Abhigya (a hate-love story) episode 6


Hi guys. I’m back with my ff . So so so so sorry fr the late update . U know u all r very angry with me. But plz forgive me for the late update.

Recap : abhigya danced. Tanu fumes.

Bulbul was walking when suddenly she slips and Purab comes and holds her. Saathiya plays in the bg.

Bulbul says thanks Purab or I was about to fall. Purab says bulbul u should be careful. Bulbul says I don’t know how u slipped. Purab says bulbul. U should be careful. What if u had got hurt. Then u would be in hospital for many many days. And I would be thinking oh. Bulbul. Hope she gets well soon. Bulbul beats him and says u thinks lime this about ne. Purab says um sorry. Bulbul says ok. But not next time. They both laughs.

Pragya says to abhi I think u should go to my home. Sarla comes to Pragya and says Pragya it’s too late. We should ho home. Abhi says I will drop u. Sarla says no we will go. Abhi says what is the problem if I will drop u. Come I will drop u.

Everybody gathers and says namaste. Abhi drops Pragya home. Pragya says what was the need to do this. Abhi says u r my friend. So I can’t do this much for u.

It morning.

At the college.

Tanu says today I will kill this Pragya. She sees Pragya coming and comes to her. She says hi Pragya so how u enjoyed the yesterday party. U must have enjoyed a lot as u were dancing with my bf abhi. Maybe u have done more than that.
Pragya says what do u mean. Tanu says I mean that…… Abhi comes there and says tanu. Don’t u feel ashamed telling all this. Tanu says why should I feel ashamed. In fact Pragya should feel. How can she dance with u. She is just a characterless girl who snatched my bf. Abhi says tanu shut up. The professor comes and asks them what r u doing here. Go and sit in ur place. Abhi says tanu I will sit with Pragya. It’s better u go from here.Pragya sits.

Pragya is sitting. Abhi says I’m sorry. Because of me u have to listen so much of insult. Pragya says no it was not ur fault. She gets a call. She picks up the call. Tanu says Pragya come to the terrace right now. Pragya asks why. Tanu says I don’t want to listen ur nonsense. Just come fast. Pragya says ok. Pragya thinks why is she calling me on the terrace. Abhi asks z there any problem. Pragya says no and says she have to go.

Pragya reaches the terrace.tanu says so u came. Now tell me why r u snatching abhi from me. Pragya says tanu. Plz. I did not snatch him. He is only my friend and nothing else tanu says oh. Pragya says yes.

They r standing at the corner of the terrace. Tanu says but I don’t believe in these all nonsense and today u have to die. Pragya looks on confusedly. Tanu says tata. Bye bye. She pushes her. Pragya shouts aaaaa……..Help. Plz somebody help.

Tanu locks the door and wents from there. She comes to abhi. Abhi says tanu what u did was not right. He hear some voice and says I think someone is shouting. He goes outside and sees Pragya hanging. Purbul also comes. The three shouts Pragya!!!!!

Precap : abhi saves Pragya and suspects tanu.

I hope u like the episode. Plz comment.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Wah bhai, i really love ur ff’s

    1. Thanks and I’m not bhai I’m behen.

  2. Dude after a long time ,awesome episode… But u shud compensate the previous episodes so pls update soon coz um always crazy abt ur ff

  3. hey sahima it was good.

  4. really very nice sahima

    1. kill this tanu out

  5. Nice episode bt than today I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow coz of precap… Precap s quite interesting…

  6. Wow!!!! It was just amazinggggg plz continue it n why so late update???????

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