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Hello All !!..I know i didn’t keep up my promise !!..So sorry guys ..Whatever punishment you want to give means give !..I am ready to accept it . My uncle’s marraige so busy with that !!..Marraige was over now they r happily married !! I am trying my best to upload regularly!.And ya i tried to read some ffs !!..It was superb ..Fantastic ..Aditi congrats for ur 40th episode..When i got break with Telly Updates ur ff’s episode no was 5 or 6 But after i returned it was 30 so tried hard and finally read ur ffs full episode ..Harisha urs also too good !!..I didn’t feel bad that u used my dp !!.So don’t worry for it !!..And Tisha i mean srimathi akka u r my rolemodel to write these ffs ..And trisha sabeenia haritha monesha aytac aastha shriti asmithaa …I liked these ffs but didn’t get time to comment ..And maya Somiya surbhi also doing a great jobs ..So keep rocking friends !!!..All the best ..Now let’s continue with our ff ..Happy love !!Happy reading

The episode starts with Abhi dancing with Pragya . Pragya feels embarrassed . Abhi then kneels down (in a proposing stance) . Pragya is shocked . Everybody shouts comeon Prags !!..Pragya just accept it . Pragya gets tears in her eyes and leaves from there . Abhi comes to his senses and thinks Hey Abhi what did you did ?..Oh no i made the matter more complicated . I came here to apologize to her but now …Abhi we have to do something !.And leaves to see Pragya .

Pragya comes down from stage and cries . Arjun says Hey Prags !!..
Arjun – y r u crying ??
Pragya – (sobbing) There!..he
Arjun – Oh madam don’t cry y r u crying for this small matters .. ?
Pragya – Small matter ??
Arjun – Ok ok !!..Pragya do u know onething ?
Pragya – what ??..
Arjun – you r looking too cute while crying !!
Pragya starts to laugh ..
Arjun – Now u laughed na ?
Pragya – no ! who said ??.
Arjun – Ok don’t cry i am always with u
Pragya hugs Arjun (a friendship hug only) Abhi sees this hug and gets shocked !(he took it in a wrong way)
Pragya – U r my best friend ! Thanks to make laugh
Abhi gets angry and leaves from there
Pragya breaks the hug
Arjun -It’s my duty officer . They smiles and leaves

Screen shifts to Ishveer .
Rv arrives to his office and his eyes seeks for Ishani . Rv goes to his cabin . Ritika comes there and says Good morning sir !
Rv – Good Morning !btw Ishani kahan hai ??
Ritika – Oh that girl who joined yesterday !
Rv nods
Ritika – don’t know sir ! i think she is late !..punctuality less
Rv – Ritika it will be good if you mind your words i know you are this office’s manager and she is your junior But she is my PA ok ?
Ritika is irked – Sorry sir !
A girl enters it is Ishani – Sorry Sir
Rv – What is this Ms.Mehra ?..Y so late ?
Ishani – Sir , Our office’s cleaner got accident no body went to help him so by admitting in the hospital only i got late
Rv sees Ritika – So a humanity less girl calling another girl as punctuality less
Ritika – Sorry Ishani and went angrily .
Rv – good job Ms.Mehra !
Ishani – Thank u sir , But sir can i ask you something ?
Rv – Sure .
Ishani – I don’t like you calling Ms.Mehra not looks nice
Rv – Then how i have to call you ??Ms.Dramebaaz !
Ishani smirks – My name is Ishani not dramebaaz !
Rv – Ok Ishani !!…
Ishani smiles and leaves

Screen shifts to Abhi – In the evening (almost dark)
Abhi in his mind -(angry and jealous) What happened to me ??..Y i am feeling so jealous by seeing her with that idiot ??..I just want to ask sorry to her but . I want to apologize to her .That’s it . Why i am feeling this is much jealous ??..I don’t care about her ..
Abhi sees Pragya with Arjun and follows them .
Pragya – Let’s go somewhere
Arjun – Ya sure , where and when ??..
Pragya – Tomorrow to Lonavala….i will call bhai also !
Arjun – Ok !!..Hmm ..Fine madam …
Pragya – Ok bye Arjun !!…
Arjun – Come i will drop you !
Pragya – No my scooty is waiting for me bye
Arjun – Ok bye meet you tomorrow …
Abhi thinks She is going to enjoy with him !!..It doesn’t matter for me ..

Abhi thinks Thank God that idiot went . Pragya went to take her scooty ..but suddenly it doesn’t start . Pragya says Shit !!..now this is not starting . Now how will i go to home ??..Suddenly some boys came there and sees Pragya standing alone with her bike .
Boy 1 – Hey this is girl is standing alone .
Boy 2 – Starting problem uh ?..
Boy 3 – don’t worry we will drop u !!come baby
Pragya cries
A boy tries to hold Pragya’s dupatta/shawl but someone holds his hand . It is Abhi .
Abhi – Chee !!…u guys don’t know how to behave ??..How can u try to touch her ??(pointing boy 1 )
Abhi- (pointing boy 3 ) You r going to drop her to home uh ??..come i will drop u to hell and beats him hard !!..
Boys can’t bear his beats and ran away from there .

Abhi says to Pragya r u ok ?. Pragya says ya i am fine .Thank u so much . Abhi says My pleasure.
Abhi – What happnd to ur bike ?
Pragya – Woh actually my bike is not starting ! Starting problem ..But it’s ok i will call my bhai .
Abhi – Till that you will be standing here alone uh ?..What happen if again they come ?
Pragya – So
Abhi- so , Till your bhai comes i will accompany u ..
Pragya – No thanks why r u wasting your precious time for me ?
Abhi thinks nothing will happen if we waste our time for a precious person ..
Pragya shakes her hands ..Abhi comes to senses
Abhi – woh woh , it’s ok
Pragya – Fine ..

A silent walk (pin drop silent)

Abhi breaks the silence and asks What is your name ?
Pragya blinks but asks why wat happnd ?
Abhi – If you don’t want to say means no problem i will keep a name for u ..It’s …
Pragya – Pragya !
Abhi asks Pragya ??
Pragya – My name is Pragya , Pragya Khanna
Abhi – Nice name !! ..Allah waariyaan plays..

Pragya – Thanks , Then aap ??
Abhi – Me?..U don’t know me ??
Pragya – kyun kya hua ??..R u mahaan ??
Abhi – I am greater than Mahaan , I am ABHI THE ROCKSTAR !!
Pragya – Really , Then you are the person whom i scolded everyday !!..
Abhi – Kya ??..
Pragya – Just joking ..I don’t like all your songs except one ! ..
Abhi – which one ??..Then Abhi got it ..
Abhigya says together “HAPPY LOVE” ..Both had a eyelock ..Sanam re plays ..
Pragya – This is the only song i liked !..
Abhi – It’s my first and fav song !..
Pragya – Hmm …

Abhi – R u college student ?
Pragya – No , My mom forced me to take professor’s job ..So for her sake i took it ..But now i am going to resign it as i don’t have interest in it !
Abhi – Which u r interested in ?..
Pragya – I love fashion designing , Trying for it ..But have guts to do any type of jobs ..
Abhi – Hmm..great .

Pragya – Then ?R u married ?
Abhi – Am i looking i like married ??
Pragya – oh no uh ??..sorry
Abhi – Then u ?..
Pragya – not yet ..Seeking for alliances …but i don’t have interest in it ..
Abhi – Hmm..Interested in love marriage ??
Pragya – Hmm..no answer !
Abhi – Ok let’s be friends !! and forwards his hand
Pragya thinks for a second ..and says Friends and shakes his hand ..
They both smiles Udte patango mein ..Holiwaale rango mein joomeng phir se dono yaar …plays ..
Ranveer’s car arrives .Pragya sees his car ..
Abhi was about to ask if she loves anyone but Pragya cuts and says Bhai came !!..Meet you next time !!..
Abhi – Where ?..
Pragya – Lonavala !!..
Abhi asks me ?..(in a action way) ..Pragya smiles and nods Allah Waariyan plays ..and gets into the car and leaves
Abhi jumps in Sky ..He was so happy ..He shouts WOOHHH!!..Allah Waariyan continues ..

Precap : All were getting ready for their trip to Lonavala . Pragya is trying to cook in the kitchen but burnts her finger Abhi treats her Sanam Re plays . Ishani falls down from the cliff . Ranveer holds her hand .

Ok guys !!..I hope you all enjoyed the episode . I made some changes becoz if i show horror scene before means it will not be nice becoz i want to add some more abhigya scenes but sure horror house will take place soon ..So in this trip many funs r waiting ..Many Abhigya and Ishveer scenes r waiting !!.So till then stay tuned !!..

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