Abhigya (a hate-love story) episode 4

Hi guys. I’m very very very sorry for the late update. I know u all were waiting for my next episode. But I couldnt make it. My school has also reopened. Plz forgive me.

Recap: bulbul goes with her friends. Abhigya became friends. Sara want abhi and Pragya to marry.

Pragya thinks about Sarla’s words. Bulbul asks her why maa was saying like that. Pragya tells I and abhi know each other from 1 year. And he has helped us a lot. But I’m afraid of him. Once he has helped us when our kumkum bhagya hall was in danger. From that time maa decided me to get married to him. But I don’t want to marry him as I was afraid of. Today he helped me only to prove that he is good. And that why I made him my friend. Bulbul says di if u don’t want to marry then don’t marry. Maa just want u to marry with a good guy. She will not force u. Pragya says I know. Bulbul says but I don’t want u to marry anyone. Pragya asks why? Bulbul says if u will go away from me then I will be alone. I will cry. Pragya says bulbul we girls have to go. It is the rule. And u cannot change it. And i will be always in ur heart. Bulbul says yaa. Of course. U r the best di. They both slept.

The next day. Abhi calls pragya. Pragya says hi. Why u called so early morning. Abhi says dadi want to meet u. So tell me when r u coming? Pragya says I can’t come. Abhi says why? Pragya says she has work. Abhi asks what work? Today is Sunday. So no work. Today u r free from work. U r coming to my home and that’s final. Pragya says why dadi wants to meet me? Abhi says u know we know each other from 1 year. Even our families also know each other. But u never came to our house. So just for a get together. We have arranged a party. Pragya says why u didn’t tell before about this party. Abhi says I forgot.ragya says ok. I will come with my family. Abhi says ok. See u at evening. Bye. Pragya says ok. Bye.

Pragya thinks I should inform everyone. She calls maa bulbul chachi purvi. Where r u? Everyone comes. sarla asks what happene? Pragya says abhi has arranged a party at his home and he has invited us to come. So we have to go. Sarla says ok.

It’s evening. At abhi’ s house.

Pragya’s family comes. Bulbul sees purse and goes to him. Purab says oh hi bulbul. Bulbul says. I don’t know that u r abhi’s friend. Purab says not friend. Best friend. Bulbul says ohh best friend. Come I will introduce u to my sister. She goes to pragya and says di. He is purab. Bulbul says to purab she is my di. Pragya. Pragya tells him namaste. Purbul wents from there. Abhi sees purbul and goes to them. He asks purab about bulbu. Purab says she is my friend. Abhi says friend or gf. Purab says stop ur nonsense. Bulbul says of course I’m his friend.and ur abhi ryt. Bhi says yaa I’m only abhi. Well tell me where is ur sis chashmish. Bulbul points to Pragya and says there. Abhi says thanks and goes to her. Pragya is standing at a corner. Abhi from back tries to talk to her but he is nervous. He thinks why am I so nervous. Then he says pragya. Pragya turns and sees abhi and tells hi. Abhi also tells him hi. There was a silence for sometime. Then abhi u r looking very beautiful. Pragya says I r praising me or flirting with me. Abhi says both. Pragya give oh expression. Abhi says u r my friend that’s why I’m flirting with u and u r so beautiful that why im praising u. Pragya says oh really!!!! Abhi says yaa. He then at a sudden asks her will u dance with me. Pragya is shocked to listen and refuses. She goes from there in anger. Abhi says shit. I again made her upset. He follows her. He says pragya plz listen to me. I don’t mean that what ur thinking. Plz. Pragya says I was kidding and u took it seriously. She smiles. Abhi also smiles looking at her. Abhi thinks why I always feel that u r special to me. Pragya says I will dance with u. Abhi says really! Ok. Well in sometime dance is going to start.

Abhi goes to stage and announces hello ladies and gentlemens. May I get ur attention plz. Everybody turns to him

Today I have organised this party as it’s been a long time spending some time with my friends. Abhi says one couple will come to stage and dance. But only………………………………………………unmarried can dance.

Precap:asya devga swasan ishveer ravika manya and twinj r also present there and dances. Abhi gay and purbul shared a romantic moment. Tanu fumes seeing abhigya together.

Hope guys u like. I will not be able to update it regularly. Plz throw comments in the comment box. Give ur suggestions plz. I want ur sugesstions. Plz suggest some names for Hindu boys and girls. I need some names. But I can’t find any. I hope u like the episode and u will comment.

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  1. So your going introduce a person to make abhi r pragya jealous na and ur ff is superb

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    I like it Sahima…….when Abhigya have in their nok – jhok ….to saw them is really cute……….I want to suggest some names such as Ravin,Ronit,Ronak,Ritwik,Akshay,Nivya,Anamika,Sreya Sree,Vedhika,Monika,……….I don’t know it will be suit or not…….As u wish………I also want to say that…..plzzzzz update it regularly……….

  3. it awesome sahima
    tell that whi is asya devga & manya who r they & which serial

  4. Not the precap

  5. Thanks for the comments.
    Reshma pradeep thanks for suggesting names. And I won’t be able to update regularly. Dawnana I didn’t und er stood what u want to say. U mean u don’t like the Precap.

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