Abhigya – Happy love Episode 7


Hi guys !!..Thank u so much for ur lovely comments !..I felt very happy !!..Your comments boosted me to write the episode today! And today’s episode is gonna be very interesting !..R u all excited guys ?..Even i am excited to narrate the story to u all !..Ok let’s quickly move onto the episode !!..Happy reading guys !!..

The episode starts Abhi shouts and jumps in joy !!.. Pragya in car keep on thinking abt Abhi . Allah Waariyaan plays ..
Rv – choti !
Pragya keeps thinking
Rv – Choti !!!
Pragya – Bhai !!..What happnd?
Rv – i want to ask this question ! what happnd ?
Pragya – Nothing bhai !..I am fine
Rv – Ok how ur college went ?
Pragya narrates the incident when Abhi danced with her ..She was abt to continue when Abhi saved her . But Rv cuts her
Rv – How dare he is ??..He behaved with my sister like this ! .. No i am not going to leave him !
Pragya – Bhai i didn’t complete my words !!..She said how Abhi saved her ! ..
Rv – Atleast one time he did a good thing !
Pragya – Bhai he is a good person only it’s just thing that happnd !
Rv thinks Thank God i don’t want to torture Ishani ! Thank u choti
Pragya – Bhai !!
Rv – what happnd choti ??..
Pragya – haha !!..Now i want to ask this question !!..what happnd ?
Rv laughs ..
Pragya – Today i met Arjun ..My friend do u remember him ?
Rv – Ofcourse he also helped him in some cases ..
Pragya said abt their lonavala trip
Rv – Ya choti i am coming ..We will stay in our lonavala house ..I mean our farm house in lonavala !!
Pragya – That’s great bhai !!, I called my friend Arjun and another friend
Rv – Who ?
Pragya – Abhishek !!..I mean Abhi ?
Rv – Arreyy !!When did he became your friend ?
Pragya – That time only !!..
Rv thinks why can’t we call Ishani also ?
Rv – Can we call Ishani ??
Pragya – Who is she ??..Aapki girl friend uh ??
Rv – Bas choti !!..She is Abhi’s sister ..My PA
Pragya – Oh that girl whom i admitted in hospital !! ..But how she is ur PA?
Rv – Don’t know y choti ? ..And choti i want to say u onething ..
Pragya – Haan tell me bhai
Rv shares his decision when we wants to torture Ishani
Pragya is shocked
Pragya – Bhai if u tortured her na ?.Then i will not talk to u at all !! I don’t know who is she and all !..But i think she is a nice girl !
Rv – Sorry choti hereafter i will do like this !
Pragya – Promise ??
Rv – Pakka promise !
Pragya – That’s good !!..

The next morning all were getting ready for their trip to Lonavala . Rv and Pragya waits for Arjun Abhi and Ishani ..
Pragya – Y bhai still they didn’t come ?
Rv – choti look there they came !
Abhi and Ishani gets down from their car .
Abhi and Rv looks at each other
Abhi – I am sorry Ranveer ..
Rv – No it’s ok ..and hugs him ..
Ishani – Ok still who have to come ?
Pragya – Arjun !
Abhi thinks that idiot didn’t come
Arjun comes and gets down from his car

Pragya – hey Arjun !
Arjun – Hi Prags !!
Pragya – OK all came i think shall we move to Lonavala .
Rv – Ok i will drive the car , Pragya can’t sit in front as she will get nauseous feeling if she sit in front during travel .
Pragya – Ya bhai is ryt !!..Ishani can u go in front? !!
Ishani – Ok !!..Fine
Pragya – Done !! bhai we will be sitting back
Rv nods ..
Abhi and Arjun sits in corners and pragya in their middle …
Rv starts the car !!

In evening abt to get dark
Pragya – Bhai how much time it will take to reach Lonavala !..
Rv – Choti bas some more time only
Abhi smiles at her
Pragya – It’s really boring
Arjun – Pragya i have some songs let’s listen together in earphones
Pragya – Oh wow !!.Please give me one
Arjun one speaker to her …
Abhi gets jealous seeing them close ..
Abhi – Pragya , why u want to hear songs when a rockstar is here ..!!
Pragya – Ya i forgot u Mr.Rockstar . Ok can u sing my fav song ??
Abhi – Sure ..He starts to sing “Happy Love”..
Pragya just mesmerized with his song and lies on Abhi’s soldier ..Abhi sees her and smiles ..Sanam re plays …He caresses his hairs ..
Arjun – we reached Lonavala !..
Pragya gets up and says Really Arjun !!..
Arjun – Ya see there !!..
Pragya – Rockstar this is the first time you are coming to our farm house na ??..Definitely u r going to enjoy ..
Abhi smiles ..

They entered into the farmhouse ,…
Pragya – Bhai after a long time we r coming to our farm house !..
Rv – Ya choti !!..
Ishani – Sir , ur farmhouse is very beautiful
Rv – Here don’t want to call me sir , just Ranveer..
Ishani – ok sir i will try
Rv stares and smiles
Pragya sees this from behind and smiles ..

Ishani – I will put coffee and come .
Pragya – You go and take rest , i will put ..
Ishani – No it’s ok ..
Pragya – You please take rest ok ?
Ishani – Ok !
Pragya goes to take kitchen ..
Abhi follows her ..
Pragya ons the stove ..
Abhi – Hi fuggy !!
Pragya – Fuggy ??..Am i looking like a balloon ??
Abhi – When you slept on my shoulder you looked like fugga (balloon ) so for female fuggy !!
Pragya – very funny !!..
Abhi – do u know to put coffee ?
Pragya – Oh hello !!..I am not that much weak in cooking ok ??
Abhi – Ok ok !!..Now how to put coffee ?
Pragya – First take a vessel ..
Abhi – vessel !!..and takes a vessel ..
Pragya – then doodh !!..
Abhi – doodh ??..
Pragya – Hello i am asking milk !!
Abhi – Milk ah ? and takes the milk ..
While taking the milk abhi pours it on his face !!..
Pragya starts to laugh …Abhi looked like a statue ..
Pragya – What did u do ?
Abhi – What !! can’t u see ??
Pragya – Mr.Rockstar now only u r looking too cute !
Abhi – Fuggy , masaap math karo
Pragya – Wait i will take a selfie with u !
Abhi – Fuggy no no !!..Pragya clicks selfie ..
Abhi – Now how should i wash ?
Pragya – washroom is there …
Abhi went ..
Pragya still laughs

Abhi comes out and sees Pragya offing the stove and her finger gets burnt ..
Pragya – Ouch !!
Abhi rushes out and took her finger and keeps with his mouth and blows it ..They both have a eyelock ..Sanam re plays ..
Pragya – I am fine Abhishek !!..Here is your coffee
Abhi – Thanks
Pragya – Where is your sister ?..I mean Ishani ..
Abhi – i think in her room
Pragya – Ok !

Pragya goes to Ishani’s room and sees Ishani standing in balcony and talking alone
Ishani – i am getting scared that always my beloved ones will be leaving me ..1st papa then mumma , ..in my life i didn’t see anyone who lives for me as a friend ! all i come across was a companion..I know bhai is taking care of me very well but i am having a feeling that i didn’t have good friend..
Pragya enters inside , Ishani sees her and be normal ..
Pragya – Sorry i should have knocked and come inside ..
Ishani – No no it’s ok ..
Pragya gives her coffee with a letter and stands near the door
Ishani reads it – Inside the letter it was written “Will u accept me not as companion but as friend !”
Ishani gets tears ..Pragya smiles Ishani goes and hugs her ..
Pragya – Ok my friend means they should not cry ok ?
Ishani smiles and says ok !!

It was late night ..Rv says Ok guys , i think we can go and sleep as tomorrow morning we r going to enjoy !!
Pragya – Ok bhai !!..come evryone let’s sleep !!

The next morning ..sun was so bright all were getting ready for trekking/picnic ..
Pragya – Where is Arjun ??..what he is doing inside ?
Rv – Pragya u go and call and come !..
Pragya – Ya bhai !
Pragya goes to Arjun’s room ..and sees Arjun can’t put his button properly !
Pragya – hey Arjun wat r u doing ?
Arjun – Thank god Pragya tum aagayi !,For Half and hour i am trying to put this button ..
Pragya – Show i will put ..and puts the button ..Abhi sees Pragya closer to him and gets a strong jealous …and shouts Pragya Rv is calling !!..
Pragya – Sorry Arjun bhai is calling ,
Arjun – Ok prags u go !
Pragya went ..
Finally all gets into the car and goes to the hills…
Pragya – Wow here the view is superb !!…
Abhi – Ya !!..
Arjun – Pragya let’s click some photos there !!..
Pragya – Come let’s go …

Abhi joins them and clicks some photos ..Rv sees them and smiles…Ishani went to take her camera while going she slips from the hills …Ishani shouts Bhai !!
Rv – ISHANII!!..
Abhi , Pragya and Arjun gets shocked ..Abhi – Ishu !!!
Rv goes to her and sees her holding a branch
Pragya cries ..
Rv says to Ishani – Ishani look here !!..Don’t get scared i am with u !!..Hold my hand !!..
Ishani – No Ranveer i can’t !!..Please leave me i am holding the last minutes of my life !,,
Rv – Just don’t speak like that !!..Hold my hand comeon ..I will not leave u ..Trust me !!
Ishani tries her hand to him …Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte , tere bina kya wajood mera plays …
Ishani gives her hand and their both the hands join ..Kyunki tum hi ho , ab tum hi ho ..zindagi ab tum hi ho !!..chain bhi mera dard bhi , meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho plays ..
Rv lifts her and Ishani comes up …
Abhi hugs Ishani !!..
Ishani – Bhai i am fine !!..
Abhi goes to Rv and says thank u so much Rv ,
Rv – Actually i should also say thanks , u also saved my sister and moreover we r friends yaar !!..Abhi hugs him ..
Arjun – I think we can leave now as it’s getting late ..
Pragya – Ok come let’s all move to farmhouse !!..

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