Abhigya – Happy Love Episode 17

Hi guys !!..My Dusshera wishes to you all .Happy Dusshera …Sorry for the late update . Now the track is going to concentrate only on Abhigya . So keep reading guys ..Thank u so much for ur comments ..Ok now let’s quickly move onto the episode …

The episode starts with Abhigya starts to drench in the rain Allah Waariyaan plays ..
Director – Mr.Abhi this was an awesome shot !..Soon this will be a hit ..
Abhi – Mr.Sethi this is not acting really they both proposed to each other !.
Director – Congrats Mr.Abhi please call me for your sister’s marriage ..
Abhi – Oh Ya marriage sure Mr.Sethi ..

Pragya says to Ishveer so finally you guys propose to each other . Thank God ..
Ishani – We would not realised our love if you both r not there . thank u so much
Abhigya smiles ..
Pragya – No need to say thanks Ishani ..Oops !! Bhabhi ..Now itself i have to take practice to call u as Bhabhi !!..
All smiles and leaves ..

The next day Abhigya in a coffee shop ..
Pragya – This is the same coffee shop we started our mission ..Now today we completed the mission successfully and drinking coffee here itself
Abhi – You r ryt Fuggy ! Finally my Dadi and your mom agreed for the marriage ..
Pragya – Haan !..Dundoos don’t know why but i am feeling so happy..
Abhi – Me too Fuggy now your bhai’s marriage over next your marriage only ryt !!
Pragya – My marriage ?!
Abhi – Haan !..
Pragya – My marriage can be either love marriage or arranged marriage !..
Abhi blinks what
Pragya – If you r in love that your whole world changes, when you’re with people you’re lost, when you’re alone you start smiling w/o reason. You like to be with the person you love, listen to them and with that person the whole world looks nice.
Abhi is just mesmerized in her words ..Pragya continues if these feelings r with u you are in love ….Abhigya had an eyelock ..Allah Waariyan plays
Pragya – So do u love someone ?

Abhi can’t say a word – I…I ..No ..
Pragya gets a msg and reads it and gets happy ..
Abhi – Any good news ?..
Pragya – Arjun returned back to Mumbai !..
Abhi is in a mixed reactions ..
Arjun from behind blindfolds Pragya’s eyes ..Abhi gets jealous ..
Pragya – Dundoos tell me who is this ?

Arjun signs him not to tell ..
Abhi – Same person you talked now
Pragya smiles – Arjun !!..
Arjun – Hi Prags !..
Pragya – Hi Arjun …Long see no time !..
Arjun – Hmm..Pragya i thought in this long time you will be in love with a person !!..
Pragya tries to prank him and pulls Abhi towards her and says He is the person i love !..Pragya signals him that it is a prank !..Abhi then too can’t take off the eyes from here . He wishes God this should be true i really love her !..I love u Pragya ..Pragya thinks Why i am thinking that this should be true ?..Did i really love him ?..Allah Waariyan plays ..

Precap : Ishveer’s Haldi and Dusshera celebrations start . Abhigya gives Dandiya performance in the song chand aaya hai (from dil hi dil mein ) ..or Dandiya aatamum aada (from kadhalar dhinam )

So guys i hope you all will like this track ..I am going to end this ff in 25 episodes as i got a new story based on a movie !!..But still i will give more concentration to this track .. And in the precap i gave two songs . Actually both songs r same songs from same movies only the difference is Chaand aaya hai is the song’s hindi version and Dandiya aatamum aada is the song’s tamil version . Ok thank u so much for your comment guys ..More Abhigya scenes r waiting ..So till then stay tuned !!..

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  1. nice episode dear and waiting for next.what’s ur age?dear

  2. Vidhya

    wow after a long time.. epi is super good.. and i loved it.. and make them to realise and confess their love reji..

  3. Vidhya

    happy navarathri to u too cutie..

  4. Trisha

    Awesome! Happy Dusshera!

  5. Simple n lovely dear..

  6. Really awesome episode yaar n awesome ff relly ur ff going on a cute track I just love it really abhigya making a rocking cute role in ur ff n I really enjoyed n loving while reading ur ff n last bt not least plzzzzz take my apology n forgive me 4 not commenting yaar actually coz of health issues I took gap to read all ff n now only completed all my pending ff n started to comment yaar soooo sry….

  7. Nice epi dear..waiting fr nxt part

  8. happy navratri and dussera reji dear. i was really angry on you for noyt posting. but you posted today itself. it was a nice epi dear but kind of short. its ok my cute little sissy. i am loving this track and do continue….love u ;-*

  9. happy navratri and dussera reji dear. i was really angry on you for not posting. but you posted today itself. it was a nice epi dear but kind of short. its ok my cute little sissy. i am loving this track and do continue….love u ;-*

  10. Same to u ragela di! Superb epi !

  11. Superb episode!??

  12. Nice!! And happy dussehra to u too!?

  13. Superb episode

  14. shabana (died hard fan of abhigya).

    awesome episode reji..

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