Abhigya (a hate-love story) episode 7

Hi guys. Sorry for the late update.

Recap : Purbul romantic moment. Tanu pushed Pragya.

Abhi and Purbul shouts PRAGYA!!!!

Abhi rushes to the terrace. Purbul follows him. Abhi sees the door is locked. Tanu and Aaliya also comes there. Aaliya says bhai. Do something. Tanu smile seeing all this. She says in her heart today Pragya will die. Abhi brings a rod and breaks the door. He enters and rushes to Pragya . Pragya’s hand slips but abhi holds her at the nick of time. He pulls her up. Pragya hugs him tightly. Bulbul gives her water. Abhi asks Pragya how she fall down. Pragya looks at tanu. Abhi sees Pragya looking at tanu and asks her if tanu had done anything.Pragya says no she fell by mistake. Abhi says ok. Come. He thinks I know Pragya u r lying. This all tanu has done.

Abhi drops Pragya and bulbul home.

At night. Abhi comes to tanu’s house. Tanu is shocked to see abhi. She asks her abhi u here. At this time. Abhi says why I can’t come now.

Tanu tels him to come inside. She asks her to sit. Abhi says he had not come for sitting and tell me why u pushed Pragya. Tanu was shocked to hear this and says abhi what r u saying. It’s nothing like that. Abhi says if there is nothing like that then why r u so nervous. I know u had done. Tanu says no she had no done anything. Abhi says tell the truth. Or else….. Tanu says or else what. I’m telling u I had not done anything. Abhi wents from there.

Abhi thinks in car I know tanu u had done this. But u r not ready to accept it.

Precap : abhi force Pragya to tell.

I know it’s short. But adjust it.

I hope u like the episode.

Plz comments.

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  1. Gud..next one long please

  2. Hey sahima it is short but it is good.

  3. its so short..but very gud…

  4. Nice…

  5. Good episode bt its too short… Plzzzz upload next part soon n plzzzz it shd b little longer than today’s episode plzzzzz

  6. waiting for nxt part

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