Abhigya- hatred towards love (OS)

Hi guys it’s me Monesha again came with new os, i hope you all will support this os also.

I am dedicating this os to my sweet kakali and Sweet mary. And mary as you said i gave OS??

Now coming to the story,

One hostel was shown. One girl got up and fresh up. She took one chudi with full hand and she took the specs and puts in her eyes. Her eyes were sparkling. She came in front of the mirror. It is non other than our cute and Sweet pragya. She took her shawl and put on her neck and took books in her hand. One lady came to her. Lady says hey orphan. It makes pragya to feel the pain. Pragya turned to her. Lady ask what’s your name? Something ….. Pragya says mam I am pragya. Lady says yes yes yes pragya. While coming get me pain killer medicine. Pragya nodded and went with pain.

She reached college . She thinks about her parents and lady’s word. Suddenly she collides with someone and about to fall but he holds her. it is non other than our handsome abhi. They didn’t share eye lock bcoz of abhi hate towards her. He puts her down. Pragya shouts ouch!!! Abhi ask can’t you come by seeing your eyes. How dare you to hit future rockstar. This time pragya couldn’t control herself.

She stood up and started to shout what you want you also having eyes then why you can’t see and come. Tell me one thing you are always saying Rockstar…. Rockstar…. can’t you see you also human being i am also human being then why you are telling like this. You and that lady never feel others feelings. Just go to hell. Saying this she went.

Abhi was stunned to see her angry as he never saw her in angry. Purab came to abhi and ask what happened. Abhi explained what happened now. Purab says wow that means my friend got scolding from my another friend. Abhi says just shut up purab you know I was happy but she ruined it i just hate her. Purab says are you know one thing hate is the first step of love so be careful. Abhi says love it will never enter in my life got it. Saying this he went. Purab smiled.

Pragya reached her class and started to cry. Abhi too reached class and saw pragya crying. He thinks it is looking like i have scolded her. Why this girl is crying. Purab too came and saw abhi out of the class. He went and saw and was shocked to see pragya was crying. He went inside and sat beside pragya and holds her shoulder. Immediately she hugs him and cried bitterly. He consoled her. It create unknown jealous to a abhi. Purab ask what happened? Abhi came and sat behind pragya. Pragya explained everything to purab. Abhi thinks what lady is she why she talked to her. How dare she is. I won’t leave that stupid. Omg wait a minute why I am feeling for that. Hmmm.. may be bcoz i am also not having parents. Anyway if i get chance i will not leave her.

Lecturer came to their class. All the one wished. One modern girl came. Lecturer says tanu this is last day then also you came late. Tanu says sorry mam. Lecturer says it’s ok get in fast. Tanu came. Abhi saw her and moved to pragya bench and sat near her. Pragya moved to purab side which makes abhi anger. Tanu got angry by seeing abhi with pragya. She came and sat near abhi. Pragya ask bulbul didn’t come. Purab says bulbul will come for fare well party in evening. Pragya says oh… Ok.

Tanu ask abhi come we can go to last bench. Abhi says if you want you go i am not coming. Tanu got angry. Pragya was happy as abhi didn’t go. She want abhi to be with her but she never express that. Lecturer says guys one happy news we are going tour for tomorrow. All the one got happy. Lecturer says even college over we are going to tour and important news there are more bus will come so if you missed means also we can’t find so plz be careful. All the one nodded. Time passed… It was fare well party time. All got ready. Bulbul came to pragya and hugs her. Pragya felt happy and says missed you. Bulbul really then come with me he make her to wear red chudi with full hand. She removed her glass and make her to wear contact lens. All came to the party. Abhi saw pragya and was mesmerized by her look. He keeps on looks pragya. Tanu noticed that and got angry.

Soon party got over. Purab says pragya can i drop you. Pragya says no purab i will go my self. Abhi get in the car but it didn’t start. He came out and kick the tire. He took his phone but battery was dead . He broke the phone by angry. He started to walk it started to rain. Here pragya came to one bus stand. Abhi too came there and some of boys too. She was fully wet. Abhi saw fear in her eyes by seeing other boys. He came near her and wrapped his hand around her. Pragya looks him but abhi didn’t look her. She can feel his warm body and she felt protective. Soon rain stopped. Abhi removed his hand. Pragya moves front kept two steps front. She turned and says thanks. Abhi looks her. She turned and started to move. Smile form in his face. He went to his house by thinking pragya. Finally they both slept.

It was morning 6.00 all reached the bus. They started to enjoy the trip. Bulbul, purab, pragya, abhi, tanu sat last. All the one sang, danced and played. They went to all the place and ate different food. All enjoyed the day. Whole day abhi keep on looking pragya. It was 6.00 pm. Purab and bulbul was busy in chatting.Tanu came to pragya and ask can you come with me. Pragya thought and says ok. Tanu and pragya came to one forest side. Tanu says wait here i will take the pine from this forest and i will come. Pragya says ok.

Tanu came to bus without noise. Abhi searched pragya. He got down and went to see. He saw in all the bus but he couldn’t find her. He went to see. Driver ask is all the one came. Purab and bulbul says no pragya didn’t come. Tanu says i saw pragya in that bus so don’t worry. Purab says oh ok then may be abhi also be there. Driver start the bus and went. Every bus started to go.

Here abhi keep on searching pragya. Finally he saw her. He came to her and gave a tight slap. Her specs fall down and broken. Pragya was shocked. She holds her cheek. Abhi shouts what you are doing here. Pragya with crying voice says vo….vo… Tanu make me to stand. Abhi ask Tanu? I saw her in bus. Pragya was shocked and says but…. Abhi shouts what but…. Can’t you differentiate good and bad people. Pragya looks him with teary eyes. Abhi felt her eyes were more powerful. He avoid by turning his face and says ok leave now come. He holds her hand and pulled her. They comes to know bus went. Abhi says shit .. it is all coz of you. I just hate you. Pragya felt bad. He started to move. Pragya too follows him. Finally they saw one old and small house. Abhi knocked the door. One old lady opened. Abhi says can we stay one night. Old lady says of course come inside. They both went inside. Old lady ask newly married? Pragya was about say no but abhi holds her hand and says yes. Pragya was shocked. Old lady ok go inside. Pragya went. Abhi about leave.

But old lady stops him. Lady says you both got marriage then were is mangal sutra. Abhi says vo… Vo… Old lady says ok see take this. She gave mangal sutra. Abhi got it. Lady says tie in her neck. Abhi nodded and went. Pragya ask why you told like this. Abhi says then what to say? if we say what happened confirm she will not believe. Pragya looks him. Abhi says ha.. tie this in your neck. Pragya says i will not. Abhi ask why? Pragya says this is not simple it has more meaning. Abhi says omg…. Plz don’t open your mouth. And don’t think that i will say like cinema. I can’t sleep on floor so I am on bed. You can sleep on bed or floor that is your wish. But if you came to bed i am not guarantee. Pragya was shocked and ask for what you are not guarantee. Abhi says good night. Pragya says i am asking you only. But abhi started to sleep. Pragya slept on floor.

It was morning, pragya and abhi got fresh up. For abhi she gave white shirt. She went to get some food. Abhi puts his shirt. He came inside and was surprised to see pragya trying to tie her dori. She saw abhi and turned. He was mesmerized by her look. She wears black saree with sleeveless and open neck. This much days He saw her in only chudi with full hand and specs. This is the first time he saw her in saree with sleeveless hand and no specs. He couldn’t take his eyes from him. He started to come near to her. She started to move back. Her back hits on the wall. Pragya looks him with shock. He came near to her. Abhi ask can i ? Pragya looks him. Abhi touched her shoulder. Pragya turned and holds the wall. He touched her back which make pragya to shiver. He tied the dori and touched her back. His hands started to roam in her back. Pragya holds the wall tightly. Suddenly lady came with noice. Both came to sense. She entered the room and gave food to them.

Soon Abhi and pragya went to bus stand. Lady gave rupees. They both went inside the bus. after some times rain started. soon they reached their place. Abhi says you go to your hostel and i will go to my guest house. Pragya ask guest house? House? Abhi says dadi will be in sleep so only. Pragya nodded. They both came out. They both got wet by rain. Then the rain stopped. Pragya got revealed. She started to move but strong arm stopped her. Pragya was shocked. Abhi pulled her. Pragya hits on his chest. Abhi ask do you love me. Pragya don’t know what to say. He pulled her to his guest house. He pushed her towards the wall. He came to her and pinned her towards the wall. She was shocked.

Abhi says say me you love me or not. Pragya looks at him. Abhi holds her face. He started to kiss her inch by inch. She holds his shirt. He touched her soft and smooth hand and holds it. He kissed her hand and kissed her arm and kissed her shoulder. He touched her exposed part of her waist and squeezed her waist. She holds his shoulder tightly. He kissed her neck and started to nuzzle it. His hands were roaming all over her body. He understood she too love him by her silent. He lifts her and went backside. He took woods and chair. He broke it and make it fire. Again he lifts her and started to round.

Finally he completed 7 rounds. He tied mangal sutra around her neck. Pragya looks him with tears. He says now no one can call you as orphan. And i have torcher you and shouts at you plz forg…. Before he could complete. Pragya placed hand on his mouth and hugs him. He too hugs her and lifts her. He went to room. He placed her on bed.he comes top on her. He holds her both hand. And started to kiss her neck. He kissed her all over. He turned her and kissed her neck. Pragya clutched the bed. He untied her dori. He sat and removed his dress again he came and started to pour his love on her. He gave love bite all over her body. They consummated their marriage.

In morning abhi and pragya got fresh up and went to his house. He introduced pragya to dadi. Dadi was shocked. He explained everything to dadi. She accepted the marriage. Abhi and pragya got bless from dadi. Abhi and pragya started their life with happiness.

???????THE END??????

Don’t hate anyone or give painful words. I heard many painful words even my friends itself hurts me. truth is we can get bearings but we cannot hear painful words. So love all the one. Love you all…..??? If i done any mistakes sorry. Be happy take care.

I am sorry I couldn’t give comments to anyone as my phone broken. Plz forgive me.

If anyone get information about durga di plz plz plz plz……. say me .???

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  1. Balasonika

    So nice monesha I luvd it .each and every line had a feelings keep rocking

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much sweet heart For your sweet comment. Sry for my late reply. It is bcoz of my school. Love you???

  2. wow awesome dear…………….

    love u chellam n lot of kiss 4 u dear………….

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for your love. Love you a lottttttt……. Loads of hugs and kisses to you…… Ummmaaaaaaaa…….???????????

  3. Nice..

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much bro for your support……

  4. Hi choti how r u pesi rombo naal achu if u forgot me I vl kill u I thk by now u would HV got who am I… Really I missed u to the core ur love our argument really thn when I read last episode of ur ff I really felt I missed the last chance to talk with my choti nu bt no u came again with a OS I’m sooooo happy yaar bt plzzzz b in touch if u canot start a new ff also s OK bt give some OS whenever u feel free n tired… Thn OS s nice n u know tz world VAZHNTHALUM PESUM THAZHTHALUM PESUM thy know only to talk soooo v only shd not consider the words oru kadula vangitu innoru kadathala vitudanum thn another one thg the person who doesn’t know the pain of other person thy r considered as heartless sooooo y shd v consider the words of tat heartless loosers sweety… Thy r looser tat lady she s the real orphan soooo just grab those words of those idiots n put those in dustbin choti… Tz OS s also rocking… Bt keep tz as a mind plzzzz visit tu by OS as much as possible love u my cutiepie… Loads n loads of love ??????????…tones n tones of kisses????n hugs darling… Love u take care…. Tata…

    1. Monesha

      Wow…… Wow…. Wow……. My di is back…… ????????????????????????????????????? why you left me. Why you done this to me. How dare you left me alone. If you come in front of me confirm i will kill you. You made me to cry…….. ?????? Don’t dare to do this again. First register your number then i can give you private message. And i can talk whenever I need. Plz……… Akka register your no. And put dp. Bcoz another durga also there then i can’t differentiate. You know how I missed you but you are telling i forgot you then what you thought about me is i am giving fake love? I only know how much i love you. You have to het punishment for making me to miss you and making me to cry. Always i will search for your name in my ff. I really got upset bit now i am angry as well as happy as you came now. Don’t dare to leave me again. I want to know one thing. You love me truly? Not even sharing any thing to me. I asked you whether you have any problem as my heart said. Go and see your previous comment. Then only you know whether i asked you or not. I asked you the same question two times but no reply to me. I just went into the hell that time but you are asking that i forget you. Don’t dare to say that word again. ???. Now i am ok don’t think that i am giving fake love. Plz say me what happened to you. I got your words di. I am not going to react to their words. You know di they scold me for not showing the answer. in NEET i am second rank and they are 16 rank for that i got scoldings. See they involved my goosd friends too so only i got angry on them . Now i got angry on you for telling that i forget you. Ok leave that. I hope now my pyaari pyaari princess…… Di fine. Love you a lottttttt loads of hugs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa……………. ???????????????????????????????????????????????? Don’t leave me again. Plz…

  5. Sabeenia

    Superb os moni…..really nice…..short n sweet…….love u sweetheart

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much my dear sissy for your lovely…….. Comment. Thanks you so much for you love. Feeling very happy. I will do anything for my loved ones. Love you a lottttttt……. Loads of hugs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa………… ????? ???????

  6. Saranya24

    Ohh my darlu y u feelng sad u r my angel na dnt feel sad frnds ooy na they ll scold ten again they ll cne to u they cant be without u ok love u darlu stay happy always muaajh????

    1. Monesha

      Ok my dear sweety princess akka. I will not feel sad. Thank you so much for giving love to me. Love you a lottttttt……. Loads of hugs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa……… ????????????????????????

  7. B_Ani

    very nice os moni dear. loved it was simply superb. no words. you rocked it.

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much my dear sweet heart for your lovely comment. Love you sweet heart….. ????

  8. Beautiful and rocking os di…..u rocked it today…..I loved this os……really sweet and nice……just awesome…..keep writing…..

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much my dear sweet photo. You made me to fly in sky. Love you . Take care.

  9. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrr….. I loved it……

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much sweety for your lovely comment. Love you?

  10. Maahi

    dr i know i am a silent reader now adays but trust me uuuu rockeddddddddddddd it sweeeeetheart????????amazingggggg!!!! srry fr nt cmntng these many days but stuck with loads of pressure but all ur OS r superbbbbbbb

    1. Monesha

      Magic………… Di if you in front of me confirm i will scold you. How dare you to say sorry that too to me. If i heard that word than i will not talk with you. Missing you…….. And your magical writingggggggg………. ????? But I know my dear sweety magic princess………. Di having more………. Work. Here my school is torchering us so only i am late……… I will not say sorry then you will repeat the sentence what I said. I guessed correctly right ????? here i am waiting for your magical writingggggggg…… Come fast and again rock in your style……. Many fans including me eagerly……… Waiting for you. Thank you so much for your sweet comment my dear princess sissy…….. ??????? Love you a lottttttt………… Loads and loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you. Ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………………………. ?????????????????????????????????? Take care sweety…………… Sissy.

  11. Trisha

    Awww….this OS is sooo beautiful….i absolutely loved it???
    Good job angel…another absolutely rocking shot!
    Love you sooo much…take care???

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much my dear sweety darling di for your lovely comment………… I am really happy…….. Love you a lottttttt…….. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa………… ???????????????????????

  12. I love ur ff dear awesome….

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much sweety……… Love you a lottttttt……

  13. Sandy

    Hey Mone dr, Thanks for a beautiful OS. #niceone. All the scenes were good.
    But this piece ”Abhigya- love is painful or happiness (OS)” has occupied a spl place in my heart #alwayshavealwayswill #Idon’tknowwhy …..

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear……… Really you are making me to feel happy. I am really happy that you loved that os dear. I will try my best to give another nice os. Love you a lottttttt……… ????? Uncountable hugs and kisses to you…… ?????????

  14. oh my god monesha i don’t believe you write abhigya os for me you are so sweet. ..the current track of kumkum bhagya tourcher us so much your stories give some relief for this tourcher. God know how much they drag the memory loss track. i have one request plz don’t stop on writing abhigya love you

    1. Monesha

      Oh my dear you have to believe this sweety. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Ur 100% correct i love Abhi and pragya to the core but this CVS are making this serial worst. I am really feeling bad for them. This ff and os only making me to be calm. Confirm i will write sweety. Love you a lottttttt…. ??? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa….. ??????

  15. Hi remember me?Sorry for late comment.Lovely Os.You are write di we should’nt say any painful words.As we forget everything but those words we will remember them till our death.Dont feel sad di.If they said any words just forget them.You are thinking na this girl is saying who hates herself but saying me all the positive things.I am like that only di I say everyone but I never think about those things.Hope you remember me.If you forgot I am suhani123 who is worst choti of yours.Love you❤️❤️❤️

    1. Right di*****

    2. Monesha

      How can I forget you sweety…. Till my last breath i won’t forget you……. Don’t dare to ask the question again. Thank you so much sweet heart. For your words. Even they hurts me you all there for me. Thanks for that. Love you a lot….. ?????? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you……. Ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… ????????

      1. Di I have a small request.Please call me by some other name except sweety.Personally I don’t like that name.I am really really really really really sorry for saying this.You can punish me for this.You can even call me as vampire,devil and all the Tamil bad words.I have no problem.And ya if you’re hurt curse me very badly.As I hurt my pyaari di.??????

  16. wow!!my pyaari pyaari princess di.awesome os di.sorry for my late comment dhi.u r right we can’t able to hear painful words even my friends & class mates also hurts me that days i cried alot di.love u alot.lots of hugs&kisses to u my pyaari di.take care

    1. Monesha

      Oh my dear sweety you know I am also in same condition but don’t worry. I will be there to wipe your tears. Don’t cry for them who is not worth for friendship sweet heart. Your di is always be there for you. Take care too sweety. Love you a lottttttt ………. ????? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa……….??????

  17. Kakali

    Moneshaa !!! u have no idea how much happy i m.. u dedicate this beautiful story for me ,for us.. it really means a lot…

    Ur story is soo sweet,,Cute,,elegant beautiful yet little bit painful too…
    it touched my heart.. u showed every emotion very brilliantly.. Pragya’s innocence,, Abhi’s jealousy… ommmggg !!! it’s wonderful dear,,

    U r rit,, sometimes we don’t need to act harsh,, but words hurts… d pain of harsh words is unbearable… but though we need to live … just a little patience n we can get happiness … just like Pragya get … she beared all d pain but Destiny gives what she deserves…
    Thnk u soo much dear !!! the os was amazing with A morality… love it dear ..

    lotsss off hugggsss n chocolatesss forr u…. God bless u… ;-*

    1. Monesha

      Thank you soooooo…….. Much my dear sweety princess ????. I am feeling very happy sweet heart. Thank you so much for your lovely comment????. And dear i searched your ff but I couldn’t find it. I thought to send you private message by asking your ff but you itself comment me. I am incomplete without reading your ff. That too i am broking my head. ???? Plz send me the link. Otherwise confirm i will go to hospital. Plz sweetie i want to read. I am really proud to get friend like you. I missed you……. Sooooooooo…….. Much this much days. Sorry as my phone broken i couldn’t see your reply. Plz forgive me ???? and important news don’t brake this bond. Bcoz i love you sooooooooooo…… Much ????? Can you say your date of birth plz sweetie…. Love you a lottttttt loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you?????? more chocolates to my sweety princess……… ?????

      1. Kakali

        Awwww !! thnk u soo much dear..
        huhhh !! don’t break ur head.. it’s a bad manner.. whatif something happen to u.. soo never say all this..
        dont say sorry dear…
        i missed u too … but from next time do inform me. okkk .. i don’t wanna miss anything written by u..

        n yeah my b’day date is at 15 September… n ur?

        lovee u tooo.. lots of chocolates n huuggs for u tooo… n don’t talk about breaking bond… it’s just starting.. rit…?

        have a good day dear.. stay bleesed… http://www.tellyupdates.com/dreamfew-shots-kakali-part-4/
        here is d 4 th part link..

  18. Mukundraj

    super dear

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