Abhigya (a hate-love story) episode 2


Hi everyone. I’m back. And thanks for the comments everyone.

Recap : bulbul slaps abhi. Pragya is scared of abhi.

A girl says stop right there ms. Pragya. Pragya turns and sees it’s tanu. Tanu comes to her and says what is ur problem Pragya? Can’t u leave me alone. Bcoz of today I was embarrassed infront of everyone. Pragya asks but what did I do. Tanu says by telling the correct answer u have embarrassed me infront of everyone. Pragya says I know the answer so I told. My intention was not to hurt u. Tanu says oh really. I don’t think so. She wents from there. Sita comes to bulbul. Pragya asks who is she. Bulbul says she is my friend Sita.Pragya says u talk to her I will wait for u.

Bulbul comes to Pragya. Pragya says come we should go. Bulbul says no I will go with Sita. She has asked me to come with her. Pragya says ok u go . Bulbul wents from there. Pragya stops an auto. She sits. Abhi also comes and sits there. Pragya asks u. What r u dng here? Abhi says I have to go to my house. Pragya says but u have ur own car.u can go in ir car. Abhi says today I thought to go in an auto.Pragya turns her face. Abhi holds her land.Pragya says leave my hand. Abhi days no. I will not leave. What u will do? Pragya kerbs her hand away. The auto driver says madam ur house came. Pragya gets out of auto. Her dupatta stucks with abhi’s watch. Ya Allah wariyan plays. Abhi takes her dupatta out and wents from there. Pragya looks on.

She enters the house and says maa. I came. Sarla says u came. U go and freshen up . I will bring food.

Pragya goes to her room. She sees the flower the abhi had throwed. She opens the drawer and keeps the flower inside. So many flowers r there of different colours. Pragya says abhi. I don’t what bond do we share. But I don’t know when u r with me something is happening to me. She locks the drawer and e members te moments spent with abhi. Sarla asks Pragya where is bulbul. Pragya says he will come with her friend. Sara says come and have food. Pragya goes

Abhi in his room. He says Pragya u r the first girl with whom I’m not flirting but I want u to become my friend. I don’t know what happens to me when u r near me. Why r u so afraid of me? Plz become my friend.

Bulbul comes home and says my 1st day went very well. Sarla says ok come and have food. They had food and went to sleep

Pragya is thinking about abhi is thinking about Pragya. Ya Allah wariyan plays.

Precap: some goons tease Pragya. Abhi helps her and asks her to become his friend.

I know it’s too short. But plz adjust with this. Hope u like the episode.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. yh sahima its too shrt. bt I like ur ff very much.

  2. Sahima this is awesome and this friendship will turn into love I think so please unite abhi and pragya soon ? I am waiting for it

  3. Awesome ff episode sahima

  4. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    Thanks .

  5. Wowwww so cute yaar

  6. very nice differend segmend enjoy it.

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