Abhigya โ€“ Happy love Episode 4


Hi guys !!..Thank u so much for ur comments and wishes . And felt really happy after reading ur comments Thank u once again . Ok now let’s move onto episode 4 ..Happy reading !

The episode starts with Ishani talking to Abhi . Abhi says Just see my next step . Ishani says ok i am gonna apply for that job bhai . Abhi says done !..Screen shifts to Pragya .
Rv – Choti what Mr.Mehra did with u was wrong !
Pragya – Areeyy u was calling him Abhi in hospital now Mr.Mehra ??..Feeling weird .
Rv – Before this problem he was my frnd . After this problem he is my enemy like a stranger !.
Pragya – Bhai it was a misunderstanding !!..I can’t feel his love for his sister
Rv – Choti what’s ur problem ?..After he scolded u this much also u r supporting him !
Pragya – Bhai !! This is too much ..Just i felt it i said ..
Rv – What feelings ??..do u love him ??..
Pragya – What ???..Bhai did ur brain’s screw got loosed ??.
Rv – Shut up !!..

Pragya – Ok bhai now we should not keep on remembering this . I am going to join in a company to work .
Rv – what about college professor’s job ??
Pragya – Some more days only that job .
Rv – OK y can’t u take our company ?.
Pragya – No bhai ..Another company i want to work !!..
Rv – Choti no i will not allow u !
Pragya – bhai bhai !!..pls ..
Rv – no means no ..
Pragya – Bhai !!..
Rv – first u concentrate in this professor’s job professor !!.
Pragya – Then u have to agree for my decision
Rv – Ya let’s see i will think about that !!
Pragya – sweet bhai ..and went
Rv thinks I will not leave anyone who hurted my sister . That Abhi hurted my sister na ??..Sure if i get a chance means i will torture his sister and leaves to his office

Ishani comes to Ranveer’s office . Rv comes to his cabin . Ritika comes and says Sir , all girls standing in a queue for ur secretary job . Rv says ok call one by one . Ritika says ok sir . All comes to his cabin one by one .Rv didn’t get impressed by anyone’s performance . Atlast Ishani enters .. Air blows from the window ..Rv turns back and sees Ishani ..suno na sangmarmar plays ..Ishani calls Rv sir sir !!..Rv comes to his senses and says yes Ms.Ishani Mehra ..
Ishani – Sir , I am Ishani , Ishani Mehra ,Sister of Abhishek Mehra i mean Abhi .
Rv is shocked
Rv thinks So she is the sister of Abhi ,
Rv – i like ur truthfulness , ervyne will hide their identity in interviews
Ishani – Thank u sir ..

Rv – Ok , Already u r the sister of Rockstar then wat is the need for this job ?
Ishani – Sir , actually i don’t know wat to say as the reason , Just a change
Rv – I like ur frank answer , Ur job is confirmed
Ishani – Thank u sir , Thank u so much
Rv – It’s ok Ms.Ishani !Ritika pls come inside .Ritika enters in ..
Rv – Ritika she is Ishani my new PA . Ishani she is Ritika . Ritika go and show her cabin .
Ritika – Ok sir .

Pragya goes to the college . Pragya comes towards the classroom but hits a person ..Pragya says so sorry . The person turns back and said It’s ok Pragya ..It is none other than Arjun . Pragya says hey Arjun u here ??..Arjun says hi Prags ..How r u ?..Pragya says Fine Lawyer sir !!..

Note : Here Arjun is a new role played by Arjun played by Arjun Bijlani . He is Pragya’s friend and a lawyer .Now came to meet Pragya

A man enters inside the college ..All the college girl rushed towards him . Arjun asks wat happnd to these girls ?..Pragya says don’t know ? Girls shouts Abhi !!..Abhi !!..Abhi !! Arjun says hey now Abhi’s concert here ??..Pragya says no i am not interested in this …Arjun says ok let’s see wat’s special in his concert ??..Pragya says Arjun !!..Arjun says comeon Pragya !!..Pragya says ok !..

Abhi sees Pragya . Pragya saw him . Abhi hold her hand and drags her to the stage and holds her waist . Fan girls shouts Abhi Abhi !!..Pragya sees his eyes Abhi starts to sing the song Allah waariyaan (please click this link and tune on the song while reading : www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr6iRhjrEeY ) Abhi starts to dance with Pragya …

Apne roothein, paraaye roothein
Yaar roothe naa (My close ones get angry, others get angry,)
Khwaab tootein, waade tootein
Dil ye toote naa (The beloved shouldn’t be angry..Dreams break, promises break,
The heart shouldn’t break..)

Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa

Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa (If He gets angry, even God can get angry,
but I shouldn’t get away (from my beloved))

O Allah Waariyan
O main to haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye! x2 (Sacrificed on you, O Lord, [as in, in prayer with everything ready to sacrifice] I am all lost,
My broken love, just get me that..)

Udte patangon mein
Holi waale rangon mein
Jhoomenge phir se dono yaar (In flying kites,
in the colors of Holi,
Once again we’ll both dance together, O beloved..)

Waapas to aaja yaar
Seene se laga ja yaar
Dil to hue hain zaar-zaar (Come back, O beloved..
take me in your arms, O beloved..
The hearts have completely shattered..)

Reh bhi na paayein yaar
Seh bhi na paayein yaar
Behti hi jaaye dastaan (I can’t even stay like that,
I am not even able to bear..
The story keeps flowing..)

Umr bhar ka intezaar
Ik pal bhi na qaraar
Ungli pe nachaaye dastaan (The life long wait,
No peace for even a moment,
The story makes you dance on fingers..
[means, the story makes you do what it wants.])

Ho apne roothe, paraaye roothe
Yaar roothe naa…
Khwaab tootein, waade tootein
Dil ye toote naa
Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa x2
O Allah Waariyan
O main to haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye! x2

Abhi can’t take off his eyes from Pragya . Pragya too ..They both were not in senses . Abhi says am i in love with her ??..Pragya thinks can’t guess what kind of feeling is this ??..
Allah Waariyaan plays ..

Precap : Abhi and Pragya stucked in a horror house ..Pragya shouts help !!..Abhi says no one will come today we have to stay with me only Pragya !!..Pragya says ok !!..Abhi smiles ..

Ok guys I hope u all enjoyed today’s episode . Actually can’t introduce Arjun and Ritika in the intro . But now they also will be playing their role in Happy Love . I tried to add some Ishveer scenes in the upcoming episode i will try to include somemore ishveer scenes becoz abhigya’s part also should be concentrated !!..Anyways Thank u so much for reading ..Share ur thoughts and comments in the comment box ..Let’s see what fun we r going to have in next episode till then stay tuned !!..

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