Abhigya – Happy love Episode 9 (Janmashtami Special)


Hello Guys !!Sorry guys can’t reply to some of u but i will reply later ..Thanks a lot for ur comments..And ff writers keep rocking with ur ff ..Somiya i am missing ur os ..Aytac i read urs but can’t comment !!..sorry ..And Tisha i mean Srimathi akka missing ur ff please upload soon !!..All the ffs r superb keep going guys ..Sorry if i didn’t comment !! . .. Once again happy janmashtami to u all !!..How is ur party going ??..Hope all r enjoying right ??…Ok with the same party mood let’s jump into the Happy Love’s party !…

The episode starts with Abhigya’s wishes HAPPY JANMASHTAMI . All gave a huge round of applause to them .
Arjun – Prags not bad u danced very well .
Pragya – Thanks Arjun …
Arjun – Abhi u too did very well yaar …
Abhi – Thanks !!

Rv announces in the party that All get ready for Maakhanchor (Butter thief) competition . This is the special competition for mens . Here all the men will be standing and will climb on each other to break the pot Makkan(butter) pot which is tied up . The person who breaks the pot will be the real hero of today’s event .
Pragya – Wow maakhanchor competition Abhishek Arjun u guys can take part na ??
Arjun – Ya Pragya i am taking part
Abhi gets irked and says Ya i am also !!
Pragya – great comeon let’s see who is going to break the pot . !!
Abhi and Arjun looks at each other willingly ..Nagada sang dhol baaje plays in the background
Abhi and Arjun climbs up Abhi gets a little slip but Arjun holds his hand . Abhi thanks him . They both together breaks the pot . All claps their hands ..
They both comes down ..
Pragya – Hey u guys y did u break together ??
Arjun – Haha ..
Pragya – Very funny ..so u both r today’s hero ah ??
Abhi – Definitely !!..
Pragya – i won’t take this , ..
Arjun – But this is the fact yaar !!..
Pragya – Now sees my performance ..

Pragya goes to Ishani and says Ishu i need ur help yaar ..
Ishani – what Pragya ??
Pragya – Today u have to perform with me in the dance as i will not get a better partner like u !!
Ishani – But i don’t know to dance yaar ..
Pragya – No problem let’s manage ..
Ishani – Then done !! ..

Pragya and Ishani comes to the stage .. Abhi and Arjun and Rv watches them . Pragya and Ishani dances on the song Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo …Ishani gets a slip while dancing but Pragya helps her and they both together rocked the performance . All gave a big round of applause and one person said Today these 2 are the heroines of the event !!..Arjun smirks at Pragya .
Pragya – Now wat u say sir ??
Arjun – Ok !!..I accept it
Abhi – Ishu u don’t know to dance na ??
Ishani – Ya bhai !!..But Pragya only managed it !!..
Abhi looks at Pragya and mesmerized with her … Saiyaara saiyaara plays …
Pragya says Ok now the event is over “Happy Janmashtami to u all ”
All convey their wishes to Ragini and disperses ..

Pragya sees Arjun and says Thank u so much Arjun for coming !!..
Arjun – Hey Prags !!…Comeon !!..In friendship ..Pragya cuts and says..No sorry no thank u ryt ??
Arjun – Right and smiles …
Abhi sees him and thinks Y i am getting this much jealous when Arjun is with Pragya ??..No Abhi ..just frankly speak
Abhi comes and joins their talks ..
Pragya – Hey Abhishek !!..Thanks for coming ..
Abhi – in friendship ..Pragya again cuts and says No sorry no thank u !!..And gets irked and says u both r same ..
Abhi and Arjun smiles …
Arjun – Ok Pragya bye !!…
Pragya – Bye !!

Abhi – So fuggy !!
Pragya – Yes rockstar !!
Abhi – Ok bye !!..
Pragya – Bye !! meet u next time !!..
Abhi – Where ??
Pragya smiles …And says if really God wants u to meet me means time will tell !!..
Abhi smiles and says I will be waiting …Pragya turns back and they have beautiful eyelock …

Screen shifts to Rv talking to Ishani ..Pragya sees it and hears them …
Rv – Ishani did u enjoyed the party ??
Ishani – Ya !! it’s really nice one !!
Rv – You danced really well !!
Ishani – Thanks but the credit goes to your sister only !!..
Rv – My choti is always smart !!..
Pragya smiles …
Ishani – Then ??
Rv – Ok tomorrow meet u at office !!..
Ishani – Ok bye !!
Abhi calls Ishani ..
Ishani says Ok bhai is calling me bye !
While she going she slips and abt to fall …But rv holds her ..Ishani sees his eyes and not in senses ..Saiyaara saiyaara plays .. Ishveer comes to senses ..
Rv – Ok bye take care !!..
Ishani – Bye !!!
They both leaves…

Pragya comes out and says this means something is going between bhai and Ishani ..Bhai i am feeling happy for u …Ishani u too i want to say to Abhishek ..I think God has made u 2 to join to make me and Abhishek meet again ..and smiles Allah Waariyaan plays…

Precap : Rv proposes to Ishani ..Ishani is mesmerized ..Tum hi ho plays …Abhigya says to Rv and Ishani then the next thing is Ishani and Ranveer we mean Ishveer’s shaadi ( marriage)…Abhigya laughs …Ishveer smiles …

So guys ..Till this Janmashtami special completes ..I hope u all enjoyed these Janmashtami special episodes ..And i will be exams not now but after 2 weeks ..So having studies works guys ..After completing studies works i will upload the nest episode !!…Thanks a lot for ur support ..Keep commenting guys ..And in next episode it’s gonna be more masti!!..Abhigya and Ishveer scenes r waiting for u all ..So till then stay tuned !!..

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