Abhigya – when your heart is on fire (os)

Hiii guyyyzzz dis is my 2nd one shot . Thanks a lot to each nd every one commented in my previous os .

After the photoshot, Abhi is sitting alone in the make-up room. He still couldn’t believe that Pragya, his Pragya, agreed to wear something like that and pose in the arms of that Mr Octopus. God! His hands were everywhere on her.

Abhi thinks… Yes Mr Octopus, I knew you have six packs but at least have some class by wearing proper clothes. I guess you forgot that you’re modeling with someone’s wife for HER HUSBAND’s music video. And Pragya, how can you just let that Mr Octopus touches you anywhere he wants?!
A loud sound took Abhi back to reality world. During his deep thinking, Abhi actually squeezed his soft drink can too hard. The loud sound and the unrecognisable shape of the can are proves of how bothered he feels right now. He threw the can and forced himself to get ready for his next plan of the night. As usual, after this kind of event, he’ll spend time with Tanu. Suddenly, Purab came in with Tej, the Mr Octopus.

Purab : Bhai, you’re going to where you usual go after this kind of event, right?
Abhi : Yes. And you’re going to be with Bulbul, right? (Seeing Purab nod to a yes, Abhi thinks… Good, at least Pragya will go with Purab too. Pragya won’t let any chance to visit her just recovered sister pass by.)

Purab : Okay! Since both of us have our own plan… (turns to face Tej) Tej, could you please take my Pragya Di to a nice restaurant before you send her home? She was so nervous because this of event and couldn’t eat anything since morning.
Tej : Sure, anything for the beautiful lady.
Abhi was shocked listening to them but by the time he could say anything, the duo were already walking towards the door.

While walking to the door Tej asked Purab, where is Pragya and Purab told him that Pragya is hiding because she is still in the black dress. The driver misunderstood and took the bag where Pragya kept her daily clothes home. So, she is in hiding because she still not comfortable wearing something like the black dress in public.
Abhi felt numb at the sound of the closing door. Then finally, he got the answer he was looking for.

Abhi don’t know how he safely arrived at Tanu’s doorstep because his mind is full with the visions of Pragya, his sweet innocent Pragya in that beautiful black dress with Mr Octopus in a very nice restaurant, smiling and talking to each other like a couple who is having a very romantic dinner. With a very deep breath, Abhi pressed the doorbell.
Abhi is sitting alone in the dark on the bed in his room, waiting from his wife. Abhi thinks… It’s late but where is Pragya? Is she having so much fun with Mr Octopus? Suddenly he heard the door is opening.

Pragya thinks… The room is dark. So, he is still with Tanu. Even though Daadi is suspecting something is wrong with their marriage, he’s still with Tanu like he don’t care if Daadi get to know about his affair and how it will destroy their marriage.
Pragya feels hurt and sad thinking of it. She dragged herself into the room because she thought it’s empty. When she switched on the light, she was shocked to see a very bad mood pouting Abhi on the bed, glaring straight at her. He looks like a very unhappy 5 years old boy. Then, Abhi takes Pragya’s hand and takes her to his studio so no one can hear them argue.
Pragya : What were you doing in that dark room?
Abhi : I’m Abhi The RockSTAR! Who needs the light?! So, you had a good time with that Mr Octopus?

Pragya : Mr Octopus?
Abhi : Tej! He surely had his hands all over you like he has eight hands with suction cups like an OCTOPUS! And you, how could you let him touches you like that? I bet with that black dress, you felt like you were someone else and in the very nice restaurant, I’m sure it was a very romantic date, right?! WELL YOU ARE WRONG PRAGYA BECAUSE EVEN WITHOUT THE SYMBOLS OF MARRIAGE ON YOU, YOU ARE STILL MINE!!
Listening to that, Pragya couldn’t control her anger and answered back.
Pragya : STOP IT! I’m so tired with your ego! Does it hurt your ego that other guy touches your wife? Does it hurt your ego so much that you are here instead at Tanu’s?
Abhi : You think I’m angry right now because of my ego? You are wrong Pragya! Totally wrong! Even if you are not my wife, I will still be very angry that he touched you! Even if your name is not Pragya, I will still be very angry that he dared to look at you! Don’t you see?! It’s not because of my ego I feel angry but because of jealousy. I’m jealous because the woman in his arm is YOU! NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE MY WIFE OR BECAUSE YOU ARE PRAGYA ARORA! BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WOMAN THAT I LOVE!

Seeing Pragya was shocked and speechless while looking at him with disbelief, he continues with softer voice to let her truly understand his feeling.
Abhi : These few days, I avoided you because being near you make my heart pumping too fast that it almost explode. It’s a new feeling that scared me because I never feel that way before. I was confused because I could not just say no to your proposal. Then I realised it was not because I scared that you’ll be very sad or pity you or being thankful cause you saved me but because my heart knew that if I say no, you’ll go away from my life forever and it’ll explode because of the pain of missing you.
Pragya: And… and how did your heart know?
Abhi : It missed you terribly when you left me during MMS issue and when you were kidnapped. That was why I saw’ you everywhere I look. And it’s getting worse because a few days ago, when I didn’t see you just for a short time, I started to see’ you again and get restless and go look for you right away. I guessed that was why I risked my life and went looking for you by myself when you were kidnapped.

Pragya : You did? But why did you tell me that you saved me because of your promise to Daadi?
Abhi : That was my stupid brain speaking. If I did because of the promise or because you happened to be my wife, I don’t have to go there alone. I could just sit at home waiting the policemen do their job. But I couldn’t do that because my heart wanted to save its owner. I couldn’t just sit and wait because you are my love.
Pragya : You love ME? But Tanu…
Abhi : Tanu is my past. Tonight I went to her place because I thought I have to end whatever relationship I had with her first before we can start our life together.
Pragya : So…your answer to my proposal is YOU LOVE ME TOO?
Abhi : Yes, I do LOVE YOU TOO! Now do you understand how jealous was I? Thinking the facts you walking around in the black dress that turn men heads to look at you and you were together with that Mr Octopus really were killing me.

With that Abhi went to sit on the sofa. He looks like he was just return from a very long war. While he rubs his face tiredly, Pragya when and sit on his lap and put an arm around his neck. She then calls someone and switched on the phone’s speaker. Abhi look at her, feeling confuse. After a few rings, a woman answered the phone.
Purvi : Di!!! Finally you call. I was so worried. You arrived safely, right?
Pragya : Yes. Thanks, Purvi for the lovely dinner and for the clothes.
Purvi : I’m your sister. You don’t have to say thanks. Next time, let’s have dinner together and with Jiju too.
Pragya : Sure. I’ll ask him. Bye, love you.
Purvi : Love you too, Di.
Pragya put down the phone and wrap both of her arms around Abhi’s neck. Abhi look at her clothes and just realised that it is not the black dress but a pair of plain jean and a comfortable sweater. Even all the heavy make-up was gone.
Abhi : So, you were not with Mr Octopus but you were with Purvi? And you changed your cloth too?

Pragya : No I didn’t go anywhere with Mr Octopus. And, Oh Em Gee! I can’t believe that you didn’t notice that I changed my cloth.
Abhi : Well…Jaan, jealousy puts my heart on fire and when your heart is on fire, smokes gets in your eye.
Pragya : Jaan…?
Abhi : When I took the bullet for you, my heart knew that the cooperator just shot an empty body because my life is not within my body but it’s here…( pointing on her palm) with you.
With that, Pragya hits his chest really hard.
Pragya : How can you say your body is empty? It has my life within it!
Abhi : Oh?! Sorry Jaan. Since my life is within your body and yours is within mine, let’s promise that we’ll take a very good care of each other and sticks together forever. Okay, love? I love you.
Pragya felt so overwhelming; she couldn’t reply and couldn’t control her tears from falling.
Abhi : Love, you are not supposed to cry now. It’s a happy moment.
After saying that, he lifted her in his arm and start moving out of the studio.
Pragya : Where are we going?
Abhi : Somewhere where I can fulfill my promise to Daadi.
Pragya : Promise?

Abhi : Jaan… while Daadi is busy thinking about another 98 names, we should at least give her both, Aarav and Aditi by next 10 months.
Pragya : Both? You mean twins?
Abhi : Yes. Now, let’s not waste our time. After all… we have extra works’ to do…
While Abhi smirks, Pragya’s face turns red… as red as ripe tomato. Suddenly she pictured both of them happily while holding baby Aarav and Aditi, surrounded by… 98 puppies and kittens. The picture makes her smile, thinking she can use it to pull Abhi’s leg tomorrow. For now, let’s get the baby project started.


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