Abhigya (a hate-love story) episode 3


Hi everyone. This is the 3rd part. Let’s take a recap.

Recap : tanu scolds Pragya. Abhigya share a moment. Pragya thinks about abhi.

It’s morning. Pragya and bulbul reached college. They both went to their respective classes.

Bulbul is sitting. Purab comes and says hi. I’m Purab. Bulbul says hi. I’m bulbul. Purab asks r u new in college. Bulbul says yeah. I’m new. Sita comes there and says so now u both become friends. Bulbul he is my friend Purab. He is a very nice guy. Hey I have an idea. Shall we all go for a movie after the college. Aaliya comes and says sure. Purab says yeah. We can. Bulbul says ok. I will come. But………Sita says but what? Bulbul says but I have to ask di. Sita says ok u ask ur di and then we will decide. Bulbul says ok.

Pragya is sitting in the class. Abhi comes and says hi ms.chashmish . Pragya says don’t call me ms. Chashmish. And plz go from there. I don’t want to talk to u. Abhi angrily says what is ur problem? why r u so afraid of me? What I have done bad to u? Pragya says plz go. Abhi says ok. He wents from there.

Pragya is waiting outside the college. Bulbul comes and says di. U r so beautiful and so nice. Pragya says u want to ask something. Then ask directly. Bulbul says my friends r going for a movie and they have invited me too. So can I go? Pragya says of course. U can go. I will tell to maa. Bulbul says di. U r so nice. They both hug.bulbul goes to her friends.

Pragya is trying to stop the auto. But to no avail. She thinks to go by walking. She is walking on the road. Some goons sees her and comes to her and says hi beautiful. Spend some time with me also. Pragya says plz go from here. They holds her hand. Pragya says leave my hand. Abhi sees this. He stops the car and comes to Pragya. He beats the goons and Pragya hugs him tightly. Ya Allah wariyan plays.

Abhi says why u r walking on the road. Pragya tells she was not getting any auto. Abhi says ok. Come with me in my car. Pragya says no. I will not come. Abhi says don’t be stubborn and come with me. He took her to the car. They sat in the car. Abhi says will u become my friend. Pragya looks on. Pragya says but…….Abhi says see today I helped u . I want to prove u that I’m not a bad person. Pragya says ok. I will becomes ur friend but on one condition. Abhi says I will accept ur all conditions. Pragya say u will not flirt with any girl in front of me. Abhi says ok. I will never flirt with any girl infront of u. Now we should.Pragya nods her head. Abhi drops her home. Pragya waves by to him. Abhi also says bye. He went from there. Pragya looks on.

She enters the home. Sarla asks where were u? U was not picking up ur call also. Come and have food. And where is bulbul? Pragya says bulbul……Bulbul comes and says maa I’m here. Sarla asks them to have food. It’s already too late. They had their food.

In the room. Pragya asks bulbul so u went for the movie.bulbul says yaa. The movie was awesome. Then we went to eat ice cream and chat. We had so much fun. Pragya says ohh. Bulbul says di. U r not happy.pagla says no I’m very happy. Bulbul says no something jas happened . Plz tell me. Pragya narrates everything. Bulbul says really!! He helped u and u became his friend. How can u do friendship with him. Sarla comes and says why can’t she do? Abhi is such a nice guy. He has always helped us a lot. And I want Pragya to get married to him. Bulbul says maa. What r u saying? Sarla says now stop talking and go to sleep. Sarla went from there. Pragya thinks about sarla’s words.

Precap : tanu Purab bulbul and Pragya comes to abhi’s house.dadi is delighted to see Pragya.

Sorry guys. It’s short . But adjust with this. And plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz comment guys. Plz

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. very nizz…. eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt update

  2. So nice sahima what will dadi say about pragya

  3. nice and continue pls

  4. Wowwww awesome dr

  5. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    Thanks for the comments.

  6. hey wat is this, it means each families know others & by college sarla planning for marriage.. by Ur next update may I get cleared about this

  7. Hyy hi sahima why did u stop the story….
    Plss update the next part we are waiting… Ur story is very nice.. Pls keep going ya plssss update

  8. When u will update your next part ………its too late now i have red this update 3 times

  9. I will try to update 2morrow.

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