Abhigya (a hate-love story) episode 1


Hi guys. This is the first episode. Hope u like it. And thanks for the comments.

The episode starts with a lady calling Pragya bulbul get up. U have to go to college.

Then a girl is shown getting up from bed wearing a sky blue night suit. She takes her specs and wakes up bulbul calling he choti get up. Today is ur first day of college and u r sleeping. She z our beloved Pragya. Pragya rushes to washroom and gets ready for college. Bulbul also gets ready. Pragya is wearing a light pink with a touch of red at bottom. Her hair curled from down (as u know pragya’s original look). Bulbul is wearing a blue top with black legging. They comes down. They had their breakfast. Pragya and bulbul takes their mother’s and chachi(purvi’s mother) blessings. They headed to college.

Pragya and bulbul reached college. Bulbul is very excited for her 1st day of school. A boy throes flower at Pragya from back. Pragya and bulbul turns towards that boy. Bulbul says who throwed that flower. Pragya is quiet. She knows who had throwed that. Then a handsome boy with a head band on his head wrist band on right hand and watch on left hand said I throwed the flower. Bulbul goes to him and gives him a tight slap. Abhi says how dare u to slap me?? Till now no one has dared to slap the rock star abhi. Bulbul says u r a rock star and throwing flowers at girls. U r not a rock star but a hooligan. The Bell rings. Abhi says I will see u at the recess. He went from there in anger. Bulbul comes to Pragya. Pragya says why u said like that to him. U don’t he is a very rich man. And u…..u……..U slapped him. O god now what will happen. Bulbul says nothing will happen di. U don’t need to be afraid. They went to their classes.

Pragya tanu and abhi r in one class. Alia Purab and bulbul r in one class.

Pragya enters the class. She goes and sits with Sonali. Sonali says hi Pragya. Pragya says hi (in a tensed voice). Sonali says what happened?? Why u r so tensed. Pragya says today in the morning that abhi throwed flower at me and bulbul had slapped him and gave him an earful. Now what will happen. Sonali says don’t worry Pragya. Why r u so afraid of hum? Pragya says ok. Thanks for giving me courage.

Tanu is abhi’s gf.

The class starts. Everybody went to their places. The prof. Asked one ques to tanu. But she gave wrong answer. Then he asked to Pragya and Pragya gave the correct answer. Tanu is frustrated. The class ends.

Here bulbul enters the class. She goes and asked a girl can I sit here. The girl is Sita. Sita says sure. Why not? They both introduced themselves to each other. Purab sees bulbul and is mesmerised seeing her. The class starts and ends. But Purab is still seeing her only. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

It recess. Bulbul and Pragya sees and comes to each other and hugs. Pragya asks how was ur first day choti? Bulbul says it was amazing. I got a new friend. But di u r looking so tensed. Pragya says yaa the abhi. I’m very afraid. Bulbul says oh god di. U r still stuck there only. Just forget about that. Pragya says ok. Come we can go.

But a girl from back says stop right there Mrs. Pragya.

Precap: abhi goes and sits with Pragya in the auto. Pragya is she’ll shocked to see him.

So guys how u like the episode. And guess who is the girl. Plzzzzzzzzzz comment friends.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. What mrs pragya whats this

  2. sahima nice start

  3. Nice story sahima…. Bt Mrs pragya ah may be aaliya ah???

  4. Sorry guys. It ms Pragya. By mistake I wrote. And thanks for the comments reju.

  5. uff it’s miss only ah, before rolling down I had lot of idea about mrs pragya.. then story is fab no words & Ur precap is amazing..waiting eagerly so please update soon na

  6. uff it’s miss only ah, before rolling down I had lot of idea about mrs pragya.. then story is fab no words & Ur precap is amazing..waiting eagerly so please update soon na.. I think why did bulbul slapped him, she may just throes only by sharp words is enough..

  7. Sahima(fan of abhigya)

    Thanks for the comment saran priya.

  8. awesome ya… plz cntnu it…. I think may be dat grl is tanu????

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