Abhigya – Happy Love Episode 15 and 16

Hi guys !!..Sorry sorry sorry so sorry for the late update . I got a good news for u all . If i say this news means i hope u all will forgive me . Guys i got 1st rank in my Quarterly exam !!?????????? I think u all will be thinking that i am lying. No guys God promise i got 1st rank . Thank u so much for ur wishes guys And aditi all the best for ur new ff Contract marriage .i like your title selections yaar ??..Waiting for the next part ! . Ok now first let’s quickly jump into the episode !!..Today’s episode is gonna be very interesting !!

Short recap : Abhigya tries to lock Ishveer in a room but they too gets locked in a room . Soon Abhigya goes to their next plan to make Ishveer act on his album . Let’s see will this plan work out .

The episode starts with Abhigya smiles ..allah waariyan plays …
Abhi – Ok are you ready to act in this album ?
Ishveer nods ..
Pragya shows thumbs up ?? to Abhi .
Abhi too ..
They all return to their home …

Abhi calls Pragya ..Pragya thinks why this dundoos is calling me now ?
Pragya – Hi Dundoos
Abhi – Hey fuggy !
Pragya – What’s up ?
Abhi – Album shoot is tomorrow !..So today let’s plan something in Rv’s office !And ask your bhai also to reach office and i will inform Ishu too ..
Pragya – Ok from where did u get this idea ?..
Abhi – Why do u want to love someone ?
Pragya just smiles ..Abhi also ..Darmiyaan plays ..

Abhi – Fuggy come with ur bhai to office i will be there within 10 minutes …
Pragya – Kya ??..10 minutes ?
Abhi – Haan ..Quick quick !..Jaldi jaldi ..
Pragya – Ok ok ..
Abhi – That’s like my fuggy …
Pragya – Bye Dundooos !..(she said that word thickly )..Laughs and cuts the call..
Abhi thinks “Dundoos” and laughs ..

Screen shifts to Rv’s office
Abhigya keeps waiting for Ishveer …
Abhi – Why they both didn’t come yet ?
Pragya – Ya i told bhai to reach office ..
Abhi – Me too informed Ishu …
Ritika sees Abhigya and smirks ….

Ishveer comes there laughing and smiling ..and they both gives Hifi ?…Abhigya sees them and gets surprised ..Ritika gets irked and enters into the cabin ..
Pragya – Bhai kya hua ?..You both r laughing and coming . And how you both come together ?
Rv says Choti …And laughs uncontrollably ..
Pragya – Bhai pls tell me i also will laugh na ?
Abhi – Ishu pls tum bolo na ?
Ishani – Woh bhai while i am coming in our car and he is coming in our car an idiot came and hit his car !.That idiot said Don’t you have eyes ?..He replied No i am an alien …That idiot got scared and run away …
Abhigya too laughs …
Pragya – Bhai really you r alien ..
Rv laughs choti !!..

Ritika – Good mrng sir !..
Rv – Good mrng ..Ritika i told you check that company’s turnover money ..Did you check it ?..
Ritika – Sir u gave to Ishani to count it ..
Ishani – I counted it sir ..
Rv – I told her to count it …Now i told u to check it whether her countings r correct ..
Ritika smirked and says Ok sir …
Rv – Evrybody back to work .

Pragya – OK bye . We will meet later .
Rv – OK u guys enjoy ..I will meet u later ..
Abhigya bids bye to Ishveer and went to ground floor ..

Pragya – Dundoos ..I think we should have to stay here .
Abhi – Kyun kya hua fuggy ?
Pragya – Did you notice Ritika ?.
Abhi – Who is Rtika ?..
Pragya – Woh that General Manager ?.
Abhi – Woh ladki .
Pragya – Ya .
Abhi – I didn’t notice …
Pragya – Oh shit !..I noticed her . Today she is gonna do something which is really dangerous for Ishu and bhai ..
Abhi – Fuggy i think you are really day dreaming…
Pragya – No Dundoos ..Please lets wait here for 10 mins .
Abhi – Fine …Let’s wait !.

Screen shifts to Ishveer ..
Ritika checks everything and thinks This Ishani is every time dominating me . Today i am going to do a big thing by seeing that Rv sir will definitely hate her and my position will be back..And i have to be careful becoz last time i was caught by Pragya becoz of CCTV footage..But this time i will be very careful !.Ishani Just wait and watch !.
Ritika takes a bundle of cash from the turnover account and moves to Ishani’s place ..

Ishani sees her and stands up and says Good morning mam ..Ritika says Hey why standing sit sit !..Continue ..
Ishani sits and continues her job .Ritika sees her bag and smiles evilly ..She hides the CCTV camera and takes Ishani’s bad and puts the cash inside it . and thinks Now watch Ishani Mehra you r gone !

Ritika goes to Rv’s cabin
Ritika – May i come in sir ?
Rv – Come in .
Ritika – I checked the amt sir ..But ..
Rv – Any problem ?
Ritika – But a bundle of cash is missing ..
Rv – What ?
Ritika – Yes sir ..
Rv – But how ?
Ritika – Sir Ishani only counted it ..
Rv – What do u want to say ? .
Ritika – Once we can check with her ..
Rv – But the cash is not there then i don’t know what i will do ?!.
Ritika – OK sir !..

Rv and Ritika comes to Ishani’s place ..Ishani says sir any problem ?.
Ritika – Ishani you only counted the cash na ?
Ishani – Ya .
Ritika – But now one cash bundle is missing !..
Ishani gets shocked – What ??
All the workers starts to watch there ..
Ritika – We would like to check your bag ..
Ishani – But i really didn’t take anything ..
Rv – Ishani i know but this just a checking ..
Ritika takes Ishani’s bag and took cash bundle ..
Rv is shocked . Ishani gets shattered..

Screen shifts to Abhigya
Pragya sees all the workers rushing up and thinks something is wrong ..
Pragya – Come lets go up !..
Abhi – But fuggy !.
Pragya – Dundoos come on ..
Abhigya went up and gets shocked ..

Ritika says how dare you ? And tries to slap her ..Abhi gets angry ..Rv stops her ..
Ishani is stunned .
Rv – I didn’t expect this from you Ishani !..
Ishani in tears – Sir i didn’t do this sir ..
Ritika – No u counted this money so you would have stole this money ..
Pragya stops her and says Why would she ?.
Ritika smirks. .
Pragya – Why would she want to stole this money ?..what is the use ..??..She is the sister of one of the great business like my bhai Mr.Abhishek Prem Mehra i mean Rockstar Abhi !..So why she want to stole this money ..?..
Ritika – No the money was inside her bag !..
Pragya – You just Shut up OK ?.
Ritika is irked ..
Pragya – Bhai you tell me ..Do u really believe in that manager’s words ?.
Rv didn’t answer and moves from there …
Abhigya worries ..

Rv goes to home and worries
He thinks – No Ishani cant do like that .But that money was inside her bag . Choti was ryt ..Why would she steal if she was a sister of rock star what is the use ?..But y i cant face her ?..Did i fallen in love with her ?..
A voice comes and says Yes you have fallen in love with her ..
Rv turns it is Pragya .
Rv – Choti tum ?.
Pragya – Haan mein ! ..Bhai what do u think ?..I never think in my life that my bhai would be an egoistic man !.
Rv – What r u saying choti ?.
Pragya – Bhai can’t you see you are hiding your feelings for Ishani !..Me and Abhishek tried our best to make u and Is hu understand ur feelings .But your ego is hiding ur feelings !
Rv is freezed ..

Screen shifts to Ishani ..
Ishani to Abhi – Bhai i didn’t steal that money ..ya bhai you trust me na ?.
Abhi – i completely trust u …
Ishani – Then y he is not trusting me ?
Abhi – why u r expecting him to trust u ?.
Ishani looks on ..
Abhi – You know what a person will only trust when that person is in his heart ..I mean which he loves !!.Do u love him ?.

Screen divides to both Abhigya and Ishveer ..
Ishveer thinks abt their lovely days . merci aashiqui song plays ..

Pragya – I know bhai you have no answer ..Becoz u don’t love her isn’t it ?.If you don’t love her ..Then y that day you felt really scared and worried when Ishani was unconscious .Does it really matter to u ?..Y u always protect her ?..Y u want to be with her ?.Does it matters to u ??.

Rv shouts – Yes it does matters to me !.
Pragya asks why ?..
Rv – i don’t know choti ..Pls don’t kill me with ur questions i don’t have answer for it !!

Pragya hugs Rv and cries ..- Bhai if you really love Ishani tomorrow you come to the album launch . If you didn’t then no problem we will handle that issue and we will come to know that u didn’t love her ..and leaves ..

Ishani – Its not like that bhai ..
Abhi – No Ishu ..Its like that i can clearly see from your eyes that u love Ranveer ..
Ishani – Bhai ..
Abhi – Ishu mein tumhaari bhai hoon !i will not be against with ur decision me and Pragya tried our best to make u guys understand your feelings ..But i think now its waste ..But Ishu if u really love him tomorrow u come to that album launch if he loves u he also will come .If u both didn’t come i will manage with other models . And i will understand that u didn’t love him .So the decision is yours ..he leaves ..

Rv comes to balcony in his home and Ishani comes to her balcony they both think about their lovely moments and smiles Kyunki tum hi ho plays…

Pragya calls Abhi ..
Pragya – I said evrythng to bhai ..
Abhi – me too said evrythng to Ishu ..
Pragya – So tomorrow lets see whats going to happen ?!!.
Abhi – I am waiting …(thuppaki dialogue)
Pragya smiles ..

The next morning …
Abhigya reach the shooting spot ..
Pragya – Dundoos did they came ?.
Abhi – No !!..
Director – Mr.Abhi its time for shoot ..
Abhi – Ya Mr.Sethi pls few more mins ..
Pragya too waits ..
Abhi – Fuggy i think we r mistaken we should leave and keep the album launch tomorrow !.
Pragya gets tears..she says OK Abhishek lets move ..Director moves to says pack up !.

Abhigya moves ..Suddenly breeze blows ……Camera man took his cam to shoot ..Abhigya hears a voice saying I LOVE YOU !!..?❤❤..They both turned back ..
Director – Action !!..
A man says I love you so much Ishani !!..Mein tumse bahut pyaar karti hoon …
A girl says I love u too Ranveer ..They both hug each other and says Meri aashiqui sirf tumse hi ..It is our beautiful Ishveer ..Dressed up Luke prince and princess .
Director – Cut !!..
But still they both hug each other ..kyunki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho zindagi Ab tum hi ho chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho plays ….

Abhigya sees this and they both got tears ..Abhi sees pragya and Pragya sees Abhi ..It starts to rain ..Abhi lifts Pragya in happiness ..They both enjoys the rain Allah waariyan plays ..Abhi drops Pragya down ..
Abhigya – Mission successful !!..Team Abhigya successfully completed this mission !..They both hug each other …Allah waariyaan plays ..

No Precap

Guys today i think i have uploaded a bit longer epi ..I cant reply to your comments ..Adhya first time u commented on our ff .Thanks for that one ..And special thanks to everyone who regularly commenting ..Thanks lot for that …Keep supporting guys …More suspenses and Abhigya scenes r waiting so till then stay tuned !!

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