she was stopped when she saw abhi. She was hell shocked. Abhi looks on. Tanu left her hand.

Pragya turned and wipes her tears. She saw her diary. Immediately she took that and ran to upstairs.abhi’s eyes were moving along with pragya. She disappeared from his sight. Tanu says with stammering ab..Abhi you… Came here. Abhi asked with strong glare why I should not come here ? Tanu says no no not like that come inside. He came inside and was about to go upstairs but Tanu stopped him by asking why abhi? Why you are going up? Abhi gave death glare and says i came to meet pragya so I am going to talk with her. Before Tanu could say something abhi went to upstairs. Tanu thinks omg what I done? Now what he will think about me? Here abhi came and about to knock but he realised door was unlocked. He went inside and saw Pragya sobbing. Tears formed in his eyes. He went and holds Pragya’s shoulder who is facing towards wall. She immediately wiped her tears. She stood up and turned and says Abhi come. sit here i will take something to you

She was about to go but abhi holds her and made her to sit. Pragya don’t know what to say so she kept on looking away. Abhi was seeing her eyes which has tears drop. He couldn’t see her like this. He saw her hand which had red mark. He holds her arm which makes pragya to give attention to him. Abhi asked softly it is paining? Pragya no it is not pain…. Before she could complete he kissed her arm which makes pragya to shock. Pragya was about to say something but he kept his hand on her lips. He saw her cheeks which also had red mark. He leaned and gave a kiss on her cheeks which makes pragya to close her eyes and lose her sense. Abhi came to her lips. He comes more closer. She can feels his breath. He was about kiss her but he came back to sense by phone ring. Pragya opened her eyes. He moved back and took his phone. Abhi asked yes purab tell me. Purab says abhi pls come fast to xyz shopping mall. Pls come fast. Abhi says ok ok i am coming. He ended the call. Abhi came to pragya and says purab is calling me. Take care. Saying this he went from that place. Tanu was roaming. She saw abhi coming towards her and got happy. Tanu says abhi wait i will give you something to eat. Abhi in stern voice says no need i have important work. Saying this he went from that place. Tanu thinks omg… Abhi is in angry now what I can do?
Screen freezes on Tanu’s face

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